Simple Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour

Good Wednesday morning friends! Its a chilly morning here, a high of 17 degrees right now. I have the fire going, a hot cup of coffee and I’m here excited to share our little Christmas home tour with you all!! Yesterday I linked up with eleven other amazing bloggers to share our Favorite Christmas Room, if you missed it you can find it here. I hope you take some time to visit each blog linked up to see their gorgeous spaces! AND if you’d like to see what our home looked like last year you can find that here!

Starting off this little Christmas home tour I wanted to share our dining room. In this space I really enjoyed adding simple touches of red, mixing my vintage pieces with the new and keeping it all functional! I added lots of greens, a mix of fresh and faux, in this space by using faux stems I picked up at Hobby Lobby, some faux moss, mini boxwood wreaths and fresh pine off of our trees. To add simple pops of red I used my vintage Santa pitcher and mug, pillow covers I made (you can read about those here), tea towels from Ikea and ribbon I picked up at Hobby Lobby.







My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple. Loving others.  -Bob Hope

I shared our sitting room yesterday in the link up I had mentioned so I’ll spare you all the photos again but I did want to drop a few here to complete the tour. If you’d like to see all of the photos I shared you can see them here in the Favorite Christmas Room post!! Our sitting room is easily my favorite room with our King of Christmas tree, the fire place and our piano! It’s just about the cozies room in our home right now and I love it!





This space came together so easily. Once we had the tree up and decorated it was almost as though the other pieces fell into place. I can’t say that’s something that happens often around here but I love when it does. The little pops of red in our tree, the stockings on the mantel and the red striped pillow covers brought the room together and gave it that cozy Christmas feel I was hoping for in this space.




Our entry way and our kitchen also got a little Christmas cheer. Again I kept it very simple in these areas just like the rest of our home. For the entry way I added some fresh pine garland, some red berry stems, an adorable wall hanging and another one of the pillow covers I made. For our entry way table, I simply added a wreath to our framed shiplap along with a couple spools of ribbon I picked up last year, just for a pop of color. Our kitchen doesn’t get shown often, I’m dreaming of the day we get to remodel it and make it ‘ours’. I have dreams of new appliances, white cabinets and a beautiful island right in the middle, but for now we are loving on it just the way it is!



When I said our sitting room was the coziest room…weeeeeeell I think its safe to say its a tie with our family room! I absolutely love the cozy, warm Christmas feel in this space.  I didn’t go crazy with the décor in this space, again the goal this year was simple, but I did have a lot of fun decorating our open shelving and the cozy corner.






In this space I added lots of textures, fresh pine, a faux tree from Ikea, a few little white houses, and a couple of DIY projects like the pillow covers, twig star and advent calendar. And this space was Christmas ready!! I love the pops of red and the rustic organic feel the wood elements and pine added!



The last room in our Christmas home tour is our master bedroom. This room was quite possibly the hardest room for me to decorate this year. I couldn’t decide which direction I wanted to go with it. I knew like the rest of our Christmas décor, that I wanted it to be simple and have natural elements in the space. Last week I finally took time to really work in this space, I emptied it out completely starting with a blank slate which really helped me focus.


It all really started with a bag of oranges. One project on my list this year for Christmas was to make a dried orange slice garland. I didn’t know where I would hang it but I knew I wanted to make one to add to our Christmas décor. Once I had emptied our bedroom of all things décor it didn’t take long for me to decide that the garland would hang from our headboard. With the garland in place the rest of the room just kind of came together. I found some fresh pine mix bouquets at Kroger’s that I placed in glass jars from Hobby Lobby, I added an orange slice to each jar with some twine, and placed them on our night stands. The homemade beeswax candles we made seemed like the perfect addition to this vintage candle stick holder I found and our bedding was kept white and simple.



I think that wraps up this Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tour! I had so much fun decorating our home this year. So many new DIYs and little projects went into our décor and I think that’s what makes me love it even more. I kept it simple, I decorated with the outdoors and made some new pieces we will use for years to come. I hope you all enjoyed this tour, as always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at! I’ve shared an image below to be pinned on Pinterest for keeps and below that I’ve included links to some other posts you may be interest in visiting!!

~Happy Reading Friends

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DIY Advent Calendar // DIY Pillow Covers // Homemade Christmas 
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Favorite Christmas Room

Good Tuesday morning friends! I’m so very excited to be on the blog today sharing my ‘Favorite Christmas Room’ along with eleven other bloggers! (Link ups are so fun!!) If you’re hoping over to my blog from Taylor’s blog at Uniquely Taylor Made (here), Hey there!! And thanks so much for stopping by!! How gorgeous is her bedroom all ready for Christmas?! So much inspiration in her space along with the rest of her home!


