Friday Recap

Good Friday morning! It’s another Friday Recap here on the blog where I bring my week over from Instagram and share all the details with you!!


I love our piano, that’s no surprise to most of you and it gets a lot of attention from my followers as well. I always get asked if I painted it myself and what paint I used. I did paint it myself and  it was much easier that I had expected it to be. For this piece I chose to use Stone Age in the Repurpose line by Cari Cucksey. I absolutely love this paint for projects and the finish is perfect!! The blessed sign is one of my favorites, its from Vine and Branches, the letter board is from Letter Folk and the canvas painting is from Deann Art.


Our master bedroom mantle received a little love shortly after Christmas. I re-painted it using the same color on our bedroom walls and floor, bistro white by Valspar. My all time favorite white for everything!! The candle sticks are from Ikea and this gorgeous 3d wood sign is from Harper Grace Signs.


If you’ve been following for awhile or even the last couple of months you may be noticing that I’ve started to add lots of greens back into our home. Tiny steps towards Spring and today I think I’m going to really tackle the spring vibes around here. I’m so ready for warmer weather and all things green and growing again!


I went back to my roots this week, back to where it all started and I finally refinished this little table that I’d stashed in our basement for about a year now! It was fun transforming a piece of furniture again, something I haven’t done since summer. I love the way it turned out, fresh and clean, like new again.


Our chickens are still laying these beautiful eggs and I’m so very thankful for the little egg gathering every day! I’m always amazed by the variation of size and color… each one different but still all the same. Its a beautiful thing when you put them all together.


I’ve gotten a lot of questions after posting this photo about where the vase is from. Wellllll double duty its actually a canister. I just stashed the lid while I was using it to hold the flowers. 🙂 Also to mention, all of the greens and these flowers are from Trader Joes. I love their flower selection, so pretty and affordable.


Our entry way, I’m not sure if you’ve all seen the addition to my framed shiplap or not but these metal words are from Vintage Metal Co. and they are perfection! They’ve changed the look of this space so much and I’m truly obsessed with it! I love the warm, cozy natural feel of this space.


That’s a wrap friends, my favorite way, short and sweet! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little recap today and as always, if you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments below or email me at You can always follow along with me on Instagram (and/or Pinterest) @misdiy!! Below I’ve included a sneak peak of today for y’all!!


~Happy Reading Friends



The Forgotten Piece

If the title made you think this would be a dramatic story with a happy ending… well its not too dramatic but there is a happy ending for this little table you could say! 😉


I often find random pieces that I think, ‘oh, I could totally do something with that!’ Or ‘how sad this piece is throw out when a little bit of elbow grease and paint could make it brand new again.’ I’m the gal that stops along the road and puts curb side finds in her car… that crazy lady! In my defense I’m not as bad as I use to be but with saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with picking up something that someone else no longer wants or needs, especially if its sitting out on the curb! I’ve even knocked on doors to ask permission. I use to do this often when the Mr. and I were first married, living on a very tiny budget and expecting our first child roughly 9 months into our marriage. Yea it happened quick and I wanted to make a home for us as quickly as possible but again, tiny budget. So I thrifted, DIYed and yes found pieces of furniture along the curb to fix up and use!! It was a constant treasure hunt and I loved it.

About a year ago I picked up this little table from the thrift store and stuck it in our basement. Totally forgotten about… until I was cleaning the basement the other day and decided it was time to give it the makeover it deserved! I have to warn y’all, the before pictures are a little rough but you’ll get the idea!




It was in bad shape! The veneer was peeling terribly so I removed all of the loose pieces and sanded it smooth. I then gave it a good wipe down to remove any dirt and grease that had built up. Then came the decision of paint color… well, y’all know I love white and white furniture is just about my favorite! I chose to use some left over Bistro White on this piece.



The hardest part about this piece was painting the details but that’s what makes it all worth it in the end!! I used a 4″ foam roller everywhere that I could reach with it. Then I used a small foam brush for the touchups and hard to reach spots.


I absolutely love the way this piece turned out. The white paint highlights the details so perfectly. I’m always to amazed with how a little bit of paint can totally change the look of something! I did decide to do a light distressing on this piece just to give it a little ‘loved’ look and to help break up the white a bit.


