Transition: From Christmas to Winter

Good Friday morning friends, the weekend it upon us!!!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week!! Today I wanted to stop in and talk to y’all about the transition from Christmas to Winter and how I did it this year for the first time, EVER. img_3541I have always been the type to box up everything Christmas just a couple days after its over. While I love Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas and everything that comes with celebrating Christmas, I do not love having furniture and things out of order. The ‘Christmas Clutter’ begins to give me anxiety the minute the wrapping paper is in the trash. This year was a little different though…I found so many pieces this year, that I LOVE, to use in our Christmas décor that I couldn’t bring myself to pack them away just yet. So I decided to give the winter décor a try and can I just say, I am so totally enjoying the cozy feel of our home!!! And yesterday is the first time we’ve gotten a good amount of snow so I really am just loving and enjoying winter!! img_3664To make the transition I knew that I would be leaving all of our (Walmart and Target) flocked trees up, the garland and two wreaths! I mean a tree, garland or wreath that looks like its covered in snow…PERFECT winter décor. Next I removed all of the red, anything saying Christmas, all things Santa and I took down our regular Christmas tree. I also began purging and removing things that we no longer want/need/use, I’ll do another blog post on that later! To replace the items I removed like pillow covers, throws and signs, I simply, believe it or not, added more white and light grays. I knew I wanted to keep the décor light, fresh and cozy so adding the light colored pillow covers and throws helped achieve the light and cozy while purging made it all feel fresh!img_3747Our Christmas décor was very neutral and winter wonderland-ish already so that really helped make this transition easier but there were a few pieces that I did add like this little deer head that I picked up from Michael’s the day after Christmas. He was Christmas décor this year so I was able to purchase him for 70% off!! I also added this beautiful ‘snowy church’ mixed media art piece from my sweet friend Aracely, you can find her and her gorgeous creations here. In this space I changed up my letter board, removed the red pillow cover, took down the framed ’25’ print, the Merry and added more neutral pieces.img_3659img_3638I did pull out some of our ‘before Christmas’ décor to start getting things back in their place but I tried to bring back only neutral pieces and very little greenery since I have so many little trees sitting about. The lambs ear works well here with the winter décor because it has a frosted look, a very soft greenery but again I only brought out 1 (out of 25, gasp*) to keep it simple. I will add lots of greens once spring gets closer. Another great way to add a fresh, cozy winter feel is by adding candles! I chose to add lots of white candles to our décor and I absolutely love them! I mixed some white pillar candles with my white dishes and iron stone and I’m slightly obsessed with the look.   img_3717I did leave up a few of the signs like this DIY mistletoe sign and the Oh Holy Night scroll because I wasn’t quite ready to put them away and try to fill the big hole they would leave. The mantels didn’t need much change, I simply switched out the signs in the bottom f our bedroom mantel, removing the reindeer names sign and adding this sweet little snow flake from my friend Laney (here).img_3669img_3720Many pieces that are used for Christmas can also be used in your winter décor. An old sled like this with the ice skates works for both, a wreath that you simply remove the red springs from, garland that you replace the red bows with white and even adding a fake snow blanket to your entry table or Epsom salt in your glass candle holders. So many inexpensive ways to give your home that cozy winter feel. You can refresh and keep it simple, clutter free. I found that by simply removing the reds, adding more whites and doing a little purging made a huge difference in our home and there was no anxiety from the ‘Christmas clutter’.img_3692I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little snippet of our winter décor and how I achieved the look! I’ll be giving a full ‘Winter Home tour’ Monday (1/9) if y’all would like to come back and see more. 🙂 If you’re looking for fun inexpensive ways to add winter décor to your home this year, Pinterest has a ton of cute DIY’s!! While you’re there, look me up @misdiy. I pin all sorts of fun things for holidays, home and everyday stuff! You can also find me @misdiy on Instagram! I share our home daily and even do behind the scenes stories and live videos! I love getting to connect with you all outside of this little blog!!