Today I am sharing our sitting room as my Favorite Christmas room and I hope y’all enjoy getting to see it a little more up close and personal! This space was so much fun to decorate and I think you’ll see why I’ve chosen it as my favorite!


This year we put up a 7.5 foot flocked Christmas tree from King of Christmas and I absolutely adore it! Its simply gorgeous! I chose to put the tree in our sitting room this year right next to our mantel and gas stove! The beautiful tree plus the simple little mantel give me all of the Christmas feels!



Our piano has always been a favorite piece of mine in our home. I love having it in this space. I’m secretly hoping the Mr. will quickly learn a Christmas song to play on it so when Christmas morning comes he can play for us while we sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate! Dreamy right??



For those of you that have been following along for awhile now you know that my goal this year with my Christmas décor was to keep it simple. I added pops of red here and there, fresh pine and homemade bits. I love the way its all come together so naturally this year!


Thank you all so much for visiting the blog today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my Favorite Christmas room. Be sure to hop on over to Jordan’s blog at A Blue Nest (here) to see her daughters adorable nutcracker themed bedroom!! I hope you take some time today and throughout the week to visit each blog in this hop, I’ve linked them all below! There’s so much talent and beautiful inspiration to be seen!!

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~Happy Reading Friends


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Homemade Christmas

Good Monday morning friends!!! I’m super excited about today’s blog post, it’s all about a ‘Homemade Christmas’. The girls and I are making gift baskets for our neighbors, parents and grandparents and I thought it would be a fun little project to share with y’all! Who doesn’t love a homemade gift?! My idea behind these little baskets is to send a little cozy Christmas from our home to our loved ones. The items I’ve added to the baskets are items we use in our home to make it cozy and to add some extra Christmas cheer!


Before I started, I began collecting baskets from our local thrift store. Trying to keep this budget friendly this was a no brainer! I had looked at using small wooden crates which I found at Ikea for $5 each, so if you are local that’s another option, but for us the thrift store baskets were the best fit (since we at making 8 baskets)! I’ve actually been able to find baskets for less than the $2 each! Another small purchase were these red striped tea towels from Ikea for $.79 each. We have them in our home and I thought they were perfect to add that Christmas feel to each basket!IMG_20171208_203249_175

The next step was to decide what would go into the basket. Again I wanted to gift items we love so I decided to make up jars of stove top potpourri, add eggs, we made beeswax candles and of course there had to be baked goods. You can easily personalize these baskets to fit your home and your recipients. Again my goal was cozy Christmas in a basket from our home to theirs. Like gifting bits from our home, if that makes sense. 🙂


For the stove top potpourri I found this recipe on Pinterest (here). I used 4×6 note cards to hand write the instructions (instead of printing the tags) and attached to each jar with red and white twine. Friends, this potpourri is a MUST! I use the larger recipe found (here) for our home and I love it! It makes our home smell like all things Christmas and its so very easy!


For the beeswax candles I actually found a candle making kit on Amazon (here) that we used. It came with everything we needed and the girls loved getting to help make these candles! Each sheet makes two candles so we had plenty to give away and some left over to enjoy ourselves! There’s just something so cozy about a burning candle, a cup of coffee and a warm blanket!!


There was no question that we would gift some eggs. We love our chickens and we are so grateful to have a food source of our own. For the eggs I found these sweet half dozen cartons at Hobby Lobby! I also ordered some from Tractor supply! They are adorable and the perfect size for these baskets! If you don’t have eggs maybe do a loaf of homemade bread to go along with your cookies or add in a jar of hot cocoa mix! Really the possibilities are endless!



Now if you’ve been around the blog or Instagram for awhile you know I’m big on attention to detail. The little details get me every. single. time. So once I had decided what would go into the baskets and how, the fun of adding sweet details began, my favorite part! Earlier in the week I had made some dried orange slices to use for a garland in our master bedroom. There were a few left over so I decided to add one to each basket as a little ornament. I didn’t want to just lay it in the basket so I tied it around the egg carton. Then of course I needed to add some greenery. You’ve all read the story about the mouse and the cookie right? That’s me when it comes to things like this! I love it! So I’ve added orange slices (ornament or tied around the mason jar), fresh pine (can be added to the mason jar once they use the potpourri) and a pine cone (set beside jar for décor) next to the burning candle while the potpourri simmers and they enjoy a cookie or two. Do you see a little into my mind and how it was working on these baskets?


This little idea of gifting a sweet cozy basket turned into a Homemade Christmas in a basket. Everything our loved ones and neighbors might need to add a little extra Christmas cheer to their home! The girls and I have had so much fun putting these together and they were really very budget friendly. The only item that was a little more expensive was the candle making kit but as mentioned we had several candles left over to enjoy ourselves. All of the other items were very inexpensive or free! These will definitely be on our list again next year!!