You won’t be seeing this piece in our home, we have no need for it, and trust me I tried to find a need! Lol But I’m so happy that it will be going to someone else to bring them a little happiness! I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little makeover of the forgotten piece. I hope it inspires you to find a piece you need in your home that maybe just needs a little love!! Its truly so rewarding to flip or makeover a piece of furniture! Probably one of my favorite things to do! If you’ve been following for awhile now you’ve probably noticed that! Our t.v. console was an old buffet, we have a coffee table that use to be an old cedar chest and our dining room table was built with legs from a table that was being given away! Maybe you have a piece you’ve been thinking about tossing because you just don’t love it anymore… try a little paint!


As always, if you have any questions about today’s post please leave them in the comments below or email me at You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy.

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Friday Recap

Good Friday morning friends! Today is another Friday Recap, where I share my week through Instagram with you here on the blog.



This week was full of randomness. From sharing Valentines Day decor to launching my jewelry line with Dandelion’s in December. I hope you enjoy today’s post and all the details!!



For all of the details about our Valentines décor you can read it here Neutral Valentine’s Day Décor + DIY’s. I’ve truly been enjoying the simple little touches of Valentines day around our home. Its some how made it feel a bit sweeter around here. The décor and DIY’s I’ve shared in the post are super simple and you can have them all completed within a days time!! My favorite kind of DIY’s and decorating!!


I snagged this photo the other day and I have to tell y’all this made me think of spring and summer, all things green and blooming again. The sun streams into our bedroom so beautifully and during the summer its the most magical but this day I felt like I captured a tiny glimpse of that and it had me wishing for warmer temps.


Our dining room table never really gets much attention. Due to the chairs its usually hidden. The other day I moved all of the light furniture out of our dining/sitting room to mop and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a photo of the table the Mr. and I built over the summer, show it off a bit. We actually made this table using legs from another table I had gotten for free. We just built a new frame and top for the legs to attach to. Super easy and I love the way it turned out.


Oh our sitting room… its had a few new additions and I’m loving the way a few simple things have changed this space. Obsessed is putting it mildly. We added a new chair and side table from Ikea to the corner of this room where our Christmas tree sat. I received the small rug as a Christmas gift and its from RugsUSA. I just recently worked with Vintage Metal Co on adding metal words to my framed shiplap. (I’ll be doing a blog post soon on how you can make your own framed shiplap!!) I love love love the simple, organic, cozy feel of this room. Its officially my favorite.


Our entry table is the first little spot to have some spring touches added to it. I will be decorating our home for spring soon, just a few simple things here and there but I’ll be sure to get it all up here on the blog once I’m finished!!



The other night, after the Mr. got home I tried snagging some pictures around the house to share throughout the week on IG. I took the photos and without looking through them I put my camera away until the next morning, when I was scrolling through and found this gem. Of course there are dirty dishes in the background, the pendant light doesn’t have a shade, our kitchen is two different colors with close to 20 year old appliances, the coffee on the counter is getting cold…I care nothing about any of that. One day our kitchen will get the makeover we’ve been longing to give it but that’s not what’s most important here. The relationship seen right there, between father and daughter is what is most important in our home. I’m so very thankful that my husband takes time to continuously build the relationship he has with our daughters.


IMG_0754I’ve got the itch to make some more pillow covers!! Not to replace these, just more to add around our home and maybe some with a little more color!! If you missed my tutorial for Easy DIY Pillow Covers. I’ll keep you posted if I do and I’ll be sure to do a new post with the tutorial as well!!

IMG_4979 1

This week I was finally about to announce a fun thing I’ve been working on, my own jewelry line with Dandelion’s in December. Its been such a fun experience and I’ve been so excited to share it with y’all. It launched Wednesday and if you missed it you can read all about it here misDIY Jewelry Collection with Dandelions In December. Also in the post you’ll find a 20% off coupon code!!


That wraps up this week through Instagram, I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to see the photos I’ve shared there. If you have any questions about something you’ve seen today please leave them in the comments below or email me at Just like every Friday, I’ve shared a sneak peek of what I’ll be posting today.


~Happy Reading Friends

misDIY Jewelry Collection with Dandelions In December

Happy Wednesday friends! I’m excited to share today’s blog post about my collaboration with Dandelions In December and the little jewelry collection I’ve put together. ALSO a special code for my readers!!