~Happy Reading Friends



In the New Year

Happy New Year friends!! 2016 flew by, it literally felt like we were just here struggling to write and say 2016 instead of 2015. Each new year I find myself reflecting on the past year. What I did, didn’t do and could have done better. With the start of each new year its a fresh start for the next chapter in our lives. A time to refresh, make and meet new goals, try new things and be better at this thing called Life.



Photo via Instagram @misdiy


I’ve never been one to set a New Year’s resolution and see it through, I’m just not very good at it. I can set goals for myself with great intentions but I can honestly say I only meet them about half of the time so in the past couple of years I haven’t even thought about a New Year’s resolution. This year I decided to try choosing one word to focus on throughout the entire year. Something that can grow and change with me through the year instead of solid goals I want and fail to meet. We can each chose the same one word but how we choose to use and view that one word can be different. I think the way we view the word also changes with time and I like that throughout the year, no matter what it brings and how things change, this one word will change with that and at times mean something different to me.




Photo via Instagram @misdiy



I chose TIME: /tīm/noun: 1.the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole; as my one word for 2017. I want my time as a whole to mean something and to be spent well, with family and friends. Doing things I love and things that help make me a better person.

2. a moment or definite portion of time allotted, used, or suitable for a purpose. I want the time I’ve been given to have a purpose. Being a good wife and mother, raising our children to be amazing adults and to appreciate time themselves. I want to be able to let my light shine and be a blessing to others.

3. the favorable or appropriate time to do something; the right moment. The right moment is hard but don’t we always want to do the right thing at the right time? I want to do the right thing in God’s time and this is another area I want to focus on with my time in this new year. Finding more time to listen to where God is leading me and to do things in HIS time, not my time!



Photo via Instagram @misdiy


I chose time as my one word for 2017 because I want to focus more on where I am spending my time. I want to manage my time better and enjoy my time more! Friends, we are never guaranteed a certain amount of time and I want to enjoy every second that I have. This fast pace life sometimes makes us forget these things, days slip by without us even realizing. Some people are so good at making the most of their time every single day and they are blessed to be able to do so. I am not one of these people and I must be more aware of my time and how I’m using it. I’m excited about the new year, 2017 (still weird), and all that it has in store for each one of us. Whether you made New Year’s resolutions or chose one word as well, I hope this year is an amazing one for all of you! Thank you all for following along with my little journey and I cant wait to spend more ‘time’ here with you guys sharing more. ❤

~Happy Reading Friends


DIY Christmas Ornaments

Good Thursday morning friends! This week just seems to be passing more quickly by the day. Its still so hard to believe Christmas is only 3 sleeps away. I wanted to stop by today and share a super quick and easy recipe with y’all for some Christmas ornaments I made with our girls a few weeks ago! They are so simple and would make a fun little craft to do during these next few days! I’ll also be sharing the many ways I used these ornaments which may just be my favorite part!!


Here is what you’ll need:

  • 1 cup Baking soda
  • 1/2 cups Cornstarch
  • 3/4 cups Water

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, measure them out into a pan. You will then cook the mixture on medium heat, stirring often, until you have a dough/mashed potato consistency. Once you’ve finished the cooking process, place the dough in a bowl and cover with a damp towel for 30 minutes to cool.


After 30 minutes of cooling time you can kneed the dough and separate it for rolling. I replaced the towel over the bowl when we weren’t using the dough to help keep it from drying out. When we were ready to roll our dough I used a little bit of cornstarch on our work space and the rolling pin to keep the dough from sticking. The star cookie cutters we used were found at Target and the tiny start was found at Walmart.


For the holes in the large stars, I used a kabob stick and punched the hole as soon as the star was cut. That way I didn’t have to worry about the dough drying out and cracking. After you have all of your stars cut you’ll then bake them in the oven at 175` for 45-60min per side. Once they are cooked they almost take on a ceramic finish and I love how naturally white these are!! We ended up making two batches which allowed us to get creative with ways to use them!!


