Best Mens Grooming Christmas Gifts 2020

Are you looking for the best mens grooming Christmas gifts? In our article today, we’ll share our top 10 finds for great Christmas gifts.

At number one, we have the Remington PG6025 All-in-One Beard Trimmer.

Remington PG6025This set of men’s essentials features 14 settings for all your grooming needs, with high-performance power. You will get 14 length options and many style settings from three attachment heads, three snap-on combs, and an adjustable comb.

There is a full-size trimmer, together with a nose, ear, and detail trimmer. The set also contains a detail shaver, eight different length hair clipper comb, and three snap-on beard and stubble combs. The full-size trimmer can be used with or without a comb, even to trim and clean up on your neckline, sideburns, and facial hair.

The blades are made of surgical steel, featuring a self-sharpening option for long-lasting precision and durability. All attachments are washable.

The cordless lithium battery allows for up to 70 minutes of use.

The box includes a storage pouch for travel.

At number two, we have the Dolce & Gabbana K for Men 3-Piece Gift Set.

Dolce & Gabbana K for MenK by Dolce & Gabbana is a perfume dedicated to the new era of masculinity. It’s the Italian countryside and the Mediterranean midday sun trapped in a bottle, spiced up with a citrus freshness in a zesty combination of blood orange and Sicilian lemon.

The top of this scent is crisp and masculine, edged by the fresh juniper berry. Noble cedarwood pulses in the middle to warm it up and provide a sensual vibe. The dash of clary sage adds freshness and blends smoothly with green vetiver and patchouli, transitioning to the base notes. Finally, to underline this seductive scent’s unique and assertive personality, there is a red hot spark of fiery pimiento essence with a red touch of heat.

The box contains one 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette, one 2.5 oz After Shave Balm, and a 0.33 oz Travel Spray.


At number three, we have the Manscaped Crop Essentials, Male Care Hygiene bundle.

MANSCAPED Crop EssentialsThis set of high-performance products is specially formulated for male hygiene needs, ensuring proper grooming and protection around the clock.

The full package of essentials makes grooming easy. This set includes a luxury body wash, together with conditioner, also a hand conditioner, an oil-free, anti-chafing ball deodorant, together with a one-of-a-kind body and ball toner refresher. The box includes a gift of a free Magic Mat, the unique mat for tidy shaving, as well as an essential bathroom read.

The Crop Cleanser is a uniquely formulated all-in-one, moisturizing utility wash for body and hair. It is infused with natural hydrators such as Aloe and sea salt, and designed to clean, refresh, and moisturize your skin.

The Crop Preserver is an oil-free, anti-chafing, ball deodorant. Infused with natural herbs, it’s formulated specifically for sensitive skin and highly active areas to promote hydration and replenishment.

The Crop Reviver is an all-over body toner formulated to refresh and provide high-performance friction control.


At number four, we have the Nautica Voyage by Nautica For Men.

Nautica VoyageCreated by Maurice Roucel and launched by the design house of Nautica as a casual-wear scent, this masculine fragrance is a sensual blend of apple, cedarwood, musk, amber, water lotus, green leaf, and mimosa notes. It’s green, fruity, slightly floral, and just a tiny bit powdery.

The Voyage is reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze, it smells like a weekend of sailing, and an afternoon under the lemon tree. It is designed for active men who live by their own rules.

A long-lasting scent opens with cool green leaf and indulging fresh-cut apple. The heart blends a “sailcloth accord”, a stimulating blend of deep aquatic elements, drenched mimosa, and water lotus. For the unmistakable manly vibe, the scent dries down to a woody, down-to-earth base with the mix of moss, cedarwood, musk, and amber.


At number five, we have the Crest + Scope Complete Whitening Toothpaste.

Crest + Scope Complete Whitening ToothpasteThis set allows you to get all the freshness of Scope packed in a toothpaste. Crest + Scope Complete Whitening Toothpaste is a superior mix of all benefits of Crest toothpaste with the addition of Scope sparkle. It will efficiently eliminate millions of harmful germs, and leave your breath feeling refreshed with a light scent of mint.

Regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste is highly beneficial. By slowing the breakdown of enamel, it helps prevent tooth decay. At the same time, it increases the rate of the remineralization process.

The Crest + Scope toothpaste is designed to fight cavities and tartar build-up. This teeth-whitening formula will gently remove all surface stains while helping whiten your teeth.

The Crest with Scope is the ultimate combination of clean and crisp that provides a full maintenance service to your mouth, to let you spark in every situation.