IMG_4979 1

It doesn’t take much time following along with me and my blog or other social media (Instagram + Pinterest) to figure out that I LOVE DIY’s! They’re kind of my favorite thing and I love getting to share them with y’all! When I was approached by Sheila at Dandelions In December to work with her in creating my own collection of her jewelry I thought, how fun, creating something NEW. Plus it was a chance to work with a lovely Instagram friend and create pieces of jewelry that fit my style!


Photo by Dandelions In December


Another thing you may have picked up on while following along and getting to know me, is that I like things simple. I’m not fancy when it comes to my clothing, make-up or hair so it should come as no surprise that I chose simple pieces for this collaboration. I wanted pieces that I could wear if I was dressing up a little (because I don’t dress up a lot) and also pieces I could wear everyday!


Choosing the pieces for my collection was honestly a bit harder than I had imagined! I’d never done anything like this before!!! It was a challenge not seeing the pieces in person while trying to figure out what elements I wanted to use but Sheila made it so easy and I had tons of fun with it! I knew I wanted to design two bracelets, a pair of earrings and a necklace, pieces I wear often. I also knew I wanted one of the bracelets to display my word of the year, TIME.


I chose marble, wood, suede and bronze metal for the jewelry. Sticking with my love for whites and woods, vintage and simple. These pieces are also customizable as far as the wording. On the necklace its written ‘be still’ and I love having that reminder on a necklace close to my heart.



The suede and bronze bracelet is my ‘one word’ bracelet and I love pairing it with the marble beaded bracelet that has a simple marble and wood charm matching the earrings perfectly. I wanted all of the pieces to be worn together but I also wanted each piece to stand on its own if I chose to wear them separately.



Sheila has so many beautiful options in her shop Dandelions In December, I know that even if my style doesn’t fit your style, you’ll still be able to find a beautiful piece or two to add to your jewelry collection. I had a lot of fun creating something new, more with my brain than my hands this time. 😀 It was totally out of my comfort zone (taking photos of myself, WHAT?) but it was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I was able to do it!


I couldn’t miss adding of photo of sweet Miss Sadie


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, a little newness brought to the blog for y’all! Please take some time to visit Sheila’s shop Dandelions In December and check out all of her beautiful creations! She’s also been sweet enough to give me a sale code to share with all of my readers!!! Just use MISDIY20 at checkout for 20% off!! As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at!

~Happy Reading Friends

Friday Recap

Good Friday morning friends! It’s the end of the week and time for another Friday Recap where I bring the photos I’ve shared on Instagram this week to the blog and talk all about them!


Can we talk about the fact that it’s finally February. January felt like the longest month for some strange reason. I would say its just me feeling that way but I have seen and heard so many people talking about feeling the same way. So HELLO February!!!This week on Instagram I’ve shared a lot about our home being decorated for Valentine’s day. Not something I usually do but this year I thought it would be fun to add a few simple touches.


Our master bedroom was one room that did not receive any holiday décor. I did add this new pillow cover (its since been moved) that I made with fabric from Hobby Lobby, so easy and fun. You can read how to make your own easy pillow covers here Easy DIY Pillow Covers. Our master bedroom is one of the rooms I get the MOST questions about. The rug is from RugsUSA (I can’t give you the specific name because they’ve changed it at least twice now), the bed and white/black throw are from Target. The lights were a DIY you can read about here DIY Farmhouse Pendant Lights and our dressers/night stands were an Ikea hack you can read about here Our Rast Dresser Ikea Hack & an awesome GIVEAWAY!!.


Most of you know by now, every detail of this space. Its our family room and its very well-loved. Our couches are from Ikea, they are slipcover couches so I wash away all the dirt! 🙂 The shelving was a DIY project using 1×10″ pine boards and L brackets that I painted black. The small pillow covers were a DIY and the large ones are from Ikea. The lamp and wicker tray are from Target. I love keeping a super relaxed and cozy feel in this space because it’s where we spend most of our time. We nap here, play board games here, have carpet picnics and movie nights… its where all of the family things happen.


