Little Girls Room Makeover

IMG_7539 1 (1)I receive many requests to see the kids rooms in our home. And while we have two little girl rooms I’ve never really done much with them other than remove wall paper and paint. Until recently that is…

IMG_7558 (1)

I am so excited to share this sweet little room that belongs to our 4 year old. Of course I have to take you back and show you the before pictures. The very first photo is from the day we received our keys. Shortly after moving in I painted the space, using left over paint from other rooms (lesson learned) and removed the carpet.

IMG_2592 (1)

You are seeing it correctly…lavender ceiling, blue valance and beige walls. Although the wall color wasn’t the worst in our home I didn’t love it.



These photos are some what of a transition stage. They’re from right before I started this little makeover. As you’ll see I painted the walls gray and white again but this time I painted them the right shade of gray and white. As I mentioned, these colors were left over from other rooms I had painted (those rooms have also been repainted) and I didn’t love the colors. We had also just bought this Ikea bookcase and had removed her dresser. So again these are just as the makeover was beginning. I’m terrible at remembering to take before photos. I usually just dive right in and get to work.


The mess in the homeschool room… room makeovers always tend to throw the home into a bit of a fit don’t they? And theres the Mr. working on the big girls shared room. It will be coming to the blog soon as well!

IMG_7556 1 (1)

Now onto the good stuff. You guys, I absolutely LOVE the way her room turned out! Its so sweet and I’m slightly obsessed with the colors happening in here. For her walls I used Dove by Behr on the top and Bistro White by Valspar (mixed in Behr paint) on the bottom half. My favorite white and gray colors!

IMG_7477 (1)

Swaddled blanket turned throw from The Mini Scout. Linked below


IMG_7512 1 (1)

IMG_7480 1 (1)

Wooden Name blocks from Smiling Tree Toys. Linked below


IMG_7506 (1)

As most of you know, I’m a very ‘attention to detail’ type of person and that followed right into this space. I loved adding little details here and there, things that are unique to M and things that she loves. Her name blocks, a little painted bunny, Ikea spice racks turned book shelves with her favorite books. Of course I added in some fun DIYs too like her framed shiplap (coming to the blog SOON) with her unicorn, a painted globe, her bunny on the wall… this space is full of sweetness, creativeness and lots of cozy.

IMG_7511 1 (1)

IMG_7522 1 (1)

IMG_7520 1 (1)

The green table next her bed was a DIY project. I purchased a round kitchen table from an auction a few summers ago. We removed the legs and frame, cut it to size and made a new top for it. Its the perfect size for her room and she loves having the little table to put books or toys on. I found the color for this table at Hobby Lobby, its Revive by Americana Décor chalk paint. The small lamp on her table is from Target, it had a wood finish base and I painted it using the same color as her frame, Blush Pink by Rust-Oleum Chalked.

IMG_7487 1 (1)

IMG_7525 1 (1)

IMG_7483 1 (1)

Custom garland by Sheep Farm Felt. Linked below


IMG_7482 1 (1)

IMG_7488 1 (1)

IMG_7502 (1)

The large shelf in her room was made using wooden brackets from Ikea and a 1×8″ pine board. I decorated her shelf with a vintage chalk board that she wrote her full name on for the first time, a globe I found at Tjmaxx that I painted to match her room, a small ceramic bunny (from Spring décor Transformation), a cat she found at target and fell in love with, a thrifted basket and the Sheep Farm Felt garland. This little shelf is one of my favorite things in her room!

IMG_7504 (1)

We also bought M a new bed. Before she had a vintage bed with a large head board and footboard. While I loved it and all the charm it had it was just too large for her small space. I found this bed at Ikea, its called the Tarva and it was $79! The bed comes unfinished and I knew I wanted to paint it. I ended up using a color our 10 year old chose, its called Homework and its by Easy Care. I love the soft feel it adds to the bed and it matches her ‘throw’ perfectly.

IMG_7531 1 (1)

The sweet bedding is from Beddy’s, Chic White is the name of this set. She absolutely LOVES it. If you’re not familiar with Beddy’s beds I highly recommend checking them out! Its all one piece that completely zips! The bedding fits on the bed like a fitted sheet, you simply unzip it to get into bed and when you wake the next morning all you do is zip it up and your bed is made!!! It does completely unzip at the very bottom for easy washing! I love how sweet and simple this bedding is and for a 4 year old, that’s important. No more frustration when it comes to making her bed!

