Best Electric Bass Guitar 2020 (UPDATED JUNE 2020)

Are you looking for the best electric bass guitar to make some awesome music? In this article, we share the top 10 electric bass guitars.

Starting at number 1 we have the Yamaha TRBX174 RM.

The dimensions of the Yamaha TRBX174 are 47.8 x 17.9 x 3.7 inches and weighs exactly 12 pounds.

The Yamaha TRBX174 is a vintage style design bridge model with a mahogany body that Yamaha says represents incredible value and quality.

The TRBX range is precision engineered and makes use of craft heritage and advances in design and engineering to get a tone that users want.

The 174 is the budget model of the TRBX range yet Yamaha say the quality is what you expect from a Yamaha electric bass guitar.

One user claimed to have had a at least 4 bass guitars and claims the TRBX range was adjustable to the sound they wanted and found the controls sensitive.

Next at number 2 we have the Best Choice Products Acoustic Fretted.

The dimensions of the Best Choice Products Acoustic are 45.5 x 18.3 x 49 inches and it weighs around 6.61 pounds.

The Best Choice Products Acoustic is equipped with the EQ 7545R 4 band preamp bass, treble and presence equalizer featuring volume control built in which Best Choice says produces a high quality sound for both pros and beginners.

The wood composition of the Best Choice Products Acoustic is designed for rich sounds.

The inlay is attractive and features die cast chrome tuners.

Other features include gloss body and a cutaway design.

Next at number 3 we have the Goplus Electric Bass Guitar.

The dimensions of the Goplus Electric Bass Guitar are 49 x 11.5 x 27 inches and the unit weighs around 9.95 pounds.

The Goplus Electric Bass Guitar is constructed with a wooden body that is solid for free playing. The surface of the Goplus Electric Bass Guitar is polished and delivers a tone that is natural, bright and smooth for rock and roll and blues.

The Goplus Electric Bass Guitar features a travel bag that helps for easy carrying with zip enclosures for carrying accessories.

Accessories provided with the Goplus Electric Bass Guitar are the bag, shoulder strap, pick and amp cord.

There are three knobs on the Goplus Electric Bass, one controls the output volume, another the pickup tone and the third the output cord.

Features include a four saddle fixed bridge for precision on intonation, sustain and stability. A split single coil pickup delivers a smooth tone. The headstock has been upgraded and is made from maple for lightweight as well as raw finish.

Next at number 4 we have the Ibanez GSRM.

The dimensions of the Ibanez GSRM are 46 x 3 x 13 inches and weighs around 9.4 pounds.

The body of the Ibanez GSRM is mahogany with medium frets and a rosewood fingerboard.

Ibanez themselves described this as an “entry-level” guitar.

That said many customers say positive reports such as it being excellent value. Some users say that the strings that come with this bas are round wound style which sounds too metallic and scratchy.

Next at number 5 is the GLARRY which is marketed as having exquisite stylish bass.

The dimensions of the GLARRY are 44.1 x 12.6 x 0.8 inches and weigh 8.2 pounds.

GLARRY say that this bass guitar is made of superb wood and also has synthetic materials to give a specific sound.

We looked at the specifications and saw that the face, back and side panel were made of basswood, the neck was maple and the fingerboard rosewood. Tuning peg was made of metal as was the bridge but the nut was all plastic.

Next at number 6 is the Crescent Electric Bass Guitar.

The dimensions of the Crescent Electric Bass Guitar are 46 x 15 x 8 inches and weighs around 15 pounds.

The Crescent Electric Bass Guitar body is made of basswood. It is a 46 inch full size electric bass guitar.

Included with the Crescent Electric Bass Guitar is a bag for gigs, should strap, some extra strings, a crescent branded digital tuner and a pick.

The Crescent has 20 frets.

Some users felt that it is not a precision bass and that the frets are off so the whole guitar can not be well tuned.

Some users reported that the colour of the guitar they received did not look like the photos listed by Crescent.

Coming next at number 7 is the Squier by Fender Affinity Series.

The dimensions of the Squier by Fender are 50.5 x 15.3 x 3.8 inches and weighs around 11.5 pounds.

The Squier by Fender features a comfortable slim C shape neck profile, a 4 saddle bridge and a split single coil neck pickup and bridge pickup.

The tuning machines follow a vintage style and the neck finish is satin.

Some users say this guitar is phenomenal for the price.

Other users say their guitar arrived damages, scratches and dents, was not new and had lose screws.

Coming next at 8 is the Sunburst.

The dimensions of the Sunburst Electric Bass Guitar are 48.3 x 11.8 x 3.5 inches and it weighs around 9.8 pounds.

The pickup split on the Sunburst is P-B P/U and the body is made from basswood. You also get a gig bag, bass tuner that is a clip on as well as a carrying strap. The neck is made of maple.

We saw that 20 frets were listed.

Next at number 9 is the Sterling by Music Man StingRay.

The dimensions of the StingRay are 45 x 1.5 x 13.5 inches and weighs around 9 pounds.

The StingRay has a maple neck as well as fretboard with basswood body. It has a ceramic pickup, 2 band active preamp for treble, bass and volume and is inspected in the United States for final set up.

There is a humbucker pickup which drives sound through a active preamp with individual hi, low cut boost, volume controls which are mounted on chrome.

A 3+1 tuning key arrangement is considered ingenious as it gives straight sting pulls across the nut.

For 40 years these electric bass have a 6 bolt neck join and it continues with this model and the serial number is embossed on the neck plate.

This guitar follows a teardrop pickguard layout.

Some users say this guitar is good as a “real” stingray which cost a lot more money.

Other users report that they received this guitar in damaged condition or with cracked frames and false colours.

Finally at number 10 is the Donner DPB-510S.

The dimensions of the Donner DPB-510S are 49.1 x 16.3 x 4.7 inches and it weighs around 13.27 pounds.

A full sized electric bass that comes with all the accessories you need including gig bag, strap for the bass and cable.

Donner gives a 1 year warranty and claim to have world class customer support.

The fingerboard is made of ebony and the neck is from Canadian maple. The body is solid basswood and has p bass pickups.

On the body we have fine arches, turner keys made of chrome and bass strings that the manufacturer says are good quality. The pickguard is PVC and tuning pegs are from steel.

This guitar is considered to be affordably priced given the specifications are above basic.

This electric bass provides a natural bright sound. The neck shape is C.

This product got good ratings, in fact I couldn’t see much criticism of this guitar at all. Common things said about this guitar was that it represented great value that was “unbelievable”, others suggested it was a good pick for new bass electric guitar users.

One user said that they were actually in fact surprised by the quality of this bass given the price point and that is easily matched up to the Fender Squier in terms of quality.

So that sums up the top electric bass guitars.