As mentioned I decorated our home for Valentine’s day this week and I shared it all here on the blog. I kept our décor very simple, neutral and mostly DIY. The fresh flowers (90% of the time) are from Trader Joes and the little tea towel is from Target. The table ‘runner’ is an old cabinet door that I painted white!


Here are a couple of the little DIY projects I shared in my Neutral Valentine’s Day Décor + DIY’s. These signs were so simple to create and the garland was made using things I had in the pantry.


I shared this photo of our littlest on Wednesday, my heart has been so heavy with sad news that has hit close to home. Cancer, a child taking their own life… it all just breaks my heart. We need to be kinder to each other, to ourselves and love harder my friends. Tomorrow is never promised and we MUST make the most of TODAY! When I look at this photo it pulls at my heart-strings, to know that right now our girls so young and innocent see the world as nothing more than a beautiful place filled with Gods creations, a playground and daily adventure. They don’t yet see the darkness that’s hiding and the evil in the shadows. I pray that we can teach them to ALWAYS find the beauty and to trust that Gods promises are greater than the darkness we see in the world.



More of our Valentine’s Day décor, again very simple. For our mantle I used an old crock I had, filled it with eucalyptus from, you guess it, trader Joes added two DIY garlands along with this pompom garland I’ve had for a couple of years and our iron letters from Journey Iron. The brass candle sticks were a thrifted find.


That wraps up this week my friends. As always if you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments below or email me at You can also find me on Pinterest and Instagram @misdiy.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what you can see on Instagram today!

~Happy Reading Friends

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Neutral Valentine’s Day Décor + DIY’s

Good Tuesday morning! Fun Fact: I’m not one to really decorate for every holiday. Christmas is a must along with Forth of July, Easter is Spring décor which I love and Fall is my favorite, but aside from those holidays I don’t usually decorate. Yet for some reason this year, I decided to add some simple Valentines Day touches around our home and of course it involved some DIY’s.


It still feels like we were just celebrating Christmas but at the same time it does feel like it was so long ago. These days always seem to drag by but the months pass too quickly. I think that’s part of the reason I decided to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year. If you remember reading about My One Word for 2018 you’ll remember that the word I chose was TIME (again). I’m trying to be intentional with my time and enjoy my time more. So for me that also means enjoying every season, cold or hot. Valentine’s Day also happens to be the Mr.’s birthday and our anniversary is the same month as well. February is a great month and should be celebrated! 😉


When I decided I wanted to add Valentine’s Day to our home I knew instantly that I would keep it simple, neutral and DIY what I could to save money. I love decorating our home and adding holiday décor but let’s be honest, it can be EXPENSIVE! So I always try to add in some fun DIY projects and use what I already have in our home to create the feel I want to achieve.


Our mantel in the sitting room is always so fun for me to decorate and I love trying new pieces in this space. A challenge is always fun right?! For this space I created 2 garlands. One using the recipe I’ve shared here DIY Candle Holders + Christmas Trees. I found a package of heart cookie cutters at Wal-Mart for $.98 and I used the two smallest sizes for my clay hearts. Once they were finished I simply hot glued them to some yarn I had on hand. The other garland was made using vellum I picked up at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. To cut the hearts I used my circuit. If you do not have a cutting machine you could use your cookie cutter to trace the shape and cut them by hand. To string the hearts I simple used a thick thread and needle. The pom-pom garland I’ve had for a couple of years now from Barb at Happy Home Happy Life.


I also added this crock I had on hand with some eucalyptus from Trader Joes for $2.99, our metal letters from Journey Iron and my brass candle holders. It’s very simple but it creates a sweet romantic feel.



The corner of our sitting room has undergone a few changes and its quickly becoming my favorite sweet spot in our home. We picked up this new chair and side table from Ikea and its completely changed the feel of this space! I had some faux flowers that I’d picked up from Hobby Lobby last year and added them to this white pitcher. The wood heart is from Rustic Occasions and the Stay Awhile sign is from Down Grace Lane, one of my all time favorites.


IMG_4754I absolutely love the sweetness in our home right now. Its simple but there’s no mistaking that its ready for the holiday. Of course I’ve kept things cozy with lots of blankets, added candles and I think that’s a must. This space has become our favorite room to have Mr. and Mrs. time in. Right in front of the fire, under a blanket with a cup of coffee snuggled in together!