I hope y’all have enjoyed this little handmade project, and as always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at! You can also follow along by selecting the FOLLOW button at the right hand side of the screen! I’ve included this pin-able image below if you’d like to save this blog post for later! Simply drag your mouse over the image and the Pinterest button will pop up!! You can also find me on Pinterest here!!


~Happy Reading Friends




Friday Recap

Good Friday morning friends!! I’ve been a little quite this week, I’ve been fighting a bug since the weekend and I’m hoping it’s finally on its way out of my system! I had good things to share with y’all this week too, so I will be blogging tomorrow! Another Saturday I know but I’ve been working on a ‘Homemade Christmas’ and I just cant wait to get it over here on the blog! I did however, stay busy enough on Instagram this week so I have a few fun photos to share with y’all today!!



I finally got our stockings up around the end of last week. I was a little hesitant about putting them up this year and I honestly considered making new ones…my to-do list is already a mile long so I decided to stick with these for now. (Saves me a little added stress right?!) And honestly now that they’re up, I do still love them! The red isn’t as loud and busy as I was thinking it would be, it actually ties in nicely with our tree, the red wooden bead garland and the red striped pillow I moved from our master to this space!! I get a lot of questions about items in this space so I’ll quickly go through a few of them, if you’re on Instagram you can easily find these sources by clicking my photo or by using an app I’ll share later in the post! The clock and blanket ladder were DIY projects (I’ll be sharing both on the blog in the new year), the piano is painted with Stone Age in Repurpose paint and the stockings are from Target.


I’m sure I’ve told y’all this before but I love decorating our entry way for the changing seasons. I have a favorite sign for this space but I love getting to switch it out now and then. This year I went with another simple look, a wall hanging, fresh pine garland with red berry stems added and one of the pillow covers I made. Sweet and simple.


This week I also shared our Advent calendar and if you missed reading about it here on the blog you can find it ((here)). It’s not to late to get yours made and this one couldn’t be easier to put together!! In this space I also added more fresh pine garland, a lap throw I made using more of the pillow cover material and switched up the wording on our letter board because… coffee and Christmas music ALL day everyday around here!


I used these little boxwood wreaths I’ve had for a couple of years now and attached them with the same ribbon I made our Christmas tree bows with. It was such an easy way to add a Christmas feel to this space and I love how the red and green pop against the white chairs. That heart with the circle around it on the photo, remember I mentioned an app you could use for sources? You can basically shop my posts! Its called ( You can download the app on your phone and then anytime you like one of my photos on Instagram, the app will give you all of the sources and links to where you can purchase the items! It’s so fun and easy! Most of the time when I use for my posts you’ll see that circled heart, sometimes I don’t post the overlay onto my pictures but I’ve still used the link up! Other times I’ll just tag the sources in the photo. So with this app you’ll always be able to get the links and sources when you like or screen shot my posts!


Now you didn’t think I would forget to decorate our homeschool room did you? No way, this space needed some Christmas cheer too!! We actually put the girls tree in this space this year and they love it! They’ve always had a little tree of their own to decorate, a pink one to be exact but this year we thought it would be fun to get them a real tree. They had a blast decorating it all on their own. Some branches have four ornaments on them, some have just one, there are princess ornaments and handmade ornaments plus that white glitter star, and our girls couldn’t be more proud of it. Along with the tree I added a couple of garlands for fun, a Christmas painting our 7-year-old did and the Little People Nativity set that the kids adore!


Oh vintage Santa pitcher and baby mug you are my favorite! For my birthday last year my husband took me antique shopping (the man totally gets me) and although Christmas was months away, as soon as I saw this Santa pitcher I knew I had to bring him home! He is the cutest!! The Santa mug was a gift from one of my sweet Instagram friends! Our open shelving like the rest of our home was decorated with simple Christmas touches. Lots of greens, pops of reds and that cookie jar I found at the thrift store just screamed Christmas to me.


This week I shared our bedroom a few times. It was mostly a beginning middle and end of getting it decorated for Christmas. This photo is the middle, you can find the beginning photo in last weeks recap (here). When I started decorating the house for Christmas our bedroom just kind of got the Christmas décor I wasn’t using anywhere else in the house. I wasn’t loving the look but for whatever reason I just couldn’t get focused enough to work on this space. I decided I would pull a few more pieces from last years décor and see how that made me feel. So I set up our 6ft flocked tree from last year, added the garland to our headboard and switched up the pillows and bedding. It was cute and it wasn’t that I didn’t like it but my feelings towards  the space were just kind of meh. Y’all ever feel meh about a space in your home? Like you just cant figure it out?! I get that way now and then and sometimes I just have to step away to take a breather (plus after all the work of putting the tree and garland up, I wasn’t quite ready to tear it down lol) before I’m able to bring the space together. So that’s what I did, I took a breather and made an orange garland. The next morning I completely emptied the room to have a blank canvas and start over.