When I decided I wanted to make these stars I knew I wanted them for ornaments on our trees. I just love how these little white stars look especially on our flocked tree. So simple and perfect. To turn these stars into ornaments I used some silver and gold spun twine that I picked up at Target. For the large stars I ran the twine through the hole I had punched before baking and then simply tied a knot. For the tiny stars I just hot glued the two ends of a short piece of twine to the back of the star creating a loop! Super, super easy!!!


The other thing I knew I wanted to do with the stars was to make garland! I love the look of these stars hanging about and since we had made a double batch I had plenty to use. For the garland with only the tiny stars I measured out the twine for each space and then I began hot gluing the stars to the twine. To keep the small stars from flipping backwards I glued two together. This helped to distribute the weight and keep them in place. For the garland that has the large and small stars, I simple tied the large stars in place and used the same two star method for the small ones. It was so simple and I love how they each turned out!!


Once we had placed all of our stars on the trees and made a few garland strands, I had some large stars left over. I was wrapping gifts one morning and ta-da, I decided to use the left over large stars for gift tags!! And they are seriously perfect! To write on them I used a black Sharpie permanent marker!! I love that these can so easily be personalized!

The girls and I had so much fun making these little ornaments and I see us making them year after year! They were so easy and fun to do! You can do other shapes and even paint them if you wish. This year for our first year we just went with simple and I’m so happy with the way they turned out! I hope you all enjoyed this little ornament DIY and I hope you try it with your kiddos, I know this would make a fun ‘Christmas vacation’ project! And even if the gifts are wrapped you can add these as special handmade gift tags for your loved ones!

~Happy Reading Friends

Farmhouse Style Christmas Bedroom

Happy Monday friends!! I’m a little later on getting my post up for the day but with homeschool and house work my morning was filled. I have to say, I do love blogging at nap time though. Its almost like a refresh for me!! I get to do something I love in peace and quite. Then when the girls wake up I’m recharged and ready to go!! Today I wanted to share a closer look at our master bedroom decorated for Christmas! I know y’all saw some of it during ‘Our Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour’ I did here, but I thought it would be fun to give you a closer look at our bedroom and share where we found some of our décor!!


This was the first year I’ve EVER decorated our master bedroom for the holidays…*gasp* I know!! I had so much fun decorating our room this year and really it was simple and very affordable!! I chose to keep our décor in this space simple and neutral (surprise) with pops of red. I’m slightly obsessed with the way it turned out!




When it comes to decorating a room I always love to add lots of textiles! Blankets and pillows add so much texture and comfort to any space!! This year I decided to change our bedding to all white and add some fun Christmas pillows! The bedding is from Ikea, white sheets, white duvet cover and white bed skirt were all purchased there. The red and white striped pillows are from H&M home, the red plaid throw is from Tj-maxx, the Merry Christmas magnolia wreath pillow and the Merry and Bright pillow are both from Kendra at So Vintage Chic.


I added lots of greenery as well and even a 6ft flocked tree that we purchased from Walmart for $30!!! The small trees are all from Target dollar spot, I did use a can of flock spray to flock them myself. The medium size tree is from Hobby Lobby and at 50% off it was only $6!! I also took our favorite Christmas story, ‘The Night Before Christmas’, and copied 2 of the pages to use on our night stands in place of our wedding photos.


I love these two Christmas signs in our room from my friend Laney at Backroad Sign Company. They were the perfect neutral touch for this space!!


I also added a few DIY pieces to our room like the sign above the mantel and the little star garland. Our stockings were purchased at Target last year and I found the gorgeous gold bells at Hobby Lobby!

I really love how this whole space came together this year for Christmas and I have to admit I’m truly going to miss all of this holiday cheer when it comes time to pack things away!! I never knew decorating a bedroom could be so much fun!!


