Part 3 of 3: How I Refreshed our Home Spending Less Than $50

Good Friday afternoon friends! Today is somewhat bitter sweet, I’m sharing the last blog post of this little 3 part series. I’m excited to share with you today but I’m also a little sad that this is coming to an end. I’ve had a lot of fun putting this together and sharing it with you all. If you missed Mondays ‘Introduction’ post about some things I’m bringing to the new year you can find it here. Wednesday was all about ‘How I stay Organized at Home’. Where I talked about having a cleaning schedule, a meal plan and some habits that I’ve found that work for me and help my day run smoothly. Today I’m sharing ‘How I Refreshed our Home Spending Less than $50’.


The very first thing I did to start this refresh was remove everything…I’m not joking. I wanted to start with a clean slate! I wanted to purge, I wanted to shop our home and I wanted a new look for the new year without spending money, or at least not a ton of money. So I began by emptying the space in our sitting/dining room and making piles. I made a pile of décor I knew 100% I wanted to use again, then I made a pile of décor I wanted to sort through.


Once I had my spaces cleared and my two piles made, 1 pile for keeps and 1 pile for sorting I began prepping the rooms. To clean the space I simply dusted all of the surfaces, vacuumed under and around everything, washed the windows and window sills and threw the pillow covers and blankets in the wash. I then filled any nail holes that I knew I wouldn’t be using again and touched up the paint. This refresh is some what of a process and took me about two and a half days to finish but it was so worth it!



Décor to sort and purge


Decor to 100% keep 

Ok up to this point I have made 2 piles, one with 100% keep items and the other is the purge/shop pile. I also have a red 30 gallon tote that I keep for décor items that I like to rotate through. This usually consists of greenery, chargers, some baskets, glass ware and wooden items. I have a rule that once the tote is spilling over I have to go through it and purge items…well, it was time. So the tote and all of the contents were added to the purge/shop pile. For the purging process I had 10 questions I would ask myself about each item.


  1. Is this item something I use regularly?
  2. If not, is it something I love?
  3. Am I keeping this out of obligation or expectation?
  4. Am I holding onto this because I think I love it?
  5. Am I saving this just in case?
  6. Do I have multiples of the same thing?
  7. Could something else I own do the same thing?
  8. Am I holding onto a broken item to fix one day?
  9. Is this item worth the time I spend cleaning/storing it?
  10. Could I use this space for something else?

*Bonus question-Does this item help me achieve the look and feel I want for our home? (this is a biggie my friends) After you’ve asked these 10 11 Questions to yourself you should have a keep pile and a purge pile. If there are some items that you don’t know why your holding on to them but just cant quite commit to letting them go, place them in a box and store them away for 3-4 weeks. If you haven’t needed to open the box for an item then consider it time to say goodbye.

Goodness y’all, when I finished purging it felt SO GOOD! I was excited about the items I was letting go and I honestly didn’t know why I had held onto them for so long. When I started this refresh I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go with it but I knew I wanted to simplify things and stay true to my style and what I love. I think I achieved that look. There’s still some tweaking to do here and there but our sitting room, dining room and entry way areas are complete! (for now (-;)

PSA: Below you will find ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. I was able to dig up pictures of the spaces before the holidays, that I refreshed but please know that some things changed even between the ‘before’ pictures and the holidays. I tried to get photos that were as current as possible. You may notice a piece or two that may not be shown in any of the before photos. With that said, for this refresh I listed the 4 items that were bought to be added to our home. In total the refresh came in under $40 due to those 4 items.



Our sitting room before the holiday and the refresh



Our sitting room after the refresh



Sitting room before refresh


Sitting room after refresh

If you notice in these photos some items did stay in the same spot but most of the items where switched up to a new location creating a whole NEW look. The only new items I purchased for our sitting room are the candle stick holder and fiddle fig for under $30. Everything else I shopped our home for to create this new look.



Entry way table before refresh


Entry way table after refresh

Yesterday, my hubby had a doctors appointment in the ‘big city’ where all of the best stores are located. Of course I had to stop by my favorites… Homegood’s, Marshall’s, Tjmaxx and Target. Y’all I did so good! I shopped with a purpose! I only brought home this super cute blue rug for our entry that was $9.99 (we totally needed one because the other one was BAD!!!) and the blue candle $7.99 on the table (of course the house needs to smell good!). So even though I know my husband will give a huff of laughter and probably roll his eyes when he reads this but, I did good!! 🙂 The rest of the décor here we already had, just in other places of our home. But again, shopping our own home and simply moving things around created a whole new look!