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing our tree and I’ve secretly been trying to come up with a plan to leave it up year round. I mean if its naked no one will even notice right? 😉


So as I was saying about our bedroom above, I started over. The oranges were all dried and ready so I strung them with twine and then the lightbulb came on and I knew exactly where I wanted to use my oranges!! Our bedroom is officially ready for Christmas! Fresh Christmas greens, homemade bees-wax candles, dried orange slices…I think I have $8 in the greens + a bag of oranges to decorate this space and I’m in love with the simple organic feel!


Lastly here’s a little shot of our dining room and the DIY peg rail all ready for Christmas. The little star was made with twigs from the yard and the tea towels are $.79 each from Ikea.


That’s it for this weeks recap. I hope you all enjoyed looking back on my week through my Instagram. As always if you have any further questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at!! And in Friday Recap fashion I leave you with a sneak peek at what I’m sharing on IG this morning AND a peak at my ‘Homemade Christmas’ which I’ll share tomorrow!!


~Happy Reading Friends


DIY Star Advent Calendar

Good Saturday morning friends!! What?! Blogging on a Saturday? I know buuuuut my husband and our oldest daughter are out hunting this morning, the two littles are still sleeping AND I just had to share this super cute DIY star advent calendar that we put together a couple of days ago, for FREE!!! Yep, free and it’s totally fun so I wanted to share because it’s the perfect Saturday craft to do with the kiddos (and its only December 2nd so we’re good!). Just grab the supplies from your pantry!


If y’all read my blog post about DIY candle holders and trees, that’s the same recipe you will be using for this project. If you missed it you can find it here! The only difference is, instead of making trees you’ll make 25+ stars and instead of punching a large hole in the middle of the star you’ll use a tiny dowel rod or skewer stick to punch a whole in the top of the star as shown below.


For our Advent calendar I actually used the star ornaments I made last year but you can whip these up in no time and your kiddos will LOVE helping with this project!!! I used some twine I already had on hand and command hooks for hanging.


Once I had laid out our 25 stars I had to decide what each day would entail. I knew I didn’t want any BIG to-dos (I mean this month is crazy enough right?!) and I knew I wanted to do acts of kindness! So our Advent calendar is filled with acts of kindness, fun Christmas activities and a couple Christmas jokes! For example…one day as you see here in the photo is ‘make Christmas cards for grandparents’ (don’t mind my chicken scratch), another day is ‘do a chore for someone in your family’ (sibling love), there’s also ‘make cards for your neighbors’ ‘bake something sweet for your neighbor’ ‘take baked goods to your local fire department and/or police station’…the list goes on. I also included activities like ‘write a letter to Santa’, ‘make hot chocolate and drive around the neighborhood looking at the lights’, ‘watch your favorite Christmas movie’, ‘eat with candle light & the tree only’…fun things that will allow us to enjoy this Christmas season with our littles!


This sweet advent calendar is so simple and such a fun things to do with family. I’m truly looking forward to having it add a bit of extra fun this month! As crazy as things get this time of year, its nice to have sweet ‘to-dos’ among the hectic ones. This is our first year to do an Advent calendar of this style and I’m super excited about it! The other great thing, besides the fact that its free to make, you can sit down with your hubby and kiddos to fit the calendar to your family! Things you love doing or have always talked about doing, add those in! It’s a great way to bring the family together and also teach the little ones about giving!! So very important in the world we live in today! Whether they make a card for the neighbor, bake cookies or shovel their driveway, it’s a lesson to be learned!



I hope y’all enjoyed this simple DIY and I hope you carve out some time today to put one together for your family!! Its little things like this that help make some of the best memories!!

~Happy Reading Friends

Friday Recap

Good Friday morning friends!!! I know you’re seeing Friday Recap as the title and maybe thinking ‘what happened to Friday Roundup?’ No worries this is it but I thought instead of round up it should be recap because really, that’s what it is. A detailed recap of what I shared on Instagram this week! Ok so now that you know its recap instead of round up lets get started! 🙂


This week I shared a ‘Christmas Gift Guide-small shop edition’, you can find here. On Instagram you can also find all of the shops and the products we have in our home! In this photo is my favorite little Ikea shelf, the Ivar which we purchased for $40. I love styling this shelf in our dining room! I wanted to add a vintage bakers rack or shoe rack to this space originally but finding one and in my price range was almost impossible so when I found this shelf at Ikea for $40 it was the perfect fit.