IMG_7554 1 (1)

Now lets talk storage in small spaces. M’s room is small, the smallest room in our home minus the bathrooms. I wanted to get as much as we could out of this space without making it feel crammed and cluttered. A few ways I’ve found to help with this are under bed storage containers (found at Ikea), a cubby book shelf with baskets and a small dresser in her closet ( the rast from Ikea). Having these pieces help so much with storing her clothing items and toys without making the space feel as small as it is. With switching to a smaller bed and using the storage options I’ve found, it truly does make her space feel bigger! Plus having a place for everything keeps it organized which always helps!

IMG_7552 (1)

IMG_7572 (1)

IMG_7570 (1)

IMG_7518 (1)

IMG_7545 (1)

The other side of the room is where the Ikea bookcase sits, I’ve kept this space simple as M likes to move things around and decorate it herself most days. The little white shelves are more of the $3.99 Ikea spice racks, I simple removed the little bar that goes across the front. The wooden doll house is also from Ikea along with the wicker baskets.

IMG_7547 (1)

IMG_7548 (1)

IMG_7549 (1)

Painting by M


IMG_7515 (1)

The reading corner may have been one of my favorite areas to work on because of this little bunny. We found the fort/tent at Target and the large pillow inside was a clearance find at Homegoods. For the bunny I simply used paints from different project in her room. The Mr. drew the shape of the rabbit onto the wall for me, I then painted it using black acrylic paint and free handed the flowers on top. It took a few hours to finish but it was so worth it in the end. Little additions like this are my favorite.

IMG_7307 1

IMG_7314 1

IMG_7316 (1) (1)

IMG_7541 1 (1)


I had to share this photo of Obi (Kenobi). While I was taking photos of M’s room this little guy kept hopping 😉 in to check things out. He loves this space and will quickly sneak in when given the chance!

IMG_2601 (1)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this ‘Little Girls Room makeover’. I had so much fun working on this space and we have one little girl that absolutely loves her room! My goal was to carry the feel of the rest of our home into this bedroom, simple and cozy. Each space in our home looks different but at the same time they all look the same. They’re different because each room serves a different purpose but they are the same because I have the same goal for each space. Practical, functional, simple and cozy.


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Wooden letter name blocks : Smiling Tree Toys // Swaddle Blanket: The Mini Scout

                           Bedding by Beddy’s: ChicWhite  // Garland: Sheep Farm Felt


Our Farmhouse Style Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color can be hard, its never been my favorite thing to do until I decided to keep it simple and neutral. That for me was a game changer.

IMG_2450 2 (1)

Now if I told you this whole, ‘Find the perfect paint color’ journey for our home was simple, I wouldn’t be telling the truth. When we first moved into our home two and a half years ago I wanted every wall to be some shade of gray (I have no idea why, at the time it just made sense). Y’all know just how HARD it is to find one shade of true gray let alone 5 or 6. I was setting myself up for failure without realizing it. So I painted the interior of our home in shades of gray with ultra white trim and about a year later I painted again. This time I finally felt as if I had finally cracked the code. For OUR home that is. If you’re here reading this, please know that the colors I share today are from OUR home. Colors that ‘I’ have fallen in love with and that work for us in creating a home we love. I’m sharing today because I get soooo many questions about the paint colors I’ve used and I thought it would be perfect to have a general location for all of the information. 😉


It was when we gave our master bedroom a makeover that I truly fell in love with the color Bistro White by Valspar. I remember thinking once our room was finished that we needed this color in more rooms of our home. To me, Bistro White is the perfect cozy white. Not too bright and sterile but not yellow and aged looking. It wasn’t long after our bedroom that I painted our dining room/ sitting area (and the ceiling because at the time it was still pink, yep…PINK (previous owners)). The previous color in our dining room was Silver Marlin, a gray but a gray with blue under tones and I never truly loved it. Repainting the space using the Bistro White gave the room an entirely new look and feel and it was exactly what I wanted.



I’ve also used Bistro white on our floors, to warm up our trim in the home and you may have noticed, I’ve used it on multiple furniture DIY’s. This color is hands down my go to for white!



