Best Snow Blower 2020 (UPDATED JUNE 2020)

Are you looking for the best snow blower to clear the annoying winter snow? In this article, we share the top snow blowers on the market.

Starting at number 1 we have the Snow Joe SJ623E.

The dimensions of this snow blower are 45 x 19 x 26 inches and it weighs around 34 pounds.

This versatile machine is perfect for those of you on a budget. Requiring no gas, oil or tune-ups it’s very easy to start up and maintain. This 15 amp electric snow blower will get rid of all the snow on your driveaway in no time.

This snow blower comes with a 4-blade steel auger and cuts 18 inches wide by 10 inches, this gives a deep pass through each time and clears large amounts of snow.

It has a directional chute that can be adjusted and aimed in whichever direction you choose. This will shoot the snow up to 25 feet away.

The powerful 15-amp motor can handle up to 720 pounds of snow per minute.

23-watt halogen light is included on the snowblower, so you can use it day or night. Do you work early and need this early in the morning before the sun comes up? Well, this snowblower should be great for you.

A universal chute clean-out tool is included with the machine to help you remove any snow build up.

At number 2 we have the Earthwise SN72018.

The dimensions of this machine are 44.5 x 18.5 x 40.5 inches and it weighs around 35 pounds.

Earthwise might not be a brand you recognize but they produce an amazing snowblower here in the SN72018.

With a 13.5 amp motor, this machine can move 700 pounds per minute of snow. Whether you need to clear your walkway, sidewalks, patio or driveway this beast has you covered.

With an 18-inch clearing width and a 30-inch snow throwing distance, it’ll have the snow off your driveway in no time.

You can easily adjust the chute up to 180 degrees to point the snow furthest away from you. Just like the previous snowblower we covered, this one also has LED spotlights, so it’s usable day or night.

With a comfortable ergonomic handle, it’s easy to maneuver and the dual blade auger makes easy work of large piles of snow.

At number 3 we have the Greenworks 2600502.

The dimensions of this snow blower are 31 x 21.6 x 37 inches.

This machine provides a powerful gas alternative snowblower and with a 13 amp motor it’s designed to clear snow out quickly.

It has a 10-inch clearing depth with a 20-inch clearing width helping you to work your way through large piles of snow effortlessly.

You can discharge snow up to 20 feet in distance with an adjustable directional chute, helping you manage the snow.

The 2600502 is easy to start up and is very simple to use.

This snow blower also has dual LED lights for better visibility whether it be night or day. The design is also something we like the look of with the sleek green and grey aesthetics.

At number 4 we have the WEN 5662 Blaster.

The dimensions of this snow blower are 40 x 18 x 37 inches and it weighs around 32 pounds.

The snowblower can handle up to 490 pounds of snow per minute which is a little less than our previous picks.

It can clear snow at a width of 18 inches and a depth of 7.8 inches.

With a powerful 13.5 amp motor its capable of throwing snow up to 20 feet away.

The real perks come with the wheels for this blower. It can get frustrating walking through snow and the blower getting stuck, but this machine has big 6-inch wheels that will make easy work of going over big patches of snow.

The chute like our previous picks is adjustable up to 180 degrees to help you clear the snow in whichever direction you choose.

At number 5 we have the Briggs & Stratton 1022ER.

The dimensions of this snow blower are 47.8 x 23.1 x 40.7 inches and it weighs around 93 pounds.

This machine has a convenient electric start which allows you to start it up even in -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

With an assist drive system, the auger will help you clear snow down to the pavement and this helps propel you forward, so no more getting stuck in big patches of snow.

With a 208cc engine, you can make easy work of getting through snow and shooting it far away with this beast of a machine. The chute can rotate on the go and expel the snow in whichever direction you choose.

The blower is built with maneuverability in mind, and its compact size makes it easy to control and move through tough terrain.

This machine is built to be strong and survive in the worst of conditions, so you can be rest assured that no matter how bad your snowstorm, the 1022ER will be able to handle it.

At number 6 we have the Snow Joe iON15SB-LT.

The dimensions of this blower are 42.1 x 34.9 x 17.1 inches and it weighs around 25.2 pounds.

Being a cordless snow blower, this machine functions off a battery and can handle a large amount of snow despite it not being powered directly from the mains.

It’s extremely versatile and similar to our top pick and it’s best suited for driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.

It has a clearing depth of 8 inches and a depth of 15 inches.

The chute is adjustable and can be directionally changed up to 180 degrees.

Alongside the core snow blower, you’ll need to get a lithium-ion battery to go along with it, to keep your machine powered up.

Snow Joe offers a great warranty support system and backs their products for up to 2 years from purchase, so if ever you have any issues they will be able to assist.

And for our final pick at number 7, we have the TACKLIFE snowblower.

The dimensions of this machine are 40.1 x 37 x 19.7 inches and it weighs around 37.9 pounds.

Boasting a powerful 15 amp motor, this snow blower can handle up to 800 pounds of snow per minute, which is the most in our video.

The rotatable chute can be directed in any direction you please and it throws snow up to 30 feet away.

The durable steel auger makes easy work of snow and it cuts 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep giving you a large clear with each pass. The auger is also covered in antifreeze rubber to extend the service life.

This snow blower is a great pick for those needing that extra power.

So that sums up the top snow blowers.