This sweet little Christmas sign can also be found in my Christmas gift guide. I love how simple it is and its perfect right next to our King of Christmas tree. I used one of the star garlands from last year and hung over the sign for a little extra Christmas cheer.


I shared this little shot from our family room. I’m currently obsessed with these candles from Antique Candle works. My favorites so far are Christmas Day (that’s exactly what it smells like) Good Tidings and Momma’s Kitchen (yum-o). These are another item you can find in the gift guide and those pillows were a DIY you can find here.


This year for our Christmas décor, as you know I’ve kept it simple and I’ve brought in a lot of natural elements. I created this garland on our master bedroom using faux eucalyptus fresh pine branches, pine cones and red berry stems (from Hobby Lobby). The little white houses are from the Target dollar spot and the candle sticks are from Ikea.


Our master bedroom this week… The bed is from, the rug is from Rugsusa the barn door and the sign were a DIY. I get a lot of questions about our bedding, the gray ticking is a duvet cover set from Ikea with an Ikea duvet inside. The white comforter is an Ashley Down Alternative, and the red stripe pillows were H& two years ago I believe. I’ve yet to put a tree up in this space and I honestly cant decide if I want to or not. If I do it’ll be the same 6′ flocked tree I used last year from Walmart!


Open shelving in every room, that should be a rule. 😉 I personally love open shelving, they’re so fun to style and they’re a great way to display your most loved bits and pieces! The open shelving in our family is decorated with a lot of little DIY’s and I love it! The twig star, Christmas Tree Farm sign, candle holder and white clay stars (here) are all DIY’s. I picked up this gorgeous photograph this year at the Country Living Fair and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! The little Christmas tree to the right is from Ikea and the linen sack was H&M a few years ago.


This is by far the coziest spot in our home. I love our couch and we did a thing a couple weeks ago that I’ve now realized is a trend in our home. We moved the second ottoman over to this space! Maybe its because cold days make us cozy up more I don’t know but the last two years we have done this! Its great for movie nights and Sunday afternoon naps because our couch is basically a bed for the five of us with both of the ottomans here. Such a fun little switch up that allows us to relax and snuggle up even more.


Whites, woods and greens. Still the rules I play by in home décor and this picture pretty much sums up why! The gray pitcher, cutting board, small plates and bowl were all thrift store/antique finds. The large plates are from Walmart and the small white pitcher was a vendor event sale find but I think you can find them on Magnolia or Gable Lane.


Our kitchen…this isn’t a space I share often. Its the last room on our to-do list and there is sooooo much to do in this space to make it our own. I do randomly share it because its part of our home but between the bare wires hanging and the bad lighting its just not my go to place for sharing. I did snag this shot a couple days ago to share. I love our old doors in this space and since they are looking festive I thought why not! I was also enjoying a candle from Antique candle works and the kitchen was clean!! So, no better time for a quick photo!


Yesterday was spent in this corner of our family room and I’m so glad its finally Christmas ready! I picked up a fresh pine garland from Trader Joes this week and once I had it home I knew it had to hang on this little shelf wall I did over the summer using Weaber Lumber. I also got around to finally making our Advent calander (nothing like waiting until the day before) which I’m hoping to share more about next week on the blog!! The letter board is from LetterFolk, the lamp is Ikea, the little throw was a DIY using the same fabric as my pillow covers and the 25 are numbers I picked up from Hobby Lobby and painted. The garland and advent calendar totally transformed this space and I love it!

That’s it for this ‘Friday Recap’, as always I leave you with a sneak peek of what you can find on my Instagram this morning!


I hope y’all enjoyed this little recap and I hope I answered most of your questions you may have had about items in our home or how I made things! As always if you have any other questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at!

~Happy Reading Friends

Christmas Gift Guide-Small Shop Edition

Good Monday morning friends!! I hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving and if you went Black Friday shopping I hope you got all the deals you were looking for. Its been a tradition in my family since I can remember to go Black Friday shopping, although the details of Black Friday have changed a lot, my sister, the Mr. and I still keep the tradition. While I love the tradition and fun of it all, I also LOVE supporting small shops!! I’ve made so many maker friends over the last two years and today I thought I would share a few of them with you and maybe help you finish up your Christmas shopping!! (Also, if you missed my gift guide last year you can find it ((here)). Its packed full of amazing makers as well!)


First on the list is my sweet friend Melissa at My Trusted Treasures. I absolutely love her and her sign making skills. Simple + beautiful! She can also customize many of her signs making them a more personalized gift. I’m sure you’ve seen them in a lot of my photos, she’s really been my go to gal for signs this year! You can find her shop ((here)) and if you’re looking to order a sweet sign for you, a family member or friend be sure to get your order in soon. Her turn around time is roughly 3 weeks and the cut off for Christmas shipping is December 3rd! I hope you love your grain sack, shiplap or mini sign you snag from her shop!!