Our dining room was another area that I added a few touches too. The fresh flowers were $3.99 at Trader Joes and I placed them in one of my canisters. I also added another heart garland in this space. Again keeping it simple but festive!




I couldn’t leave out our family room. It’s the one room we spend the most time in so naturally I had to add a little something in this space as well. I made a third garland using only the larger clay hearts and I whipped up a couple of signs!


For my neutral Valentine’s Day signs I wanted to keep it… simple. You guys are catching on ;-). Not only simple for the décor but also for the DIY. We actually have a small scrap wood pile that I get lucky enough to find the right pieces in every now and then, and this time I was lucky enough to find two of the exact size I wanted. To make these signs you’ll need two square pieces cut to size, paint, a paint marker, 1×2″ board for framing, modge podge, paint brushes and a piece of heart or Valentines Day inspired paper.


I painted the larger board using a white paint I have on hand and then I used a black paint marker once it dried to write ‘I love you’ over the entire piece. For the smaller board I simply used modge podge to attach a piece of black and white heart paper I found at Hobby Lobby. These signs don’t have to be framed if that’s a step you’d like to skip, I just prefer the finished look the frame gives the sign. For the frame you’ll measure two sides exact length and the other two sides you will measure with 2 pieces of the 1×2 on the board. As you can see in the photo shown, as far as the top or sides being the longer sides, I don’t really have a preference, just however it gets assembles by the Mr. And yes he attached my frames because I would run a nail right through the front of the sign! lol


That’s it for this Neutral Valentine’s Day Décor + DIY’s post! I hope you’ve all enjoyed it and if you haven’t started decorating yet, I hope this inspires you to add a few small touches to your home. These DIY’s I’ve shared today were done in just over two days, because it was the weekend and life. If you wanted to tackle them in a day, you totally could. They’re that easy!!! As always, if you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments section below or feel free to email me at I’ve also attached a couple of images below if you’d like to pin them to save this post for later!

~Happy Reading Friends

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IMG_4754 1


Friday Recap

Good Friday morning Sunday afternoon!! Its another Friday Recap where I bring the photos I’ve shared on Instagram this week over here to the blog and talk a little more about them in detail!! I always enjoy these Friday Recaps because it gives me a chance to share more around our home than what I sometimes do here on the blog in my tours and DIY posts.


This week I shared the new pillow covers I made using an Ikea table cloth. WHAT?! I know… here’s the thing. We were snowed in for a week, our closest anything good is 45 minutes away and I REALLY wanted new pillow covers! You can read all about them in my post What I Made using an Ikea Table Cloth.


I also shared our dining room and the makeover it recently received! Farmhouse Style Dining Room Makeover I get a lot of questions about these greens and I actually found them at the grocery store Kroger’s! I absolutely love them and I will be sad when they wilt away!


Our bedroom no longer looks this way, I’ve removed the greens and the orange garland but you can see more of our winter bedroom here Winter Home Tour. The wooden tray on our bed was a super easy DIY you can read about here DIY Wooden Tray.



Our dining room makeover/refresh has been one of my favorites so far this year. Still early in 2018 I know but I love the transformation and I can finally say I’m happy with this space! We still need a rug and we need to build a bench for the table but we’ll get to those things soon enough! You can read all about this little makeover here Farmhouse Style Dining Room Makeover.



Still loving our open shelving in the family room! The photo on the top is from Shutter Tree Photos, the gold frames on the second shelf are from Target’s Hearth and Hand line. I still need to get some photos in those… lol. The wall (which I need to blog about) was done using WEaber Lumber, a product you can find at Home Depot! The gorgeous round is from AvaBerry Lane!


This cuteness, I can’t even handle. This is our sweet girl Sadie! I may have to do a blog post to introduce her to y’all better but we had a fun little photo shoot with her and she’s seriously the sweetest!!!


This was a little throw back to summer and our entry way! The sign is from Downgrade Lane signs, the bench was a DIY and the basket was a tariffed find!


The snow… oh we got so much snow! I couldn’t help but take some pictures of it! I absolutely love our property covered in these freezing beauty!


If you missed my post How ‘I’ Stay Organized I talked about this amazing planner from Heart of the Farm Planner and how I stay organized! This was earlier in the week when I was trying to get all of my meals and blog posts together!