I hope you all enjoyed this little tour of our master bedroom decorated for Christmas!! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below! If you don’t follow the blog already, please do so by clicking the follow button on the right hand side of the screen and entering your email address! Each new blog post will be sent directly to your inbox!!Also, I hope you join me over on Instagram where you’ll get more behind the scene looks, photos and video!!

~Happy Reading Friends

Favorite Things Gift Guide

Good Tuesday morning friends. I hope y’all had a great weekend, I’m still over here trying to figure out where it went!! Today on the blog I wanted to share some of my favorite products that are perfect for gift giving this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, a personalized gift for a loved one, something for the teen in your life or a hostess gift, I think I have you covered!


The first super cute gift I want to share with y’all is this adorable mug made by Kelly at Kelly Castle Creations. You can find all of her available items here and also follow along on Instagram here.


Kelly has so many super cute mugs available and she also takes custom orders. Which is how this mug was born! Kelly is a super sweet gal and one of her cute mugs would be the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list! Add a bag of coffee for the coffee lover on your list and maybe a Starbucks gift card, or if its tea they love simply add a cute tin full of their favorite teas and maybe a tea-pot. The possibilities are endless with this piece and at $16 a mug its perfect for the budget!!!

The second item on my list is a gorgeous personalized cutting board made by Our Board Boutique. You can find all of their beautiful pieces here and also follow along on Instagram here. img_2711img_2397

I absolutely love our personalized cutting board from Our Board Boutique and the family behind the business. This little business is run by a daughter duo and their father! Not only do they engrave these gorgeous cutting boards but they can engrave just about anything. So if you are looking for a personalized item this is almost a one stop shop. This cutting board would make the perfect gift for a new home owner, newly married couple, the in-laws… I mean honestly personalized items are perfect for everyone. Gift it with some cheese and a bottle of wine and you have a beautiful gift. Another budget friendly purchase at $17.50

While we are on the subject of personalized items I have another one to share and it may just go perfectly with one or both of the items I have already shared this morning. Personalized utensils!! These personalized utensils are made by Chloe at Sweet Mint Handmade. You can find her shop here and also follow along here on Instagram.img_2648img_2686

I just love the big spoon little spoon set that the Mr. and I have. It’s a sweet little reminder to us and having them on our coffee bar makes me smile each morning. These spoons would make a cute add-on, personalized piece to any gift. I love the idea of gifting one of Kelly’s mugs and a spoon. Chloe uses almost every utensil from the drawer so even a personalized cheese knife along with the personalized cutting board would make an awesome gift!!  A funny saying for your teen, wedding date for the newlyweds, coffee or tea-spoon for the hot beverage lover. I truly believe you can never go wrong with a personalized gift and at $14 you can get everyone on your list their own personalized spoon!! 😉

Next up, I have some super cute cell phone cases to share with you guys!! These cases are made by a young woman named Madison. She designs the cases herself and I must say, they are super fun! You can find all of Madison’s creations here and also follow along with her shop on Instagram here.


The Madison cases I have are the two above, the monogrammed shiplap and the black and red plaid. I love both of these cases, they’re light, durable and so fun! These cases would be perfect for the teenager, sibling or even yourself. Who says Santa can’t drop one in your stocking?? Madison is super creative with her creations and I love having a fun case on my phone. Plus her prices are fantastic, at $23 you can have a super cute case for your phone as well!

My last favorite thing for today are candles. These candles are hand poured by Shannon at Greyden Candle Co. You can search her scents here and follow along on Instagram here.