Our family room is one room that remains a shade of gray from when we first moved in and if I’m completely honest, I’ve been itching to get it painted. I do get a ton of questions about this color so I did want to share it as well. This gray is Seagull Gray by Behr. Its actually on the same color card as Silver Marlin, just a shade lighter. See I tried to make choosing a gray easier on myself by choosing two colors off of the same card. 😀



This shade of gray is a light gray, we get a ton of natural light in this room so it actually seems a bit lighter than it really is. Its not a bad gray although it can look as if it has blue/green undertones, but all in all its not a bad choice if you’re looking for a light gray color.


Our piano… quite possibly my most asked about piece in our home. We’ve had the piano for several years and when we first received it, it was a very deep cherry color. Too red for our home and I knew if we were to keep it and use it, I would have to love it. So as I always say, ‘if you don’t love it, paint it!’ And I did, using Repurpose paint in the color Stone Age. I honestly feel like this color was made for our piano, I love the way it turned out and the finish is smooth as butter!




Another accent color that I’ve used in our home also gets a lot of questions. When we gave our dining room a makeover and built a new table I knew I wanted to add a fun neutral color to let the table stand out a little more, not just blend with our décor. So I chose to use Queenstown Gray by General Finishes. I loved the color so much I painted our front door with it and an old thrifted frame that sits on our piano.




There is one color, an original to us moving into our home, that I still love. My favorite gray to date and its Dove by Behr. Our homeschool room is painted this color of gray and just recently I painted our youngest daughters room the same shade of gray. Dove for me is one of the closest grays to a ‘true’ gray. I love the shade and tone of the color. Its so soft and cozy. It almost seems smooth like clay when you look at it, if that makes sense. I know it seems odd to talk about paint colors that way but when I look at the color, that’s what I think of.


(A little sneak peek of our 4 year olds room makeover that will be coming to the blog very soon)


Choosing paint colors can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many bloggers now that share their favorite colors its almost as if the work is done, which makes it so much easier when it comes to choosing paint colors for the first third time. One thing I’ve learned about choosing a gray, look at where you’re pulling the card from. Most stores have their colors set up in reds, yellow, greens, browns, purples, blues… stay close to the browns and whites. Look at the darkest gray on the card and compare it to a true white, an ultra white, you should be able to easily see the undertones. If you notice my little paint graphic below you can pick out most of the undertones in each color I’ve shared. The bistro white has a yellow under tone but it doesn’t cast any yellow when on the wall, this is what makes it a warm cozy white. The dove looks gray with a small bit of brown undertones, you can see green in the Seagull gray, blue in Queenstown gray and brown in stone age.

IMG_2450 1 (1)

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I hope you’ve found today’s blog post helpful and if nothing else at least now you know all the main colors in our home. 😉 As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me at

***A little announcement I wanted to make today, I’ve started doing a little read along over on Instagram where I choose a book each month (or so) to read and as a group we read it together and I check in to chat about what we’ve read. If you’d like to join the read along please send me a DM on Instagram, Id love to get you added in. Our new book, starting Monday 4/23 is Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley. I picked my book up at Target but like with most books, it can be found in multiple places.

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DIY Farmhouse Style Clock

As you may already know, we love filling our home with DIY’s and unique finds. Our clock is one of our DIY’s that’s most asked about and today I thought I would share exactly how we made it.


The first thing you’ll need to do is locate a spool that is the appropriate size for your space. I have a friend that works for a cable company and he was able to supply me with the spools I needed. I’ve also been able to get smaller ones from Lowes when they are emptied of their wire, just ask! If you have a local cable company, stop in and ask them if they have any available. Normally they just pitch them.

Once you have your spool you’ll need to disassemble it since you only need the end piece, and bonus if you have a friend also wanting a clock, since there are two ends this is the perfect DIY for two!! Now for the numbers, there are a few ways you can do them. I made stencils using my cri-cut, you can also buy stencils, print and trace numbers or as you’ll see later in the post, we used house numbers from Lowes for our personal clock.





Trace all of your numbers on and then you’ll paint them. This step is fairly easy just a little time-consuming. For the numbers I just use a simple craft paint and a small artist paint brush.


The next step is cutting the center piece that will hold your clock parts in place. We use 1/4″ plywood to make the center. You’ll want to lay the clock onto the plywood and trace the hole for your guide line. Once you have your hole traced you’ll use a jigsaw to cut out the circle.




Next, check your center piece on the clock, it will end up being a little bigger so you’ll need to sand it down a little and check it again. This takes a little time to get it perfect, just make sure you sand a little at a time and recheck often so that your center piece doesn’t become to small. You’ll want the piece to fit snug without being forced. This will help later in the glue process.