This fiddle leaf fig is out of control y’all!! I get a lot of questions about my fiddle leave figs and how I get them to grow. I plan to do a blog post soon but warm water and sunlight are very important.


Our entry way got a little love this week. I found this adorable fishing basket at our local thrift store for $3 and knew it had to hang in this space! Thrifting is my favorite and finds like this are why I do love it!



That wraps up this week. I hope you all enjoyed seeing my week through Instagram in this Friday Recap. As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at

~Happy Reading Friends


Farmhouse Style Dining Room Makeover

Our dining room has been through many changes over the last two years and I think its safe to say I’ve finally found a sweet spot for it.


If you’ve followed along for a while now you have seen the process and journey we’ve taken with our dining room. I remember when we first moved in I KNEW I wanted open shelving. I’ve loved it from the very beginning, so we did open shelving in our dining room using black steel pipe. We also still had our very first dining room table that the Mr. and I built together (now in our home school room) and we built a shelving unit for the space as well. I remember enjoying the space but it never felt ‘right’. I styled these shelves over and over and still something always felt off.



Our dining room kept the industrial/rustic look for just over a year and I was ready for a change. I wanted our shelving to be ‘less chunky’, I believe were the words I used. It just felt too heavy in the space if that makes sense. So the next time we were at Ikea we grabbed a few of their brackets that are $5 each. Originally I wanted a natural wood bracket but they were all out and since I’m not one to be patient when it comes to projects I grabbed black. We also switched our shelves from 2x’s to 1x’s. They no longer felt heavy in the space. I also gave our dining and sitting room a fresh coat of paint using Bistro White. My favorite white paint color if you’ve ever wondered!


We also built a new table. This table is a bit different from the one we first built. Our first table we used 4×4’s for the legs and we built the entire table. For our new table we actually used the legs off of a table I scored for free! We just built a new frame to attach the legs to and added a top! It was very easy and I love the look of it. When we built this table we built it to be a tad longer and more narrow. Again making the space feel less heavy but still providing the seating that we need.


I think it was around fall time when I started to get the itch to paint our shelving white, y’all know I love white. I tried just painting the brackets white to help lighten up the space but I had a feeling that wouldn’t be enough.


I’ve mentioned before that after Christmas I like to refresh a couple of spaces in our home, well since the desire to paint the opening shelving in the dining room wasn’t going away I decided this space would be the space I put a little more time into. And here I am sharing our little farmhouse style dining room makeover.


This little makeover was very simple. Some paint for the shelves a $30 light spray painted and some fun shelf styling was all it took! I don’t normally ‘define’ our home or décor as one style but when I really sit down and think about how I decorate our home and the process, farmhouse is usually where I land. Now, farmhouse is defined many different ways by many different people. I think we all have our own version of what we think it is. Rustic farmhouse, Chip and Joanna farmhouse, modern farmhouse… To ‘me’ its living a simple life and getting your hands dirty, working hard and enjoying the quiet moments, filling your home with only the things you know to use and love. Now if we were to bring back a farming couple from 100 years ago they may tell us differently but when I think about what it was like then, to live on a farm and to work with your hands…I imagine simple things like candles and music, a warm fire with a handmade blanket close by in the rocking chair, fresh-cut greens and flowers throughout the home, an apron hanging in the kitchen by a basket full of apples freshly picked, handmade furniture and fresh-baked bread, little ones running through the house barefoot while mom and dad dance in the kitchen. Sometimes I wish I could have lived then, when life was simple. But since I live in the now, my focus is to bring those things into our lives, our home and our décor. So that, right or wrong is how I view farmhouse(style).


Its taken me a couple of years to really see that ‘simple’ is what I was craving. I want a simple life, simple cleaning schedule, simple food, simple décor, ALL of the simple things! I found that by filling our home with only the things we use and love (I mean really LOVE!!) help me achieve a lot of these simple things I’ve been craving. When I simplified our décor, it simplified my cleaning routine which has given me more time with the girls to simply enjoy time, making life more simple. I’ve also noticed my anxiety has been far better than it ever has. I still have days where I let it take over but those days have decreased greatly and I know it’s because of the changes I’ve made in our home and my life. Now as far as our food that’s another story, but we are working on it! I have found myself making more homemade items like pies, salsa, bread, biscuits, it’s actually been more fun than I’d imagined.