When it comes to candles I am VERY picky! Due to my allergies there are certain candles/scents that I can not burn. I have tried 5 of Shannon’s scents so far and I have to say, I have LOVED every single one!! Snatch these up for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or a little add-on to a gift you already have but need another little something to go along with it! I highly recommend Christmastime, Gingerbread House, Ginger Apple + Sandalwood, Under the Mistletoe and Cranberry Spice! These 8oz candles are $14 each, again super budget friendly!!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about some of my favorite things today and I hope that its given you some great gift ideas! Not only do these items make perfect Christmas gifts, they also make perfect all year gifts!! Birthdays, anniversary, Valentine’s day, Wedding gift, graduation, New home owner.. I mean the list goes on doesn’t it? I hope you all take some time to visit these shops and give them a follow if you are on Instagram! So many amazing makers out there and I’m a major sucker for handmade items! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below and don’t forget to FOLLOW along via email so you don’t miss a single blog post!

~Happy Reading Friends


Farmhouse Christmas Decor Favorites

Good Friday morning friends and yay for the weekend!! Today I’m excited to share some of my favorite Farmhouse inspired Christmas decor and where I found it!! When I say farmhouse décor, that’s because in our home we are farmhouse/industrial style I guess you could say, but really these pieces would fit perfectly in any décor! Which makes me love them even more because I love using pieces that are easily mixed into any style!

For those of you that have been following along for a while now, you already know I have a slight pillow obsession!! For those of you that don’t know yet, I have a slight pillow obsession. 😉 Seriously though, I really do! I love adding pillows throughout our home. They add so much texture and comfort. I think a room looks coziest (spell check is telling me thats wrong…) when throw pillows and blankets are in the space.


This year my favorite pillow covers to use in our Christmas decor are from Kendra at So Vintage Chic. You can find all of her gorgeous covers here and if you would like to follow along with her Instagram account you can also follow her here. She often shares deals of the day and other fun things!  Kendra offers a canvas white cover and a natural linen, as you can see I like to use both and mix them throughout our home! Her designs are absolutely perfect and would compliment any style!

Another one of my favorite pieces this year is the “oh, holy night’ scroll by Alyssa at Cotton Wood Shanty. Friends, this piece is so gorgeous. I love the hand lettering that Alyssa does and this piece is a perfect statement piece for this holiday season. You can find Alyssa and all of her creations here and also follow her on Instagram here. I chose to hang our scroll over our mantel and I love how simple and beautiful it is. Oh and cool factor, these scrolls come with heavy-duty magnets so you can adjust your scroll to be as long or short as you would like, to fit your space!!


My next favorite(s) is some what of a ‘grouping’ and from a department store…so if you have noticed all of my flocked greens throughout the photos (except the small trees) I wanted to let y’all know they are from Wal-Mart!! This year I was so shocked to see the Christmas greenery that Wal-mart put out on the shelves! I’ve only ever had one tree to set out, not counting the 4ft pink one our girls have, so when I saw the 4ft and 6ft flocked trees at Walmart I jumped at the chance. I purchased a 4ft pre-lit flocked tree for $25, a 6ft non-lit flocked tree for $30, 2 non-lit flocked garlands for $12.97 each and 2 wreaths for $9.97 each!


When it comes to decorating our home, another thing I like to add are signs. I’m a sucker for cute signs and this year I’m loving the Christmas signs that we have from Laney at Back Road Sign Co. Laney’s signs are so well made and her designs are just beautiful!! You can find all of Laney’s sign designs here and also follow her on Instagram here.  This year I added the Winter words sign, a little snowflake sign that can sit or be hung and the reindeer name sign. I just love the feel and festiveness (is that a word?!?) that they bring to our home.img_2391img_2477img_2454

Ok so I have to share another small grouping and department store with y’all. I get asked all the time about a few certain items in our home so I decided this little group just had to be shared!! Also a little fun fact/tip, I shop at the Target Dollar spot for probably half of my decor. If I can’t make or repurpose it, I hit the dollar spot. Then I move on to other sections of the store. Believe it or not you can really find a lot of amazing little goodies there to use for crafting and decorating!! So what did I pick up this year? The little white houses you see on the piano and our master bedroom mantel above, they were $3 each in the dollar spot, the red stripe banner in the photo right above this, $3. All of my littlest green trees came from Target either this year or last year, I just flocked them. I also found the mercury inspired lantern in the tray above in the dollar section, some twine, gift tags and I’m sure my girls found a thing or two while we were there. I also purchased our stockings from Target last year and this year I was excited to find the perfect tree topper!