There’s something about fall and winter, maybe its the low temperatures or change of scenery but I love burning candles!! Not only do they make your home smell amazing (if you pick the right one ;-)) but they also add so much to the cozy factor! A soft knit blanket, a candle and a hot cup of coffee…those are the things dreams are made of right?! My favorite small shop for candles is by far Antique Candle Works. Their candles are the yummiest. I’ve currently been burning Good Tidings and Christmas day, between the warm smells and cozy flicker of the flame, our home has been feeling more and more like a sweet Christmas cottage. There are so many amazing smells to choose from, sizes and they even have fun sales where they use different items like tea cups and coffee cans to pour their wax in! Such a fun little shop I know you’ll love! You can find them ((here)) and be sure to get your order in soon. They have a turn around time of 3-5 business days and their Christmas cut off is December 21st.




Coffee…y’all know how much I love my coffee so its no surprise that I love cute coffee mugs too! This adorable camp style mug is from Andrea at 31 Girl at Home. This cute mug is the perfect gift for any shiplap loving, Fixer Upper fan and I know y’all have at least one on your list. 😉 You can find this sweet mug ((here)), Andreas turn around time is 1-3 business days and her Christmas shipping cut off date is December 10th so don’t miss out on placing your order!



Signs are the easiest piece of décor to incorporate into any style and there are so many styles of signs to choose from. I love this simple Christmas sign from The Freckled Goose. Her hand lettering is amazing!! She has many options in her little shop for signs, mugs and tees ((here)) AND she offers a lettering guide if you’d like to learn yourself or know someone that would!!! So many great gifting options to choose from! In order to ensure Christmas delivery, you must place your order by December 11th and there is a 1-2 week turn around time.



For the French style vintage lover this next little shop is perfect! Jenni at The Vintage Songbird ((here)) has the sweetest farm house décor in her shop. From pillow covers and poufs to bead garlands and these sweet little grain sack wall sconces! I love this red grain sack wall sconce for this time of year but I also love her more neutral blue stripe for all year! There are so many options with this gorgeous piece, fresh blooms, faux stems, dried wedding flowers, the options are endless! Her fabric skills are also just as amazing! Jenni has a turn around time of 7-10 business days and her Christmas deadline for orders is December 15th so be sure to get your orders in by then!



My last little shop for this Christmas gift guide is Pam at The Sign Yard Studio. She makes these adorable wall hangings and I’m slightly obsessed with this Christmas one I received from her! Her shop is full of gorgeous options for any home and I know y’all will love her work as much as I do!! There’s just something so simple and sweet about her creations! You can find The Sign Yard studio ((here)). Pam has a turn around time of 3-4 business days and her Christmas shipping cut off is December 15th!!



Friends, that wraps up this little gift guide for today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope it helped you check a few names off your list! I love supporting small shops and really there’s no better gift than a handmade one!! These makers are so very talented and also very sweet and fun to work with! **Don’t forget today is Cyber Monday and because of that, a lot of these shops are running sales and specials!!! Run!! 😉

~Happy Reading Friends

DIY Candle Holders + Christmas Trees

Happy Wednesday friends! I wanted to stop by the blog real quick this morning, and I mean real quick because I’m leaving for a doctor’s appointment in just over an hour. Welcome to my world were I wait until the last-minute to start getting ready to go anywhere. Thank goodness for messy buns. 😉 Today I wanted to share a sweet little Christmas DIY to get y’all started on your Christmas decorating if you haven’t already! Last week I made these super sweet candle stick holders and Christmas trees but if you’ve been following me for a while now you’ll notice I used this same recipe but for ornaments, gift tags and garland last year. You could say this is a favorite little project of mine!


What you’ll need:

1/2 cup cornstarch

1 cup baking powder

3/4 cup water

sauce pan / mixing bowl / damp cloth / cookie cutters / rolling pin

*If making the candle holders and trees you will also need corks and candle sticks


Once you have all of your ingredients you will pour and mix it all together in a sauce pan. Cook on medium to low heat stirring constantly. Your mixture will go from a liquid to almost a mashed potato consistency in just a few minutes.



Once your mixture has reached the ‘mashed potato’ stage you will transfer it to a mixing bowl, cover it with a damp cloth or tea towel and let it cool for 30 minutes.


Once your mixture is cool enough to handle the fun begins! For this step I used a little extra cornstarch to roll out the dough, just like you would with flour when baking. Also, for the star candle holder, you will need to measure the base of your candle stick and find an object the same size to cut the middle of your stars out.