Now you’ll mark the center hole for the clock motor. Measure the diameter of your circle to find the center point. This is important to make sure your motor is lined up to move your hands around the clock correctly. Once you’ve found the center you’ll want to drill a hole. Make sure that the drill bit you use is large enough for the arm of the motor to fit all the way through.



Be sure to check that the motor fits before moving on. Its much easier to make your adjustments now before the next few steps!


Once your center piece fits into your spool top and you’ve double checked that the motor fits into the center piece you’ll want to paint it. Again I chose to use the same black craft paint that I used for the numbers.


After the center piece has dried you’ll need to use wood glue to attach it to the spool top. Because of the snug fit you should have achieved there will be no need to clamp or add any extra support while the glue dries. Just be sure not to use too much glue where it pushes through the front and ends up on your clock, if this does happen be sure to quickly clean it up. Let the glue dry over night. Then you can add the clock motor and hands.



I was able to find the clock parts at Hobby Lobby, they’re about $20 but if you use your 40% off coupon you get them for around 12 bucks! I’ve seen other clock parts on amazon as well if you are looking for a different style. To hang our clock we used D hooks and heavy wire. You can use the D hooks by themselves if you’d like but we prefer one hole in the wall rather than two, plus one is so much easier to get right. Lol


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little tutorial and for those of you that have been waiting FOREVER for me to share, I’m so sorry! It has taken me far too long! That fact that this clock of ours is over two years old… yea, I’m sorry. But it’s here now and yay you can finally make one. 😉


As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. You can also email me at Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy and to be sure you don’t miss any of my tutorials and home tours, be sure to follow the blog via email. (You will ONLY receive an email when a new blog post is published!)

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Spring Home Tour

Two days into Spring and I’m finally getting around to sharing our Spring Home Tour! I’m truly excited about this little tour, for a few reason I think…


The biggest reason is, it’s finally Spring! This winter, like most Ohio winters has felt like a life time of winters. To say I’m sad to see it go, would be a lie! I’m 100% in full motion to spring and all things green and warm! 😉 This year, our home looks a little different for this season. Not only have we made a few changes around our home but this year for spring I’ve been craving natural, organic and simple things. I hope in this little tour of mine, you see the feeling I’ve tried to create in our space. Always cozy and function with natural elements and lots of greenery!


I think the best spot to begin this tour is right at our front door. I always have fun with these tours trying to make them as realistic as possible so of course I want you to see each space as if you’re actually walking through our home! Our entry way, for spring, didn’t get much more than some greenery. I think I’ve shared this old fishing basket that I’m obsessed with before, the crock was an antique find and I simply filled it with some eucalyptus and let it dry out. The tea towel is from the Target/Magnolia line and the bench was a DIY project, our first one in this home.


Our entry table is from World Market. It’s the Everett foyer table and its one of my favorite ‘store’ pieces. The framed shiplap was a DIY almost two years ago and although I’m way behind sharing it (and keep promising I will) I do plan to get it on the blog as soon as we get some warm weather and can get in the shop! My favorite part about the framed shiplap is the collaboration with Vintage Metal Co. to turn it into this gorgeous sign! I absolutely love it!


I’ve collected some terracotta pots from various places, some Hobby Lobby and Target but they were a large part of my spring décor this year! One of the ‘organic natural’ elements I wanted to incorporate. I also added some greens and bird nests.


Our dining room was mostly filled with greens and a couple small pieces I picked up recently. Again in this space I wanted to bring the outside in, keeping it simple and cozy. Ferns are PEREFECT to add to any space, they’re one of my favorite house plants next to my fiddle leaf fig. The artificial greens stuck here and there are from Hobby Lobby. I tucked them in bowls and hung a couple from little beehive baskets just for fun.






I love all of the simple touches of spring in our dining room. It may not be the first thing you notice in the space but when you sit down at our table to eat or visit you start to notice the bird nest in the cup or the little vine creeping out of the dish. Subtle touches are quite possibly my favorite, details that catch your eye and cause you to pause even for just a minute to take it in.





Our sitting would be the next room to walk through, I have to say there’s something magical about the way the sun fills this space in the spring and summer. The room always seems to just come alive.  In this space I added some spring inspired pillows, blush and navy blue with floral, a couple of new plants moved into the space and I found the cutest lady planter at Hobby Lobby! I waited weeks after seeing it for the first time to actually buy it. I kept telling myself that I didn’t need it but for whatever reason I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute it would look with a fern in it! So now the lady planter rests on our mantle.