Entryway before refresh



Entryway after refresh





Dining room before refresh



Dining room after refresh


For our dining room my goal was to simplify the space. I just wanted it to feel fresh, clean and cozy. Again I moved a few pieces around and some items were purged. I also received this gorgeous Farmer’s Market sign a few weeks ago from my sweet friend Jenny at Down Grace Lane and I love it hanging above our shelving unit! Giving this space a little refresh honestly made it feel more open and bigger! I was surprised!



Open shelving before refresh



Open shelving after refresh





Lastly, our family room. Again my goal for this entire refresh was to simplify our spaces. In our family room I moved and purged a lot of items that were just taking up space. I had used a gift card I received at Christmas time and bought a record player. I needed a space to sit the player and my records so I cleaned off the sofa table and used the space for another purpose! Although our family room  a fresh new feel its still just as cozy and that is the main goal for this space. Its our favorite place to be!


Well friends, that’s it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this little process I shared with you and I hope that it inspires you to start clearing spaces and making piles!! Clear out the clutter and shop your home! Its amazing what you can do with the items you already own! Love a red vase but its just not your style anymore? Think outside of the box a little. Sometimes we have all the pieces we need to create the home we love but they may need a little face lift or refresh of their own! Grab some paint or use the pieces for a different purpose all together! Just have fun with it and remember its all about creating spaces that YOU and your family love!!!!

~Happy Reading Friends











Part 2 of 3: How I stay Organized at Home

Good Wednesday morning friends! I’m excited today to share part 2 of this little 3 part blogging series this week. If you missed it, Monday I shared a little ‘Introduction’ to this grouping and some changes I’m making in the new year. Today I’m looking forward to sharing some things that I do to help me stay organized and on top of things in our home. I’ll be talking about things like: having a cleaning schedule and meal plan, making a master grocery list and some habits that, if you don’t already have, you should! I am FAR from having it all together or being an expert at this thing called life, but I have found some things that help me keep my sanity and keep our home running smoothly!


The very first thing you MUST do, is buy a planner! I’m not fancy when it comes to things, I don’t print everything out and put it in a pretty binder with a fancy cover page…while that’s super cute and a lot of fun, its just not me. A planner where I can write everything down that I need works just fine!! I found this one at Tjmaxx for $7.99 and its PERFECT! The front has each month laid out and then as you go through each month is laid out once again by weeks. It provides space for each day to write notes and has a To-do list and note section on the side! Perfect for keeping me organized! Once you find or create a planner you love, I suggest going through and writing down all of the important dates for the year. Doctor/dental appointments, birthdays/anniversaries, special events and such. Now is the perfect time to make those yearly check up appointments as well!! Once you have your appointments made and filled in lets talk about a cleaning schedule…


Here is my cleaning schedule for each week:

  • Monday: Laundry/Vacuum/Wash Dishes/Kitchen wipe down. This allows me to tackle the laundry that has built up from the weekend, sweep up the dirt brought in and you will notice that ‘dishes/kitchen wipe down’ are on each day.
  • Tuesday: Dust furniture/Dishes/Kitchen wipe down.
  • Wednesday: Sweep/vacuum carpets & rugs/mop (bi-weekly)/Dishes/Kitchen wipe down. I sweep the floors every week, mid-week instead of just vacuuming through. I also mop the floors every two weeks.
  • Thursday: Bathrooms/Dishes/Kitchen wipe down. Bathrooms get cleaned top to bottom. Tub, sink, toilet, mirror, soaps filled and toilet paper restocked.
  • Friday: Bed sheets/regular laundry/vacuum/Dishes/Kitchen wipe down. I wash our bedsheets every Friday so they are fresh for the weekend. I also do all of the laundry so there wont be any to do over the weekend. (or in hopes that there wont be any to do)
  • Saturday & Sunday: Relax, have fun and enjoy family! 🙂 I purposely schedule all of my cleaning to be finished by Friday so that my weekends are open for more important things. Although I do still keep up with the dishes and kitchen!!



When it comes to cleaning I try to choose products that aren’t harmful to our family. These are a few of my favorites. You can find them here!