Last year I only made stars, some large and small ones to use as ornaments, garland and gift tags. This year I decided to make little trees and to turn the stars into candle holders. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to what you can create with this dough!! Before you begin cutting your shapes you’ll want to heat your oven to 175. My oven doesn’t have this temperature setting so I went with 200 and the cutouts did just fine. For cutting, you’ll want to roll your dough to about 1/4″ thick. I just guessed here really, but I knew I wanted my candle holders to be a bit thicker. Once you have your shapes cut out you’ll bake them in the oven for 45-60 min. Then flip and bake another 45-60 minutes When baking just like with anything else you will know when they are done or if they need a few more minutes to cook!


Once your cutouts are cooked you can start putting the parts together, you can also paint your cutouts if your heart desires!! For the trees, I did’nt have old corks so I made the new ones look old by shaving the outside layer off. I then cut the corks at the end to make them different lengths and then cut a wedge in the top for the tree to sit in. To secure the trees and candle sticks I did add a little hot glue.


These little trees and stars have added such a sweet and simple touch of Christmas to our home! I just love the sweetness. I’ve moved them all around, because you know that’s what I do, but they’ve been so fun to add to our Christmas decor! I’m also using the garland from last year and I placed the unused star ornaments in a glass vase for display.






As you can see they’ve become a big part of our simple Christmas decor, the perfect addition in my opinion and who doesnt love free decorations especially this time of year!!  ((I’ve also shared a few shots below from last year to show how I used them))



I hope y’all enjoyed this simple Christmas DIY. Our girls loved helping with this project and it’s really perfect for them to be able to be involved and help create something. They love seeing the stars they helped make all over our home proudly displayed. I’m officially off to get ready for my appointment, 30 minutes to spare…I’m doing good. 😉 Our Thanksgiving festivities begin tonight with our first dinner and I’m looking forward to gathering in with family. I hope this Thanksgiving is a very blessed one for each of you!

As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or feel free to email me at

~Happy Reading Friends

Simple Christmas Tree

Happy Monday friends! I have a love hate relationship with Mondays and if I had to guess I’d guess that I’m not alone here. Mondays for me feel like a fresh start. It’s the first day of a new week and if I had a crummy week last week I get to start all over on Monday and have a better week. It’s also the start of a new school week, week of chores and to-do’s, plus the weekend is over and now we have five whole days to get back to it. Do you see the struggle? I know y’all get it. This Monday is a little sweeter though, its Thanksgiving week and I’m super excited about that! I’ll share bits about how we do thanksgiving throughout the week with you in my posts but today I’m actually going to share some simple Christmas tree décor. GASP! I know… our tree has been up since the end of October and I’m not mad about it! I did only decorate it about a week ago, and besides who says you can’t have a giant pine tree in your home?? 😉


This year our Christmas tree is from King of Christmas ((here)). It’s a 7.5′ pre-lit King Flock tree and I absolutely LOVE it! Its gorgeous and it was so easy to put up!! Since we were using a flocked tree this year I really wanted to keep the decorations simple and really allow the tree to shine through. I’ve never been one to cover the entire tree with ornaments and such but this year I wanted to scale back even more. We left the tree undecorated for several weeks and I was honestly hesitant about decorating it at all, but now that I have I’m so glad I did.


This year I decided to incorporate more pops of red in our décor. If you remember last year I went very neutral, a winter wonderland of sorts. ((here)) This year my goal was to keep our Christmas décor simple without losing the feel of the holiday, and to me no other color says Christmas more than red!




I found the ornaments at Hobby Lobby and right now they’re 50% off!!! The ribbon I made the bows with are also from Hobby Lobby but you’ll find it in the sewing section with the other ribbon. Oddly enough I could not find ribbon like this in the Christmas décor. Depending on which week you go to the store, you may also be able to get the ribbon 50% off!! The little glass icicles I’ve actually had for over 10 years now and I honestly can’t remember where I found them.



Another simple piece to our tree is the tree skirt. Of all the years I’ve tried to find a tree skirt I like, I’ve had no luck!! Ok thats not quite fair, out of all the years I’ve tried to find a tree skirt that I like, I didnt want to pay for it. Friends, tree skirts can be expensive and I wouldnt mind spending the money if I knew I wanted to use the same tree skirt year after year after year. But thats a promise I cant keep. Last year we built a box out of scrap wood to go around our tree, this year I used a DROP CLOTH! $10 for a 6’x9′ and for me its perect! I love the simple cozy feel it brings to our tree and again it lets the tree speak for itself, it doesnt compete with the tree and I like that!