Todays blog post went a little deeper than I had intended but it’s what was on my heart this morning and y’all know I’m a sharer. I hope that even if you don’t enjoy our dining room makeover, maybe something I’ve said today will inspire you. Are you craving simplicity in your life? Start by purging the things you haven’t used in the last year, or get organized with a cleaning schedule (you can read about mine in this post How ‘I’ Keep a Tidy Home). Whatever it is you do, I hope that you strive to create a home for you and your family that you love, one that you get excited to come home to.


That’s it for today friends! I’d love to hear what y’all think about the new changes we’ve made. As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at You can follow along by clicking the FOLLOW button on the right hand side of the screen, I’m also on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy if you’d like to see what I’m up to there! Once again, I’ve included an image(s) below if you’d like to save this blog post to Pinterest for later!

~Happy Reading Friends

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What I Made using an Ikea Table Cloth

One of my favorite things to do is to use an item that has a purpose, for a completely different purpose! Taking an every day item like a table cloth, used to cover tables and turning it into something else! Completely different.


I’m sure you all remember the pillow covers I made for our Christmas décor, the red plaid ones that I was obsessed with. I honestly didn’t think I would find fabric I loved as much to make new, more neutral covers once Christmas was over. I began looking but wasn’t having any luck! And then, after being snowed in for a few days I remembered I had a table cloth from Ikea that I loved but didn’t love it on our dining room table!



I measured out the table cloth and found that I could make 4-20×20 covers with it and have left over material! So I began cutting. The very first cut was to remove the gray border. I knew I didn’t want the gray border on any of my pillow covers and removing it was a simple straight cut!


For the covers I used the same technic that I shared in my earlier blog post Easy DIY Pillow Covers. I’ve received so many questions about these pillow covers and I promise, anyone that can measure, cut and sew a straight line can make these! I’m not a professional when it comes to anything  when it comes to sewing, I’ve taught myself how to sew and I don’t view my skill level to be above beginner!



I do love the way these turned out and they fit in perfectly with our décor! I also love that because the pillows were made from a table cloth, the fabric is sturdier! I know they’ll wash well and hold up longer then any cotton material. I have recently made other pillow covers, if you’re on Instagram you’ll know the gray striped ones I’m talking about. For those I chose a duck (?!) material…I don’t know the lingo or the proper terms here but I fell in love with the colors and the heaviness of the fabric!


The fabric I’ve used for pillow covers so far has come from Hobby Lobby, if its not on sale be sure to use your 40% off coupon! This table cloth from Ikea that I recently used was about $20 if I remember correctly and I was able to make 4-20×20 covers out of it. Making your own is definitely cost efficient and I promise these are so fun and easy!


I think that does it for today’s blog post! I hope its inspired you to cut up that table cloth you love but haven’t been using or to go out and find some fabric! I can’t tell y’all enough just how simple these covers are to make! Dust off that sewing machine, grab a cup of coffee and get to making!! 😉 As always if you have an questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below or feel free to email me at! I’ve included a couple of photos ready for Pinterest if you’d like to save this post for later. Just hover over the image at the top left hand corner and click the Pinterest ‘save’ icon when it pops up!

P.S I’m wanting to do a Q&A post for y’all on the blog but I need to know what questions y’all would like from me to answer! Please also comment with those below or send them to me in an email! Thanks so much friends!

~Happy Reading Friends

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Friday Recap

I can finally say it y’all, happy FRIDAY! It feels so good to finally be here. I’m not sure why and I asked over on Instagram yesterday but was this the longest week ever or was it just me? I felt like this week was never ending! I’m excited to be here today though, doing another Friday Recap with y’all! If you’re new to the blog, Fridays are when I share all of my photos from this week that I’ve posted on Instagram. I bring them over here to the blog, talk about them and share sources with you guys! This week most of the photos I share will be repeats from my blog posts, umm I blogged a lot this week. But if you saw something you were curious about, hopefully I’ll be able to share the info here today!