I also make a list of monthly cleaning tasks that need done like, wash windows, clean appliances, wash down cabinets (kitchen & bath), wash baseboards/doors/walls, disinfect trashcans…these are just some examples. You can tweak the list to fit your home but, by making a monthly list this will help you stay on top of those jobs that easily get put off or forgotten!! I have my monthly list written out and when I have free time during the week I try to pick a task off the list to complete. I also have a seasonal list which includes things like clean/organize pantry, clean throw pillows/blankets, wash windows/window treatments, clean/purge closet and store seasonal clothing, wash comforters/duvets and clean/organize fridge (throw out expired foods). Again you can create this list to fit your home and you may also want to sit down with your spouse to create a seasonal list for the outside of your home to keep it just as neat and tidy!!

Another way I try to stay organized is by having a meal plan for each month and a master grocery list. Once you have the dates in your planner and your cleaning schedule written out you’ll then want to write down all of your families favorite meals. I usually come up with 16 meals that we can rotate through and I like to add in one or two NEW recipes to try each month. In the back of your planner, or wherever your ‘notes’ section is, make a list of meals you know your family loves. You’ll then refer back to your current week and start filling in each day with a meal. I rotate our meal plan every two weeks. This makes it easy and helps me stick to our master grocery list. We also account for ‘take out night’ which falls every two weeks on payday week! Doing this allows us to enjoy a take-out pizza or burrito and still stick to our budget! Once you have your meals listed you can work on your master grocery list. I suggest doing this on the computer. This will allow you to print a hard copy each time you make your shopping trip. I do one BIG grocery run once a month. Then I only need to pick up perishables in between! Again this will help tremendously with budget and organization. No more frantically thrown together meals at 6pm! Another great thing to try and do is to purposely plan easy meals or crockpot meals on the weekends or nights during the week when you know you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking!!



Starting my day with our bed made makes me feel productive before the sun even rises 


Ok now to share my ‘habits’ with you. Its taken a little time to make these habits stick but I promise once you do you’ll thank yourself!

  • Wake up early: This one may have been the hardest one for me but I can finally say its my most enjoyed habit! I wake up 2-3 (4:30am-5am) hours before my girls wake up. This gives me much needed mommy time! I have time to help my husband get his things ready for work and to do whatever it is I want to do uninterrupted for a few hours. Workout, read, work on a DIY, read my Bible, enjoy coffee in complete silence, blog…I mean really, whatever I want. It gives me time to wake up, do something I enjoy and be ready for the girls when they roll out of bed!
  • Make your bed as soon as your feet hit the floor: This is a great habit to form because not only does it help you to complete a task right away but if you don’t see your room the rest of the day, its already tidy because the bed has been made! A made bed and good coffee is the best way to start the day!  🙂
  • Nap time clean up: Each day before the girls take a nap or have quite time we clean up. All of the toys are packed away and we make sure their chores are done. This not only helps keep the house tidy but allows me to have another hour or two that I can focus on cleaning or whatever the task needing done may be instead of going through the house cleaning up all of the messes while the girls sleep.
  • Daddy clean up: My husband never gets home at the exact same time every day but when he calls to say he is on his way, I know we have 30 min before he hits the door. Once I hang up the phone I announce ‘daddy’s on his way!’ and we begin our daddy clean up routine. Toys are put away, I do a quick walk through of the house gathering things that are not in their proper place and put them away, pillows are fluffed, dishes from lunch are put away and by this time we usually gather by the door just in time for him to open it. Why do we do this?? Out of all of the habits I’ve ever tried to stick with, I have to say this is number one…does it happen every single day? No, there are days that something happens and we don’t get it done but those days are far and few between. We practice this habit because when my husband gets home I want him to enter a peaceful home, not chaos. I want him to know that we are so glad to have him home and I want him to feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as he hits the door. Not stressed out by the pile of toys he has to push out of the way to walk through the door.
  • Night time clean up: After dinner I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen while my husband gets our youngest daughter ready for bed (the older two only need prompting). Doing this each night provides a clean kitchen for me to wake up to. Which helps to make my morning run smoother. I don’t wake up to a sink full of dishes needing washed and dirty counters to wipe down.



A normal morning/afternoon 



What the family room looks like after a quick nap time clean up and before my husband gets home.


I think that just about covers all the things I do to help stay organized and keep our home running the way we like it. These aren’t crazy miracle secrets and like I said, I am NO expert! I’m still learning every single day, but I have found things that keep our home and family happy. Our days and nights run smoother, there’s less stress and chaos. I hope that I’ve shared something here today that inspires you or helps you get a little more organized in your everyday life. I don’t do anything off the wall crazy, I just write a lot of stuff down. 😉 I find that having these lists and schedules help keep me on track and I find that I actually have more free time!  If you have any questions about something I mentioned today please feel free to leave them in the comments section below or email me at!