For now I have decided not to use a tree topper. Again simple has been my goal but also, thats another item like the tree skirt, I just cant find one that I love and know I will use year after year. So until I do find the ‘right’ one, we will go without. I actually dont mind not having a topper, but maybe one day I’ll find the perfect tree skirt and topper for our tree! I think all together to decorate this tree I spent…$30 ish. The small ornaments were $9.99 per pack, I bought one pack and at 50% off making them $5. The large white ornaments were $19.99 per pack but again at 50% I bought one pack from $10. The ribbon was not on sale the day I went but I did use my 40% off coupon on one roll, I purchased two rolls and before the 40% off one I think they were roughly $2.79 so about $5 for 2. Then the drop cloth like I mentioned was $10. So all in all I’m super happy with our tree, I was able to get the look I wanted, keep it simple and not break the budget!!

misdiy-1510917535185I hope yall enjoyed this simple Christmas tree and I hope your Monday is full of love. As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at Feel free to follow my blog via email by clicking the FOLLOW button on the right hand side of your screen. This way you’ll never miss a blog post! You can also follow me via Instagram and Pinterest @misDIY!

~Happy reading friends

Friday Round up

Good Friday morning friends! The weekend is finally here! I hope y’all have had a great week!! Its been busy here as usual but its been a great week and today I wanted to share a little bit of my week with you from my Instagram!


If you’ve been following me long enough, you know I love my coffee! And weekend coffee always seems to taste better, maybe its the slower pace of the morning or the fact that we have the Mr. home with us, either way it just seems to be better! This shot was from Saturday morning, in our sitting room. The camping mugs are ceramic mugs that I found at Tjmaxx. I was lucky enough to find two in the same day and I just love them for this time of year!! The throw was a Tjmaxx find from last year. I actually found it on clearance after Christmas.


Vintage new and handmade. This photo captures all the things I love when it comes to home décor. Not only is it all of the things I love but it also follows my whites, woods and something green rule! I love this little steel cup I found at our local thrift store, I added a candle and some green moss from Target. Very simple and beautiful. The star garland is from our DIY stars the girls and I made last year. (I’ll be sharing those again this year)


I think its safe to say that our sitting room is my favorite room this year for Christmas! Our King of Christmas tree definitely helps but I also love the coziness from our little gas stove and the mantel is always a favorite. This year with our décor I wanted to keep it simple and natural. I used the clay pots I found at Hobby Lobby this fall to help achieve that look in this space.


I also shared a little throw back photo from a snow day last year. It was the prettiest I had seen it here on our property. All of the trees were completely covered and I couldn’t help but stand in the driveway taking pictures. It was simply magical. I’m really hoping we have the same scene this winter!!


I did a little sewing the other day and the day before I did, I used a piece of the fabric to create this little table set up. The fabric is from Hobby Lobby (you’ll be seeing more of it in just a bit) the sweet little tree is from Ikea ($9.99) I just added some twinkle lights to it, the candle holder was a vintage find, the oats and co. linen bag was ordered from h& a couple years ago and the cookie cutter is from Walmart. A simple little table set up that made our dining space feel extra cozy!


And here’s that fabric I told you you’d be seeing more of!! I made my first ever pillow covers and y’all I am in LOVE! They were so fun and easy to make! I love the colors for this holiday season and the bonus, I made 3 covers plus a little scarf for $10!! If you missed the tutorial for these pillow covers you can find it ((here)).


Yesterday I shared this shot of our master bedroom. I still love our DIY barn door and wedding date sign just as much today as I did the day we added them to this space. Our room is still my favorite and I don’t think that’ll ever change!! Looking out of our bedroom is our homeschool room, another room in our home that I love! We’ve made a few small changes in the space (I really need to blog about our school room) and we are working on the finishing touches for Christmas!!


Another shot from our bedroom last night. I get asked so many questions about our rast dressers I hacked, you can read all about them ((here)). Again going simple I just added trees I purchased at Target last year after Christmas on clearance (I’ve seen them this year with a slight variation to them), some berry filler to our bedside tray and switched up the pillow covers.


The last photo is a sneak peek of what I’ll be sharing this morning. I little shot of our dining room space all ready for Christmas. I hope y’all enjoy this little Friday round up. If you have any questions about the photos I’ve shared or an item in the photo that I may not have mentioned, please feel free to leave your questions in the comments below or email me at! Also, stop by my Instagram @misdiy and say Hey!!

**I did want to share one more, I guess behind the scenes thing with y’all. I’ve been working on my blog schedule and I thought I would share some of the topics I’ll be blogging about over the next month or so.

-Simple Tree Décor    -Gift Guide    -Christmas Home Tour    -DIY Stars + Trees

-Favorite Christmas Recipes    -Christmas Room tour (link up)

-DIY Bedside Tray     -DIY Signs  and more…

So I hope you guys will join me for the fun stuff I have planned. I love getting to share with my followers and I appreciate y’all so much!!

~Happy Reading