Best Inflatable Hot Tub 2020 (UPDATED APRIL 2020)

Are you looking for the best inflatable hot tub 2020 to put in your back garden? In our article today we will share our top 6 hot tubs we could find on the market.

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set.

The dimensions of this hot tub are 77 x 77 x 28 inches and it weighs around 87.2 pounds.

best inflatable hot tub

This inflatable hot tub provides an easy way to have your own personal hot tub in your back garden without getting one installed and built into decking.

The PureSpa has hard water treatment so you get a better experience and less dryness or irritation on your skin.

With an insulated cover, you’ll minimize heat loss and save yourself energy costs from heating. It also provides an extra safety feature.

To replace filter cartridges it’s very easy and only requires simple maintenance.

The capacity of this hot tub is 210 gallons of water and can hold up to 4 people.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub.

The dimensions of the SaluSpa are 77 x 77 x 28 inches and it weighs around 86 pounds. You can get this inflatable hot tub in 3 different color schemes, green & white, black, and orange.

This bubbling jacuzzi with powerful jets provides a great way to relax and get a soft massage on your back, shoulders, and neck after a long days work.

The SaluSpa is very easy to operate and use, the digital control panel is simple to control and you can adjust the temperature as well as the pressure of the jets. If you wish to save energy then you can use the power saving timer and it can automate it up to 72 hours prior.

The build is very durable and is made from PVC with an I-beam construction which ensures the stability and strength of the hot tub and makes sure it doesn’t lose its shape.

The setup and maintenance of this hot tub is very simple, you don’t need any extra tools. It just needs to be inflated or deflated with the pump that is included.

An insulated cover is also included to stop any dirt or droppings from falling in and to make sure the inflatable hot tub is safe.

Goplus 4-6 Person Portable Outdoor Spa.

The dimensions of this hot tub are 73 x 73 x 25.5 inches, although you can get it in a 6-person version that is slightly larger.

The omnidirectional bubble jets in this hot tub are great and allows you to get a full body massage whilst being comfortable. It’s fantastic for muscle pain, joint pain, stress, anxiety and more.

The heating function of this hot tub allows you to get it heated very quickly, the easy to use digital panel can be used to adjust the temperature, mode and more.

The Goplus hot tub is made from high-quality PVC, that’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It has great durability and built to last.

The filter of this hot tub can be removed and replaced with a new one, giving you great water quality.

The automatic inflation system on this hot tub will have it good to go in minutes and the handles allow for easy transportation so you can take this with you to friends’ homes.

Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub.

The dimensions of the Bestway Paris are 77 x 77 x 26 inches and it weighs around 76.1 pounds.

The digital control panel for this hot tub is on the inside, allowing you to control and change the water temperature, flow of the jets and adjust the power saving timers whilst being inside the tub.

The design of the Paris AirJet is made to offer the best structural stability whilst providing a great shape, regardless of how many times you inflate and then deflate it.

The setup of this hot tub is very simple and you don’t need any extra tools to do so. The inflation and deflation can be done with the pump provided.

A cool bonus feature is the 7 different changing colors of the LED lights included with the hot tub, this can you give you great ambient lighting and is a nice little touch.

ALEKO HTIR4GRW Round Inflatable Hot Tub.

The dimensions of the HTIR4GRW are 29 x 20 x 16 inches and it weighs around 59.9 pounds. Although we are covering the 4 person version in our video, you can also get this in different sizes such as a 2 person oval, 4 person square, 6 person round and 6 person square.

There’s also a wide variety of colors to choose from, some of our favorites are the light blue and white, brown and white, and dark blue.

This hot tub has a water capacity of 210 gallons and comfortably fits 4 people inside. It’s designed to help with joint and muscular pain and helps improve sleep, anxiety and stress reduction. It can also be used when you’re having a party and have some friends over.

The hot tub can heat up to a maximum temperature of 108 degrees, although the heating time does vary depending on the temperature of the water that you’ve put into the tub.

Bestway Hot Tub, Miami.

The dimensions of the Miami are 71 x 71 x 26 inches and it weighs around 53.9 pounds.

This hot tub will give you the ultimate spa experience and relaxes you with the bubble jets that help soak sore muscles and provide a great way to wind down after a long day at work or after a tough grueling gym session.

The water temperature can be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit with this hot tub and the jet flow can be customized through the digital control panel.

The hot tub is made to be puncture resistant and built to have superior strength and durability. The construction is made to never lose its shape even when people are sitting on the side walls. The portable hot tub is very easy to inflate or deflate with the pump included. You also get a cover to stop debris falling in and to stay safe.

So that sums up the top inflatable hot tubs.