Our piano is always a fun piece for me to decorate, it’s basically a bonus shelf that makes beautiful noise. Again I’ve added some dried eucalyptus, its one of my favorite things to add to our home, a spring phrase to the letter board, a dark green candle holder found at the thrift store and one of the bunnies I shared in my Spring décor Transformation post.




My favorite room to decorate this year for spring was our family room. I may have went a little crazy trying to create a greenhouse feel but I enjoyed every minute of it. By simply adding terracotta pots, a few plants, bird nests and a couple of beeswax candles I was able to achieve the look and feel I was hoping for.





Onto our master bedroom, our little retreat at the end of each day. There have been a few changes in this space recently, a painted door, new mantel and new bedding. I truly didn’t think I could love this space anymore than I already did but I do. This duvet cover from H&M is my favorite by far and the painted door makes this space feel so fresh and clean, perfect for spring. Again, simple touches in this space with dried eucalyptus and blush accents. The gorgeous blush throw is from Ikea and I love it so much that we have two!!





That’s it friends, our little home all decorated for spring and so ready for its arrival. I guess I should say so ready for mother nature to get the memo that spring is here! 😀 I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little tour and I can’t wait to share more of our home with you all over the next few months! We are tackling our master bathroom makeover and giving our daughters rooms a refresh! You know I’ll share it all here on the blog to take you along with our little journey of creating a home we love.

As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at You can also find me on Instagram @misdiy and you can follow along with all my favorite things on Pinterest @misdiy. I’ll leave you with a sweet photo of our newest bun Obi(wan).

IMG_6695 1


~Happy Reading Friends

Spring décor Transformation

Happy Tuesday friends. When it comes to seasonal décor I like simple pieces that provide the look I’m wanting but don’t cost a lot money! I was excited this year to be able to simply transform a couple of pieces and achieve the look for only a few dollars!!


When the Mr. and I were on our little anniversary getaway we stopped by a store that was full of farmhouse goodness! While we were there I spotted a beautiful black bunny figure and fell in love with it, although I didn’t love the $30 price tag. Don’t get me wrong here, it was a beautiful piece and normal $30 is a reasonable price but when it comes to seasonal décor I don’t like to spend a lot of money knowing it will only be out for a short amount of time. I think I’ve shared before how I love to go to Target and scan their ‘once was’ dollar section. They always seem to put out super cute seasonal pieces and at an awesome price. Well a couple of weeks later I did just that and found these sweet ceramic bunny figures! I loved them but they weren’t exactly the style I was wanting.




So what do I do when it comes to easily transforming something so that I love it more? I usually paint it! 😀 And I did exactly that to these little bunnies and I got the exact look I was going for, for only a few dollars!



These rabbits were only $3 each and I already had some flat black spray paint on hand so the transformation was very simple and I absolutely love the way they turned out!



Are these rabbits exactly like the one I found in the store? No they’re not but for $6 and a little spray paint I’m super happy with the end results! Also I don’t have to feel bad if I decide next year that I no longer like them! I’m well-known for switching things up often so keeping our décor budget friendly is a must, plus I like to create a cozy home and then have money left over for a pizza! 😉


I hope you’ve enjoyed this super simple spring décor transformation and I hope it inspires you to create seasonal décor you love without breaking the bank! If you aren’t a fan of flat black, have fun with color! I even thought about spray painting one all white and one a very soft pink to use as décor in our little girls room! The possibilities are endless here due to the wide variety of paint colors! Which is why I’m a huge fan of paint, it’s the easiest way to make something new again!


I hope you all join me this week for our Spring Home tour and until then, as always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at You can also find me here, on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy!


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11 Years

Its funny how an amount of time can seem to have flown by and at the same time it can seem as though its taken forever.


That’s how I feel when I think about the 11 years the Mr. and I have been married. We just celebrated our anniversary over the weekend and it was so fun! I’ll spare you all of the details about how we’ve known each other since we were kids, how our friendship went from just that to where we are today, how my husband has taught me so much about life and love in these 11 years and of course how amazing our little family we’ve created is. 😉 I’ll spare you. But I did want to share our little trip with y’all!