~Happy Reading Friends




Part 1 of 3: Introduction

Good Monday morning friends! Today I’m excited to kick off the first blog post of three that will link together as a series or collection of blog posts. Today I will be sharing in the ‘introduction’ what I hope for 2017 and some goals I’ve set for myself. The second part of this grouping I’ll be sharing what I do to try to stay organized, keep our home clean and keep things running smoothly. The last post will be about how I refreshed our home spending very little to no money. I hope that you all enjoy this week here on the blog and I hope that in some way you find it helpful! ❤

As we were approaching 2017 I knew there were changes I wanted to make for this brand new year. As I’ve said before, I am not a ‘New Years Resolution’ making kind of girl. I do like to reflect on the past year and think about how I can make the new year better, how I can make myself better in the new year and how I can get the most joy out of life. This year I chose one word to focus on throughout the year: TIME. If you missed why I chose this word you can read about it here.  I want to focus on how I’m spending my time, where I’m spending my time and I want to ENJOY my time!! Time management was high on my list of ‘time’ things and tomorrow I’ll be sharing how I better organize the way I spend my time to get the most out of each day.IMG_4057.JPG

A few other things besides time that I wanted to focus on this year are:

  1. Spending more time working on my relationship with God
  2. Being healthier ( Isn’t this on everyone’s list?)
  3. Being more gentle to the earth. I want to start using more all natural things. There are ways we already work to lessen the affects of our footprint but I know we can do better!

IMG_4056.JPG4. Listen to music more often. I have always LOVED listening to music. I remember as a child I would fall asleep and wake up with my radio on. I honestly don’t know that I ever turned it off. Music got me through a lot of things when I was younger and I realized at the beginning of the year that music hasn’t been such a big part of my life like it once was. Sure we still listen to music, a lot. From Disney Cd’s in the car to the girls singing their favorite songs around the house. But I’ve stopped letting music be what it once was for me. Not only am I a woman with wacky hormones but I also deal with some seasonal depression, winter blues some would say. Music has always been able to help with my mood and let me tell you, there’s nothing I love more than putting a record on and watching our girls dance around the house. They love music as much as I always have and it warms my heart!!


5. Read more books. I. Love. Reading. It wasn’t always this way, I actually hated reading in school. I NEVER wanted to read a book that was assigned to me, I hated the assigned book before I even read the title. Maybe it was knowing I HAD to read the book instead of being able to choose to read the book. Whatever it was, I’m so glad it was only a phase. 🙂 As an adult I’ve found authors I love, like Robyn Carr, Nicholas Sparks and John Greene, and I enjoy having quite time to get lost in a book!! I’ve set a goal for this year to read at least 2 books per month and I will be mixing it up with fictional/’pure indulgence’ books to self-help/educational books. I want to enjoy the reading and also learn a few things while turning the pages!

Lastly, 6. Work on making my blog better. I cant tell you all how much I appreciate each one of you following along and reading my blog posts. If you would have told me a year ago that I would still be blogging and people would actually read my blog…I honestly don’t know that I would have believed you! I truly enjoy coming here to the blog to share and connect with my followers. Its a creative outlet that I am so very thankful for, and its possible because y’all read it!!! ❤ This year I hope to learn more about blogging so that I can continue to make this blog better for all of my readers!

Thank you all so much for joining me today. I hope you’ll join in again Wednesday when I share how I organize my time at home and again Friday when I share the refresh I did around the house!! If you aren’t already following along with the blog, click the FOLLOW button on the right side of the screen, you’ll receive an email notification every time I post a new blog post! Also, look for me on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy!

~Happy Reading Friends

Family Room Winter Decor

Good Friday morning friends! Today as promised I am sharing our family room decorated for winter!! As mentioned before this space was an easy transition from Christmas to winter and I thought I would share a little bit about how I made the transition and some of the sources for items I used this year!


For our family room it’s all about function and comfort. This room is where we spend the majority of our time. The kiddos play here, we have game night, carpet picnics, take naps and dance around the room. Its the room that sees almost every part of our day so it has to be a space we enjoy being in. To change this room from Christmas to winter I followed the same ‘rules’ that I used for the rest of our home. 1. Remove all the red and replace with light colors/neutrals. More whites, grays and yes even some black. 2. Pack away all things Christmas specific and 3. De-clutter.