At number six, we have the NIVEA Men Active Clean Body Wash, Natural Charcoal.

NIVEA Men Active Clean Body WashThe Nivea Men active clean is a deep cleansing Charcoal-infused body wash that effectively draws out dirt, oil, and sweat. It cleans the skin pores like a magnet, leaving an 8-hour fresh scent behind.

This body wash deep cleanses your skin with the active power of natural charcoal. NIVEA MEN Active Clean Body Wash thoroughly releases dirt and debris from pores without drying the skin out. Natural charcoal attracts and binds impurities like a magnet to leave you feeling fresh, clean, and revitalized. Thanks to its calming properties, it also helps to relieve skin irritations.

The gentle but efficient formula is specifically crafted for men’s skin needs. The unique blend of Vanilla and Bourbon scents helps prevent body odour and remains on the skin long after the shower.

The Nivea Men Active Wash is dermatologically tested and suitable for any skin type.


At number seven, we have the American Crew Forming Cream.

American Crew Forming CreamThis forming cream comes from American Crew, a landmark in the history of men’s grooming. It’s a result of their commitment to empowering men through quality grooming practices and products.

American Crew Forming Cream provides medium hold and medium shine, suitable for all hair types. It supplies your hair with natural polish and a thicker appearance, allowing for excellent flexibility at the same time.

This easy-to-use hair product for men contains humectants like Sucrose and Lanolin Wax to condition, soften and protect the hair while providing movable hold. Glycerin swells the hair shaft to make it appear thicker. PVP Copolymer as a holding agent encourages firmness, giving full body to the hair.

The product is thick, so you only need to rub a small amount evenly between palms before working into damp or dry hair. Its water-based formula shampoos out easily without leaving residue.


At number eight, we have the Versace Pour Homme, 3 Piece Mini Gift Set.

Versace Pour HommeVersace Pour Homme is a modern version of the classic aromatic Fougere fragrance for men, introduced in 2008. This perfume is designed to reflect the spirit of a modern man. Its complex nature is confident, knowledgeable, and dynamic.

The Versace Pour Homme man is a masculine aroma with a passionate character. It opens with invigorating notes of bergamot, diamante citrus, bitter orange leaves and neroli flowers, bringing the full aura of Mediterranean freshness. The heart of Versace Pour Homme is floral, rich in clary sage, geranium and blue hyacinth, firmly anchored in cedar. The base is of tonka bean, amber and musk, deep and sensual base notes, with the essence of pure masculinity.

Versace Pour Homme three-piece gift set contains one mini bottle of 0.17 oz Eau De Toilette, one 0.8 oz Hair & Body Shampoo, and one 0.8 oz After Shave Balm 0.8, a travel-friendly combination also ideal for a gym bag.


At number nine, we have the Oral-B Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.

Oral-B Pro 1000The Oral-B PRO 1000 rechargeable electric toothbrush is designed to provide a clinically proven superior clean compared to a regular, manual toothbrush.

The professionally inspired form of a CrossAction brush head surrounds each tooth, allowing you to effortlessly reach every corner. Its bristles are angled at 16 degrees, oscillating, rotating, and pulsating in a 3D cleaning action, to break up and remove up plague. The multi-action brushing is up to 300% efficient in removing the debris along the gumline than a regular manual toothbrush.

The pressure sensor is featured for your safety, and acts to stop the pulsation movement if you brush too hard. A special mode, plus an in-handle timer, measures the time to help you brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes.

The Oral-B Pro Power Toothbrush is compatible with many replacement toothbrush heads: 3D White, Pro White, CrossAction, Precision Clean, Sensitive Clean, FlossAction, TriZone, Deep Sweep, Ortho, PowerTip, and Dual Clean.


At number ten, we have the L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent Gift Set.

L'Homme Yves Saint LaurentThis complex fragrance was launched in 2006, with as much as four experts standing behind its creation: Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye, Dominique Ropion and Juliette Karagueuzoglou. This composition is designed for a man in calm harmony with nature but also a dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit.

It opens with refreshing citrus top notes of ginger, bergamot and lemon. This light mix of scents develops into a warmer middle with spicy notes of white pepper, basil and violet leaf. A strong base is set with tonka bean, cedar, and exotic Tahitian vetiver.

The L’homme Yves Saint Laurent two-pieces gift set contains one 3.3 oz Eau de Toilette Spray, and one 3.3 oz All-Over Shower Gel.

So that sums up the top mens grooming Christmas gifts.