My friend Alyssa, you may know her as Cotton Wood Shanty, and her husband own a flat in down town Millersburg, Ohio right above Farmhouse Frocks. Its been a running business for people to book a stay for about a year now. I always thought it would be so fun to visit so I took the opportunity for our anniversary, and I’m so glad I did!


Alyssa and her husband have done a beautiful job on the ‘Urban Flat’ she has an amazing sense of style and it shows throughout the space! I love her mix of vintage, modern and DIY.


Not only does Alyssa own and run the flat, she also has a photography business and makes gorgeous scrolls to use as décor! You can find her shop here: Cotton Wood Shanty.



My favorite thing about this stay was the fact that we didn’t feel like we were really ‘staying’ somewhere, if that makes sense. Alyssa really made the entire space feel like home. From the cozy beds, Netflix on the TV to a keurig in the kitchen!



There are two rooms in the flat and I gave the Mr. the choice of the two… he chose the exposed brick!! Which happened to be my favorite little detail along with the cozy bed and vintage pieces! (I forgot to take a photo from the windows but you can see all of the sweet little downtown area!)




The other bedroom was just as beautiful as the first! I absolutely love the blues in this space and the coziness it adds.



We spent the entire next day exploring the area and I have to say it was perfect. From a little brewery to the Olde World Bakery and antique shops, I was on cloud nine! We were able to walk to all of these areas right from where we woke up and I loved how simple it all was, no jumping in and out of the car or looking for a parking space.


We enjoyed a delicious breakfast from Olde World Bakery before exploring the antique shops, that were FULL of awesome treasures. We also visited Farmhouse Frocks and Modern Farmhouse, which I LOVED! Everyone we met during our stay was so friendly, we even ended up getting to know one of the shop owners for well over an hour! 😀 I love when things like that happen!


Our trip was perfect, slow and simple. It really gave us time to slow down and just enjoy each other. Over meals and drinks, walking in the rain (because that’s all we’ve seen here in Ohio for weeks), talking without interruption, no hustle and bustle of the day, just being together in the slow hush of things. Exactly what we needed. And then we raced home to our sweet babes and life started again.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little behind the sense of our home and this little gem of a town here in Ohio. If you are planning a trip to Amish country or if you just want a sweet little weekend getaway to slow down and rest, be sure to check into The Urban Flat in Millersburg!

~Happy Reading Friends


Friday Recap

Good Friday morning! It’s another Friday Recap here on the blog where I bring my week over from Instagram and share all the details with you!!


I love our piano, that’s no surprise to most of you and it gets a lot of attention from my followers as well. I always get asked if I painted it myself and what paint I used. I did paint it myself and  it was much easier that I had expected it to be. For this piece I chose to use Stone Age in the Repurpose line by Cari Cucksey. I absolutely love this paint for projects and the finish is perfect!! The blessed sign is one of my favorites, its from Vine and Branches, the letter board is from Letter Folk and the canvas painting is from Deann Art.


Our master bedroom mantle received a little love shortly after Christmas. I re-painted it using the same color on our bedroom walls and floor, bistro white by Valspar. My all time favorite white for everything!! The candle sticks are from Ikea and this gorgeous 3d wood sign is from Harper Grace Signs.


If you’ve been following for awhile or even the last couple of months you may be noticing that I’ve started to add lots of greens back into our home. Tiny steps towards Spring and today I think I’m going to really tackle the spring vibes around here. I’m so ready for warmer weather and all things green and growing again!


I went back to my roots this week, back to where it all started and I finally refinished this little table that I’d stashed in our basement for about a year now! It was fun transforming a piece of furniture again, something I haven’t done since summer. I love the way it turned out, fresh and clean, like new again.


Our chickens are still laying these beautiful eggs and I’m so very thankful for the little egg gathering every day! I’m always amazed by the variation of size and color… each one different but still all the same. Its a beautiful thing when you put them all together.


I’ve gotten a lot of questions after posting this photo about where the vase is from. Wellllll double duty its actually a canister. I just stashed the lid while I was using it to hold the flowers. 🙂 Also to mention, all of the greens and these flowers are from Trader Joes. I love their flower selection, so pretty and affordable.


Our entry way, I’m not sure if you’ve all seen the addition to my framed shiplap or not but these metal words are from Vintage Metal Co. and they are perfection! They’ve changed the look of this space so much and I’m truly obsessed with it! I love the warm, cozy natural feel of this space.