I finally removed all of our red plaid pillows…I know, I was a little sad. I’ll be sharing a sneak peek later on in this post or if you read yesterdays post How ‘I’ Stay Organized then you’ve already seen what they’ve been replaced with! I’ve gotten so many questions about these pillow covers, the fabric was found at Hobby Lobby with their seasonal fabrics and I did a blog post showing how I made the covers here, Easy DIY Pillow Covers. These covers are so simple, if you can measure and sew a straight line, you can make these for your home!


I love transitioning into winter décor. I shared our Winter Home Tour this week and with all the snow we’ve received the last few days our home hasn’t felt cozier! The clock was a DIY (coming to the blog soon), the orange garland is left over from Christmas and the little copper pot was a vintage find.


Our master bedroom has stayed pretty quiet the last few weeks, I didn’t really change much from Christmas. I did take the bells down that were on our door but other than that its remained the same. I get a lot of questions about our wedding numerals and I do have a blog post planned to show how I make signs for our home. I did share this little DIY Wooden Tray I believe it was last week. I love having it in our room to hold the current book I’m reading, our coffee or my laptop when I decide to work from bed.

Snapseed 1

You may have noticed we made some changes to our entryway and I’m loving the direction its going. I still have something else to add to the space and I’m excited to share once its finished!! I’ll also be sharing how you can make your own framed shiplap. For now if you’d like to read about the light we’ve installed you can find it here DIY Wireless Light. The little speaker is a Crosley speaker from Urban Outfitters and the table is the Everett Foyer table from World Market.


Blankets, blankets, blankets! You can never have too many cozy blankets in your home! We have a blanket on just about every sofa, chair and bed! And then we have our blanket ladder! My husband helped me build this a year or so ago and for whatever reason I never blogged about it! I’ve been wanting to make a second one for our home soooo you’ll be seeing the DIY on my blog soon! Speaking of not blogging things…our piano always seems to get a lot of attention, with questions like ‘does it work’? ‘did you paint it yourself’? and ‘what color is it’? It is a working piano, the Mr. and our daughters play it, I did paint it myself using Stone Age in the Repurpose line. I don’t regret painting it one bit, I absolutely love the way it turned out!!


Just in case I haven’t told you guys, this $40 shelf unit from Ikea is my favorite! I love the look and feel it adds to our dining room! This piece is called the Ivar and you actually buy it by the piece, so the sides are $10 each and then $5 per shelf! We’ve recently added another one of these shelving units to our homeschool room!  The star garland was a DIY from last Christmas but you can read about home I made it here DIY Candle Holders + Christmas Trees and the sweet banner was a custom from Madre Hand Made.


Our dining room finally feels right. I don’t think I’ve shared much about this space recently. I’ve honestly been struggling with it. I finally gave into one of my ‘urges’ and made some changes! I’ll be blogging about all of the details in this space very soon!! The light is from Home Depot and I painted it flat black.



Here’s a little sneak peek of the new pillow covers I made, I’m seriously loving them! I shared these two photos together on Instagram asking the question ‘If I told you there were 20+ board/card games and multiple blankets in this space would you believe me’? We love our storage ottomans from Ikea, they make such a difference in our home of little storage. Yesterday I talked about How ‘I’ Stay Organized and being purposeful with our furniture is key! Not only do I want our furniture to be cozy and pleasing to the eye but I also want it to be functional and provide extra storage where we need it!




Our accent wall in the family room is always another big conversation piece. We used actual lumber from Weaber Lumber to create this wall, you can also find their product at Home Depot. It added so much texture and coziness to this space, we love it! The basket, lamp and throw are all from Target, the large pillow covers, couch and ottomans are from Ikea.



We have gotten so much snow this last week! I have to say, even though its cold and I mean negative temps around here, its so magical! Our property covered in snow is possibly one of my favorite sights.





The top of our piano got a moody refresh and I’m obsessed with the winter greens. If you’ve noticed they are sprinkled all over our home. I actually found them at Kroger’s, a grocery store for those of you that don’t have one in your area. I will be so sad when they eventually die but for now I’m truly enjoying them! The flower painting is from Deann Art, the letter board is LetterFolk and the lamp is from Target.




I think that wraps this week up friends. I hope y’all have enjoyed this little recap. If I missed something you were curious about please leave your question(s) in the comments below or email me at! I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend! As always here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll be sharing this morning on Instagram!

~Happy Reading Friends