Best Bolt Cutters 2020 (UPDATED JUNE 2020)

Are you looking for the best bolt cutters to cut your way through tough objects? In this article, we share the top bolt cutters on the market.

At number 1 we have the Tekton 3386.

These impressive bolt cutters from Tekton come with a bright red handle with a black logo and black finish on the metal.

The Tekton 3386 is an eight-inch set of bolt cutters that have a cutting blade made from forged and hardened steel alloy to give you the strength you need to get the job done. They can cut anything from bolts to threaded rods up to 3/16ths of an inch in width.

They have also ensured durability with rolled steel for the handles. These handles also have non-slip rubber on the outside to give you a better grip and less stress on your hands.

To give you an easier time cutting those really tough bolts, the hinge uses a compound design to give you more power with less pressure required.

Tekton has designed a superior pair of bolt cutters, and for under $15, this may just be the most cost-effective tool in your toolbox.

At number 2 we have the Workpro W017004A.

These unique looking bolt cutters from Workpro comes with bright red and blue handles, with black and silver on the metallic components.

The Workpro 017004A is a 14-inch set of cutters that have jaws made from drop forged chrome molybdenum steel jaws with a powder coating that is going to make it seem like you are using a hot knife and butter. These jaws are built to stay sharp and last you for years to come.

For your safety and comfort, the handles have a non-slip bi-material for the outside portion that is ergonomically designed for less stress on your hands and forearms.

These bolt cutters from Workpro are able to cut through bolts, chains, wires, and more up to 3/16ths of an inch in width. This is thanks to the compound action that will allow you to give tremendous force with minimal effort.

At number 3 we have the Knipex Tools 71-12-200.

The Knipex Tools 71-12-200 comes looking a bit like Spiderman would use them in bright red with blue accents.

When you purchase these bolt cutters from Knipex Tools you will be getting a highly efficient set that measures eight-inches. They have used hardened steel for the jaws with a rating of 64 Rockwell Hardness and a rivet that is actually forged directly into the tool.

The jaws are paired with a lever-action cutting mechanism that will increase any force applied to it 20 times over. This is going to ensure you have enough strength to get through any wire a quarter-inch or smaller.

Knipex Tools has also included a handy grip inside the jaws that will allow you to quickly pull nails and wires that need to go.

At number 4 we have the Olympia Tools 39-118.

This pair of bolt cutters manufactured by Olympia Tools looks fairly industrial with a bright yellow base color and black highlights.

The Olympia Tools 39-118 is an 18-inch set of bolt and wire cutters that are extra-long to get leverage and spacing where needed. They have a set of jaws made from drop forged and heat-treated steel that will stay sharp and keep working under immense pressure.

They have spent a lot of time thinking about the handles of these bolt cutters. They are non-slip and ergonomic for a stress-free experience. As well, they can fold within themselves to give you better portability.

These heavy-duty bolt cutters are going to allow you to get some of the toughest cutting jobs done with ease. Cut through bolts, locks, wires, and much more with the confidence that only a quality tool will give you.

At number 5 we have the Capri Tools CP40209 Klinge.

This is a stylish looking pair of mini bolt cutters from Capri Tools that come with bright aqua and black color pattern.

The Capri Tools CP40209 Klinge is an eight-inch set of bolt cutters that give you tons of cutting power in one tiny little package. With blades made from Chrome Molybdenum, you can be sure that they are going to be durable and strong.

They have designed the CP40209 Klinge with a higher point of leverage to give you even more power with less effort. This means that bolts and wires are not going to stand a chance when coming up against this little powerhouse.

The grips have also been a major area of design, and they are ergonomic and non-slip to make you more comfortable while you work.

Add in a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer, and you have a set of bolt cutters that are worth it.

So that sums up the top bolt cutters.