That’s a wrap friends, my favorite way, short and sweet! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little recap today and as always, if you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments below or email me at You can always follow along with me on Instagram (and/or Pinterest) @misdiy!! Below I’ve included a sneak peak of today for y’all!!


~Happy Reading Friends


The Forgotten Piece

If the title made you think this would be a dramatic story with a happy ending… well its not too dramatic but there is a happy ending for this little table you could say! 😉


I often find random pieces that I think, ‘oh, I could totally do something with that!’ Or ‘how sad this piece is throw out when a little bit of elbow grease and paint could make it brand new again.’ I’m the gal that stops along the road and puts curb side finds in her car… that crazy lady! In my defense I’m not as bad as I use to be but with saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with picking up something that someone else no longer wants or needs, especially if its sitting out on the curb! I’ve even knocked on doors to ask permission. I use to do this often when the Mr. and I were first married, living on a very tiny budget and expecting our first child roughly 9 months into our marriage. Yea it happened quick and I wanted to make a home for us as quickly as possible but again, tiny budget. So I thrifted, DIYed and yes found pieces of furniture along the curb to fix up and use!! It was a constant treasure hunt and I loved it.

About a year ago I picked up this little table from the thrift store and stuck it in our basement. Totally forgotten about… until I was cleaning the basement the other day and decided it was time to give it the makeover it deserved! I have to warn y’all, the before pictures are a little rough but you’ll get the idea!




It was in bad shape! The veneer was peeling terribly so I removed all of the loose pieces and sanded it smooth. I then gave it a good wipe down to remove any dirt and grease that had built up. Then came the decision of paint color… well, y’all know I love white and white furniture is just about my favorite! I chose to use some left over Bistro White on this piece.



The hardest part about this piece was painting the details but that’s what makes it all worth it in the end!! I used a 4″ foam roller everywhere that I could reach with it. Then I used a small foam brush for the touchups and hard to reach spots.


I absolutely love the way this piece turned out. The white paint highlights the details so perfectly. I’m always to amazed with how a little bit of paint can totally change the look of something! I did decide to do a light distressing on this piece just to give it a little ‘loved’ look and to help break up the white a bit.


You won’t be seeing this piece in our home, we have no need for it, and trust me I tried to find a need! Lol But I’m so happy that it will be going to someone else to bring them a little happiness! I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little makeover of the forgotten piece. I hope it inspires you to find a piece you need in your home that maybe just needs a little love!! Its truly so rewarding to flip or makeover a piece of furniture! Probably one of my favorite things to do! If you’ve been following for awhile now you’ve probably noticed that! Our t.v. console was an old buffet, we have a coffee table that use to be an old cedar chest and our dining room table was built with legs from a table that was being given away! Maybe you have a piece you’ve been thinking about tossing because you just don’t love it anymore… try a little paint!


As always, if you have any questions about today’s post please leave them in the comments below or email me at You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy.

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Friday Recap

Good Friday morning friends! Today is another Friday Recap, where I share my week through Instagram with you here on the blog.



This week was full of randomness. From sharing Valentines Day decor to launching my jewelry line with Dandelion’s in December. I hope you enjoy today’s post and all the details!!



For all of the details about our Valentines décor you can read it here Neutral Valentine’s Day Décor + DIY’s. I’ve truly been enjoying the simple little touches of Valentines day around our home. Its some how made it feel a bit sweeter around here. The décor and DIY’s I’ve shared in the post are super simple and you can have them all completed within a days time!! My favorite kind of DIY’s and decorating!!


I snagged this photo the other day and I have to tell y’all this made me think of spring and summer, all things green and blooming again. The sun streams into our bedroom so beautifully and during the summer its the most magical but this day I felt like I captured a tiny glimpse of that and it had me wishing for warmer temps.


Our dining room table never really gets much attention. Due to the chairs its usually hidden. The other day I moved all of the light furniture out of our dining/sitting room to mop and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a photo of the table the Mr. and I built over the summer, show it off a bit. We actually made this table using legs from another table I had gotten for free. We just built a new frame and top for the legs to attach to. Super easy and I love the way it turned out.


Oh our sitting room… its had a few new additions and I’m loving the way a few simple things have changed this space. Obsessed is putting it mildly. We added a new chair and side table from Ikea to the corner of this room where our Christmas tree sat. I received the small rug as a Christmas gift and its from RugsUSA. I just recently worked with Vintage Metal Co on adding metal words to my framed shiplap. (I’ll be doing a blog post soon on how you can make your own framed shiplap!!) I love love love the simple, organic, cozy feel of this room. Its officially my favorite.


