Best Selfie Stick 2020 (UPDATED MAY 2020)

Are you looking for the best selfie stick to take your photos? In this article we breakdown the top 10 selfie sticks.

At number 1 we have the UBeesize selfie stick.

This versatile selfie stick from UBeesize comes looking very slick in a glossy black metal finish with white lettering.

The UBeesize selfie stick is every photo-takers best friend as it is a two-in-one system that doubles as a selfie stick and a tripod. This is perfect for anyone looking to get the best possible picture in any situation.

This selfie stick is highly adaptable as well, it has a range of extension from 17.5 to 51-inches to give you maximum reach for stunning selfie shots.

The impressive length is even more useful when you pair it with the rotation this selfie stick has built-in. The neck can rotate 180-degrees, while the head can go the full 360-degrees to get a great picture at any angle.

It comes standard with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty so this selfie stick is going to be a great buy for any shutterbug.

At number 2 we have the Fugetek FT-569 selfie stick.

This professional-grade selfie stick from Fugetek has an all-black finish with logos in a basic white.

The Fugetek FT-569 is two pieces of equipment in one, as it can be used both as a selfie stick and also as a rock-solid tripod. As it is made from heavy-duty aluminum, this versatile companion will be able to go anywhere with you.

With this selfie stick, you get a very long reach, as it extends up to 51-inches and will collapse to be as short as 18-inches. You will be able to get just the shot you want with this handy tool.

If the major usability and durability were not enough, the FT-569 also has built-in Bluetooth technology. This is going to allow you to connect with your wireless devices and also use the handy remote control that is included with your purchase.

At number 3 we have the Ubeesize Tripod S selfie stick.

This is a very interesting looking selfie stick from Ubeesize that has three soft black legs that resemble an octopus or some other sea creature.

The Ubeesize Tripod S is capable of acting either as a tripod or selfie stick depending on your current needs. Its legs are made from metal that is then covered in rubber and foam for an easy to handle accessory.

It is among the largest of its kind on the market, as it can stand 10.6-inches, which makes it ideal for multiple applications.

The selfie stick comes with a wireless remote that is going to give you the freedom to take pictures from up to 30 feet away.

As well, this selfie stick has a universal mount adapter so you can use most major smartphones and digital cameras with it.

At number 4 we have the Erligpowht ZPG-01 selfie stick.

This selfie stick from Erligpowht looks fantastic with its metallic dark gray and polished silver color scheme.

It is a two-in-one photographer’s accessory that has the ability to be a selfie stick one moment and quickly switch to a tripod the next. This is thanks to the intelligent design that makes it so simple to use.

The selfie stick/tripod has a good range for various shots, as it will extend anywhere between 7.9 to 27-inches. This is going to ensure you get the perfect shot regardless of the type you are taking.

The head will rotate 225 degrees with the phone mount having a free range of 360 degrees. Pair this with the wireless remote with a 33-foot range, and you have a system that will enhance your photo-taking abilities in no time flat.

At number 5 we have the Bluehorn selfie stick.

Bluehorn has gone with an interesting look for its selfie stick. The tiered design has a glossy black base color with some white highlighting the top of each tier.

This selfie stick doubles as a tripod with its all-in-one design, and it is extremely durable as it is made from aluminum alloy.

The Bluehorn all-in-one selfie stick is extremely versatile as well, it has an extension range between 7.9 and 40-inches to ensure you always have the height and distance you require for the perfect picture.

They have made sure that this compact accessory is going to have everything you need. There is a wireless remote control with a range of 30-feet that also uses a lithium-ion battery to give you a lot of use before recharging.

It is also compatible with most major smartphones that run on Android or iOS systems.

At number 6 we have the BZE mini selfie stick.

This versatile and handy selfie stick from BZE comes in a fairly standard design of glossy black with white accenting.

It is made from strong and durable aluminum alloy to make sure it lasts you many years to come. It is a two-in-one accessory as well, as it can be used either as a selfie stick or a tripod.

The selfie stick has a lot of applications as it can extend anywhere from 8 to 40-inches, and it has a phone holder that has free 360-degree movement, plus a head that will rotate 180-degrees. Always get the angle you are looking for regardless of the type of picture you are taking.

Included with this purchase are a rechargeable wireless remote control and a standard USB cable. You are going to get everything you need to enhance your picture-taking experience.

At number 7 we have the Erligpowht SJJTZ-02 selfie stick.

This stylish selfie stick from Erligpowht has the same basic looks as its other models and a dark metallic gray and polished silver.

It is another 2-in-1 accessory that doubles as a selfie stick and a tripod, depending on your needs. It has a range of 7.9 to 27-inches, which is going to be plenty for most applications.

With its two-in-one capabilities, you can go from taking selfie shots to group photos in just seconds with its easy to use controls.

The phone holder can support up to 3.15-inches, which will fit most phones vertically, and it can rotate 360-degrees to give you any angle you require. As the head of the stick can also rotate 225-degrees, there is no picture too difficult.

The Erligpowht SJJTZ-02 is going to work with all newer Apple and Samsung phones, and the wireless remote will ensure the freedom to get the best shots possible.

At number 8 we have the Digiant selfie stick.

This lightweight selfie stick produce by Digiant looks great with an all-white finish and black highlights.

The selfie stick is made from a durable aluminum alloy which barely weighs a thing but will stay strong for many years. It has the ability to quickly switch to a tripod with a reach between 23 and 50-inches.

Its head is capable of three different angles of movement and also includes a bubble level indicator to ensure you are always on the level.

As it weighs under one pound, this versatile piece of equipment is going to be perfect for anyone who is traveling, hiking, camping, and more. This is made even more apparent with the handy carrying case that is designed to go anywhere you can think to take it.

At number 9 we have the Linkcool selfie stick.

Here we have another unique looking accessory with rounded octopus legs that are in white and black.

Linkcool wanted its selfie stick and tripod to stand out from the crowd, and the odd aesthetic does not take away from the great functionality. It is made from medical-grade ABS plastic with slip-resistant feet.

This selfie stick and tripod are going to be much more versatile than the average offering, as the specially designed legs can be manipulated to wrap around objects and also stand strong on uneven ground.

The Bluetooth remote that is included with the purchase has ultra-fast controls that can be accessed from up to 30 feet away.

Linkcool has designed its selfie stick with compatibility in mind. You can mount any phone or digital camera that you can think of and know that it will be safe and secure while you are using it.

At number 10 we have the Arkon MG2TRIXL selfie stick.

This selfie stick designed by Arkon has gone with the octopus-like design that is black with blue accents.

The selfie stick can also be used as a flexible tripod that can stand as tall as 11-inches, which makes it essential for photographers on the go.

It is ultra-lightweight and compact, so it is going to easily be packed and taken along for any adventure you can imagine.

THe MG2TRIXL has an extra-wide phone holder that measures 4-inches wide. This will ensure that even the newest and largest phones will comfortably fit on the mount. It also has a very handy quick-release button that will make your phone accessible with a light press of your finger.

While it is not the largest selfie stick and tripod combo on the market, it is very well-made and is going to be a no brainer at the price point.

So that sums up the top selfie sticks.