Once I had removed the Christmas specific items I left all of the white and neutral décor up. The star garlands we made, you can read about them here, the snowy church painting from my sweet friend Aracely here, all of our little flocked trees and the little white houses from the Target dollar spot. By leaving these pieces out it helped add the winter feel I was going for, and it was great because I didn’t need to go buy all new pieces to make this work. By simply removing a few things and switching around the décor I had the winter look I was hoping to achieve. Again more neutral pillow covers and blankets were also added to the space to make it feel more cozy. When I think of winter I think fresh, crisp and cozy. Bringing the crisp and cozy together can sometimes be a challenge but I found that simply decluttering and simplifying things can helped achieve the crisp fresh look and by adding neutral pillows and blankets the space instantly feels more cozy.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little tour of our family room and I hope that it has possibly inspired you to try decorating your home for winter. If this is your first year doing so, like it was mine, don’t let it overwhelm you! Start small by adding a neutral throw or a sweater pillow to your space, sit some white candles around the home in glass jars or an iron stone bowl. I have an iron stone platter full of white pillar candles and I’m obsessed with it. Add little touches here and there and before you know it your home will feel like a winter wonderland! This thing of decorating our homes, it doesn’t have to be a chore, or an overwhelming thing but it does need to be fun! Enjoy moving things around, try a new DIY and most importantly create spaces in your home that you love!!!! I hope you all join me next week when I’ll be getting a little more detailed about how I’ve created spaces we love and how I keep up with things. If you missed our master bedroom winter tour yesterday you can find it here. I also talked a little more about what you can expect next week! I’m excited to dig in and share a little bit more with y’all about how my days look around here and answer some questions y’all have been asking! To make sure you don’t miss it, click the follow button on the right hand side of the screen, each blog post will be sent directly to your inbox!!

~Happy Reading Friends




Farmhouse Winter Bedroom decor

Good Thursday morning friends!! Today and tomorrow I will be sharing our master bedroom and family room with you, the way it looked decorated for winter. This last week I did a major purge/refresh and I’ll be sharing all about it next week including some answers to questions I get asked often, something like a 3 part series! But for today its all about the master bedroom!!


For our bedroom I chose to keep the white bedding I used for Christmas on our bed. To me it had winter written all over it! I love how fresh the white bedding makes the room feel. Like a blanket of snow 😉 I also switched out our pillow covers with a more light and neutral color. The gray striped covers and the Hardware Supply cover were all purchased here. I bought them about a year ago but H&M always has super cute pillow covers on their website!!! Our bed is from Target and I did a little review on it here if you’d like to read more about it. We’ve owned almost 6 months now and the review is still the same! As you can see, I also left our flocked trees up. I felt like they were the perfect touch to make our home feel like winter!!


Another way I focused on bringing the winter feel to our décor was by adding more blankets throughout. I chose again to use light and neutral pieces. Again this keeps the space feeling light and fresh. Our flocked trees this year are from Walmart and Target. The little ones were purchased in the dollar spot and I flocked them myself, using a can of ‘snow spray’ I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The large 6ft tree in our master was purchased at Walmart for $30. Its a pre-flocked non-lit tree. We just added a couple strands of white wire lights which you can see in the photo. This year is the first year I have ever used flocked trees, had a tree in our bedroom or even decorated our bedroom for a holiday. I have to say it was a lot of fun and I plan to continue doing it each year.


The mantel didn’t get much of a change. I simply removed the red banner and reindeer sign adding this little snowflake sign from my friend Laney. You can find all of her work here. I left the mistletoe sign up because to be honest, I didn’t have another large sign that felt like winter…next year! The tree here is from Hobby Lobby and again I added my own flock using the spray!! If you missed it from an early post, the white houses were found in the target dollar spot and the pre-flocked garland was found at Walmart.


