Best Cat Tree 2020 (UPDATED JUNE 2020)

Are you looking for the best cat tree for your pet? In this article, we share the top 10 cat trees on the market.

Starting at number 1 we have the Nova Microdermabrasion Multi-Level Cat Tree.

It has the dimensions of 52.3in X 19.2in X 19.2in and it weighs 55lbs.

The cat tree is available in multiple colors which include beige, grey, and light grey.

It features multi-level platforms covered in plush materials for cats to rest on.

Natural sword hemp rope is added to it for cats to scratch on.

The eco-friendly material is known for its durability without fouling.

2 rooms or hideaways are available on the cat tree which both offer a plush lounging area.

The rooms are wide and they fit Orange cats, British Shorthair, or American Shorthair cats.

Scratching posts are available at every level to serve multiple cats.

Users can assemble the cat tree without any help following the illustrated instructions included in the pack.

At number 2 we have the Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree.

Is has the dimensions of 22in X 33in X 72in and it weighs 53lbs.

Based on a wooden frame, the cat tree comes with multi-level construction to fit one or multiple cats.

On every level, there are either platforms or rooms for the cat to sit on or play in.

15 platforms and 2 rooms are added to the tree.

All of these platforms are covered in plush materials for enhanced comfort.

Faux fur is used to enhance comfort both on the platforms and on the 2 rooms of the cat tree.

Apart from the platforms, cats can benefit from the added scratching posts.

Multiple posts are added at various heights for quick access.

The posts are sisal-covered and they’re known for the materials’ resilience with scratching.

When playtime is over, cats can take a quick nap in a room up in the cat tree without being disturbed.

At number 3 we have the Petmaker Cat Tree.

It has the dimensions of 19.5in X 19.5in X 27.5in and it has a weight of 15.6lbs.

The cat tree is made from durable particleboard.

It requires minimum assembly as it comes with 3 wooden poles and 3 platforms.

All of its parts are covered in plush polyester materials for better comfort.

One of the wooden poles also comes with materials that support scratching for kittens to play with.

The materials are available in tan-ivory and they can be vacuumed easily.

Spot cleaning and hand vacuuming are the main methods recommended for keeping the cat tree clean.

One of the platforms comes with jiggle toys inside.

Cats have fun buy trying to get the jingle toys out.

2 mouse string toys are also attached to the platforms for cats to play with once their nap time is over.

At number 4 we have the Yaheetech 51in Cat Tree Tower.

It has the dimensions of 20in X 20in X 51in and it has a weight of 28.9lbs.

Assembly is easy as all particleboards need to be put together according to instructions.

There’s a safety strap for users to anchor the cat tree to a wall.

The structure also benefits from a reinforced platform for extra stability.

A multi-level design has been implemented together with 2 hideaway house to cats to relax in.

Plush materials cover each platform and the hideaways.

These plus materials are available in multiple colors such as beige, grey, and navy blue.

2 interactive plush balls are hanged from the platform for cats to play with as well.

Most importantly, the high platform gives cats the impression of being on top of the world.

At number 5 we have the Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree.

It has the dimensions of 38in X 62in X 27in and it has a weight of 41lbs.

The materials of the cat tree are durable and they’re based on pressed wood platforms and supportive poles.

The plush faux finish is added to the platforms to make them soft and inviting for cats.

Raised edges on the platform offer extra support while taking a nap.

During the winter months, these plush materials covering the platforms also offer warmth.

Natural sisal ropes are added across the length of the supporting poles for scratching.

There’s a small ladder for cats to use to reach the first platform.

Sisal covers are added to this small ladder for extra versatility.

A small hammock is also included and it can be placed underneath the first platform for cats to relax in.

Both the hammock and the cat tree are available in colors such as beige, brown, blue, or black.

At number 6 we have the Zeny 53in Cat Tree.

It has the dimensions of 19in X 19in X 52.36in and it has a weight of 44lbs.

The multi-level tower combines simple platforms with relaxing hideaway rooms.

Small cat ladders are included to satisfy the cat’s natural climbing curiosity.

Plush soft-touch covers are added to the cat tree for cats to sniff and explore.

Not the entire surface of the tree is covered by soft materials as natural sisal rope is added for scratching.

The handmade natural sisal rope is known for its aid in better traction and improved climbing.

Sisal rope is also used at the bottom of the cat tree to create a supportive multi-purpose scratching post.

Made from particleboard, the cat tree assembled in minutes and it’s known for its weight and stability with various breeds.

At number 7 we have the AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Cave.

It has the dimensions of 22.8in X 18.1in X 28.9IN and it has a weight of 15.8lbs.

An enclosed cave is the centerpiece of the cat tree.

The cave and the 2 platforms are carpeted for a plush relaxed feel.

Rope pillars have been added to the structure to make it a bit easier to climb.

The pillars can also be used by cats to sharpen and condition their nails.

The highest platform is the best place for enhanced visibility and it is easy to climb to for cats from the lower platform.

The cat tree is now available in multiple designs from small to multi-cave alternatives.

Some of the most complex cat tree alternatives are made for households with multiple cats to accommodate all of them during playtime.

All of these versions are available either in beige or grey to match a certain room or the carpets in a room.

At number 8 we have the Wiki Cat Tree Scratching Toy Activity Centre.

It has the dimensions of 25.9in X 16.14in X 35.42in and it weighs 17.7lbs.

The multi-platform cat tree includes hideaways, open platforms and supportive baskets for sleeping.

All of them are covered in thick faux fur for enhanced comfort.

Spacious for one or multiple cats, the activity center is easy to climb.

Cats can jump from one platform to another until they reach their highest point.

A replaceable mouse ball can be hanged from any of these platforms for cats to play with.

At number 9 we have the Furhaven Pet Cat Tree.

Is has the dimensions of 69.3in X 19.7in X 19.7in and it weighs 42lbs.

Based on quick assembly, the tower is available in multiple colors made to match the room it’s going to sit in.

Multiple levels with platforms and hideaways are added to the cat tree.

Scratching posts are added from the bottom up to the highest platform for cats to scratch and to help them climb faster.

Sisal is used to create the scratching posts offering eco-friendly materials for the cat tree.

The material is known for its biodegradable nature that further reduces the impact of cats’ toys on the environment.

Faux-covered ladders are added for cats who don’t feel like jumping offering the same plush feel with the platforms they connect.

One of the platforms incorporates a rare cat-IQ box with integrated balls.

Cats have to find creative methods of getting the balls out which can keep them busy for minutes or hours.

Dangling toys such as a bouncy puff ball wand are added to keep cats busy for longer.

At number 10 we have the Pawz Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Tower.

It has the dimensions of 17.7in X 19.7in X 33.9in and it weighs 25lbs.

It features 2 cozy hideaways covered in felt and plush for better support.

2 fully-covered scratching posts are added to the cat tree to meet the natural urge to scratch.

Natural sisal is used on the poles for increased durability.

The cat tree also features a top sleeping platform with the best views.

Installation is not complicated as both the gray and the beige cat trees assemble similarly in minutes.

The most important piece of the cat tree is the wooden bottom piece which is thicker and which balances the construction for extra stability.

Cats can have fun on the construction and they can always enjoy a fresh clean play area.

The top cover is removable and it can be cleaned with laundry in the washing machine.

Fuzzy balls are added for cats to play with.

Thee fuzzy balls are also removable and machine-washable.

So that sums up the top cat trees.