Our entry table is the first little spot to have some spring touches added to it. I will be decorating our home for spring soon, just a few simple things here and there but I’ll be sure to get it all up here on the blog once I’m finished!!



The other night, after the Mr. got home I tried snagging some pictures around the house to share throughout the week on IG. I took the photos and without looking through them I put my camera away until the next morning, when I was scrolling through and found this gem. Of course there are dirty dishes in the background, the pendant light doesn’t have a shade, our kitchen is two different colors with close to 20 year old appliances, the coffee on the counter is getting cold…I care nothing about any of that. One day our kitchen will get the makeover we’ve been longing to give it but that’s not what’s most important here. The relationship seen right there, between father and daughter is what is most important in our home. I’m so very thankful that my husband takes time to continuously build the relationship he has with our daughters.


IMG_0754I’ve got the itch to make some more pillow covers!! Not to replace these, just more to add around our home and maybe some with a little more color!! If you missed my tutorial for Easy DIY Pillow Covers. I’ll keep you posted if I do and I’ll be sure to do a new post with the tutorial as well!!

IMG_4979 1

This week I was finally about to announce a fun thing I’ve been working on, my own jewelry line with Dandelion’s in December. Its been such a fun experience and I’ve been so excited to share it with y’all. It launched Wednesday and if you missed it you can read all about it here misDIY Jewelry Collection with Dandelions In December. Also in the post you’ll find a 20% off coupon code!!


That wraps up this week through Instagram, I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to see the photos I’ve shared there. If you have any questions about something you’ve seen today please leave them in the comments below or email me at Just like every Friday, I’ve shared a sneak peek of what I’ll be posting today.


~Happy Reading Friends

misDIY Jewelry Collection with Dandelions In December

Happy Wednesday friends! I’m excited to share today’s blog post about my collaboration with Dandelions In December and the little jewelry collection I’ve put together. ALSO a special code for my readers!!

IMG_4979 1

It doesn’t take much time following along with me and my blog or other social media (Instagram + Pinterest) to figure out that I LOVE DIY’s! They’re kind of my favorite thing and I love getting to share them with y’all! When I was approached by Sheila at Dandelions In December to work with her in creating my own collection of her jewelry I thought, how fun, creating something NEW. Plus it was a chance to work with a lovely Instagram friend and create pieces of jewelry that fit my style!


Photo by Dandelions In December


Another thing you may have picked up on while following along and getting to know me, is that I like things simple. I’m not fancy when it comes to my clothing, make-up or hair so it should come as no surprise that I chose simple pieces for this collaboration. I wanted pieces that I could wear if I was dressing up a little (because I don’t dress up a lot) and also pieces I could wear everyday!


Choosing the pieces for my collection was honestly a bit harder than I had imagined! I’d never done anything like this before!!! It was a challenge not seeing the pieces in person while trying to figure out what elements I wanted to use but Sheila made it so easy and I had tons of fun with it! I knew I wanted to design two bracelets, a pair of earrings and a necklace, pieces I wear often. I also knew I wanted one of the bracelets to display my word of the year, TIME.


I chose marble, wood, suede and bronze metal for the jewelry. Sticking with my love for whites and woods, vintage and simple. These pieces are also customizable as far as the wording. On the necklace its written ‘be still’ and I love having that reminder on a necklace close to my heart.



The suede and bronze bracelet is my ‘one word’ bracelet and I love pairing it with the marble beaded bracelet that has a simple marble and wood charm matching the earrings perfectly. I wanted all of the pieces to be worn together but I also wanted each piece to stand on its own if I chose to wear them separately.



Sheila has so many beautiful options in her shop Dandelions In December, I know that even if my style doesn’t fit your style, you’ll still be able to find a beautiful piece or two to add to your jewelry collection. I had a lot of fun creating something new, more with my brain than my hands this time. 😀 It was totally out of my comfort zone (taking photos of myself, WHAT?) but it was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I was able to do it!


I couldn’t miss adding of photo of sweet Miss Sadie


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, a little newness brought to the blog for y’all! Please take some time to visit Sheila’s shop Dandelions In December and check out all of her beautiful creations! She’s also been sweet enough to give me a sale code to share with all of my readers!!! Just use MISDIY20 at checkout for 20% off!! As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at!

~Happy Reading Friends