Transitioning our home from Christmas to Winter was fairly easy due to the fact that most of our Christmas décor was neutral. I didn’t go buy new pieces to make this transition, I simply used the décor from Christmas that wasn’t red and didn’t say Christmas or anything related to Santa on it. It also made it easy adding in pieces we already had in our home. Using the neutral pieces like throws and pillow covers really helped achieve the final look of a cozy winter in our space. Candles are another great item to use for this look, I’ve added lots of white candles to our décor!! Also just clearing out some of the ‘stuff’ that piles up around the house, on counters, end tables and such, helps to freshen up the space.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing our master bedroom decorated for winter. I hope you’ll join me back here tomorrow when I share our family room! Also, please feel free to leave any questions for me that you may want me to answer next week in the ‘Re-fresh/Q & A’ series I’ll be doing, in the comments below or feel free to email them to me!! I will try to get them all answered. My idea for this series next week is to talk to y’all about how I stay organized and keep our home the way I do. I’ll also be sharing how I freshen up our home after the holidays. Note, I am NOT a pro at anything in life! I fail miserably EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! But I have found a few things that work for me and maybe they’ll work for you too!! I look forward to reading your questions and trying to get them all answered in the 3 posts next week!! 🙂

~Happy Reading Friends

Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Good Saturday morning friends! This isn’t my normal blogging day but I made breakfast this morning and thought, you know, maybe I should share this recipe with y’all! Haha I’ve never shared a recipe on the blog but I thought it might be fun to share our favorites every now and then. It won’t be overwhelming because, to be honest, I prefer DIY and decorating more than cooking! 🙂



Gilmore Girls inspired mug by Swallows Grace (here)



Here is what you’ll need:

  • 1 lb of sausage
  • 1 block of cream cheese
  • 2 tubes of crescent rolls
  • 2 cups of cheddar or sharp cheddar cheese


Pre-heat oven to 375. Brown your sausage and drain. Next you will add your block of cream cheese to the sausage and mix well. Grease a 9×13 pan and add one tube of crescent rolls to the bottom.


Once your sausage and cream cheese is mixed well, spread it over the crescent rolls and top with cheese. Lastly roll out the second tube of crescent rolls on top of your cheese. You will bake in the oven at 375 for 20 min. Once its finished cut into squares and serve.


That’s it friends!! This recipe is so easy and delicious! Its a huge hit at our house! Maybe not the healthiest breakfast but we don’t have it every weekend. I do make it randomly as a treat and its perfect for the weekend!!


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this random pop in of mine and I hope that you enjoy this recipe I’ve shared!

~Happy Reading Friends


Winter Home Tour

Good Monday morning friends! Today I’m excited once again to join in with some amazing bloggers to share a Winter Home tour with you all. (If you missed the Christmas tour loop you can find it here.) First let me say, if you are joining me from Allison at A House and a Dog here, HELLO!! And thank you so much for stopping by!! This year is the very first year I’ve ever decorated our home for Winter and I have to say, I love it. Its a great way to slowly transition from Christmas. Every year I’m ready for the chaos of Christmas to be packed away as soon as the gifts are unwrapped. I love everything about Christmas, the true meaning, the family gatherings, the music, décor, I do love it all but by the time the room is full of ripped wrapping paper I’m ready for all of the décor and things to be packed away.  This year was different, I couldn’t bring myself to put it ‘all’ away…img_3500

One of the biggest reason would be the flocked Christmas trees we bought this year from Walmart, I just wasn’t ready to pack them away! I left the two flocked trees ‘naked’ because I wanted to have a clean simple look to the trees. Doing this for Christmas made it easy to transition them for our winter décor. I also removed all of the red from this space adding neutral pillow covers to keep it light and fresh. You can read about a few of the things I did to achieve this look here.


Another area of our home that received a few winter touches is our dining and sitting room. Again this was a simple transition with the neutral pieces I had already added. When I think of winter I think clean, fresh and cozy. So I added more whites including dishes, candles and textiles. This helped keep the space feeling cozy and gave it the perfect touch of fresh winter.


Another thing I’ve started to do is purge. Isn’t it funny how with the new year we always want to organize and simplify the things in our life? I always start out strong, lose sight, gain sight again and go on a mad purge, lose sight again and then its a new year again. That’s another blog post for another day but I know I cant be alone here, it happens too easily. So by beginning to clear some spaces and keep things simple, its helping me to achieve the refreshed look. As we get closer to spring I will be focusing more on simplifying our home.

img_3742img_3746img_3747Just on the off chance y’all didn’t know…I LOVE the black and white combo. There’s just something so good about it. Our family room is all ready for winter with lots of cozy seating. This is our hangout, we nap here, play games here, have carpet picnics, watch movies with popcorn…this room is our little haven. Fun fact, it’s soon to get a major refresh but I’m loving it all done up for the winter months!!


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little winter tour of our home. Please be sure to take some time to visit the other beautiful homes in this loop of tours. There are so many amazing women to follow along with. here, and be sure to check out the other lovely ladies on the list!!

~Happy Reading Friends


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