My last piece I want to share today is an all year, everyday piece but it literally hit more door step yesterday and friends, it’s really just too gorgeous not to share with you all! This piece comes from Kathryn at Ava Berry Lane. You can find all of her creations here and you can also follow her along on Instagram here. If you are wanting to purchase a piece from Kathryn, she holds restock sales for her product and also announces when the next one will be on her Instagram!! Kathryn is so very talented with what she does and each piece is stunning in its own way. No matter what style you choose for your home Kathryn’s work truly fits right in! I absolutely love the round that we received from her!


So that’s it for today, just a few of my favorite pieces in our Christmas decor this year! I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and I hope you found it helpful! If you’re on Instagram, while you are following my friends above, make sure to stop over and follow me here @misdiy!! I share all of our home, DIY projects and lots of videos of what I’m up to!! Thanks for following along!

~Happy Reading Friends






Our Farmhouse Christmas Tour

Good Tuesday morning friends!! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is December 6th!! How did this happen?!? I’m sure most of you are in full swing with your Christmas decor if you haven’t finished decorating already. I started a little early this year because for the first year ever, I decided I wanted to decorate more than just a few small spaces. I’ve been itching to share with you all and today is the day!! Not only will I be sharing our home but this week I’ve teamed up with 15 other amazing bloggers and they are sharing their homes as well!! Huge shout out to Christina at Christina’s Adventures for putting in all of the hard work to make this happen!!! Be sure to check out the group at the bottom of this post!! Let’s get started!!

img_2514This year made me realize just how few decorations we owned while we were in the Military. Last year was our first year in this home and while I was able to decorate more, we held back due to so many projects that we were wanting to complete…but that’s not so much the case this year! I was so excited to get started! My goal was to use and make as much of what we had as I could but there are always those few pieces that you can’t pass up! Our sitting room was probably the easiest room to put together.

img_2358img_2375img_2381img_2340img_2388img_2391Believe it or not most of my Christmas decor this year came from Target and Wal-Mart. I will be doing another blog post where I share more details about where I found things this year and some of my favorite Christmas pieces!! I had so much fun decorating this space and now when I look at it finished I can’t help but think, Winter Wonderland. I wanted our Christmas décor this year to stay true to my style; simple, neutral and farmhouse.

In our family room I wanted to keep it simple but festive. This is where we spend 90% of our time so I wanted the decor to be fun and practical for the girls! We play games in this room, build pillow piles for jumping, take naps and have carpet picnics (eat on the floor picnic style and watch a movie). I really love the way it all came together in here and all of the fun pieces we were able to add!!


This year was different not only because we put up more than one tree and decorated more than one room but I also decided I wanted to decorate our master bedroom and that’s one room I have NEVER decorated for Christmas. I knew it would be a new challenge for me so I was excited to get started, this may have been the first room I decorated. 😉


For our master bedroom I decided to add a little more ‘rustic’ to our decor by adding more pops of red, a few extra vintage pieces and a chippy DIY sign above the mantel. Our master bedroom feels like a snowy retreat and again I just added simple touches to this room to give it the farmhouse Christmas feel!


Our entry way

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little Christmas tour of our home. I had so much fun decorating it this year and being able to share it with all of you!!!! I will be back on the blog very soon sharing more detail on each room and some Christmas DIY’s!! I hope you take time this week to visit all of the blogs involved in this fun loop of tours. There are so many amazing homes to ‘walk’ through. Head over to Collen’s blog here to see her home next!


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