About Us

misdiyHi! My name is Misty, I’m 31 years old, a stay at home mom of three, we are a homeschool family.

Where do I begin telling you about 30 years of my life and just who I am??  I’ve been married to my wonderful  ‘Mr.’ for 9 years now. We have known each other since Jr. high and have always been the best of friends. Saying I’m blessed that he is mine is an understatement. We have three amazingly beautiful little girls together. They are our world! They surprise us, make us laugh and cry and flood our hearts with joy. I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more. I started messing around with furniture redo’s about 3 years ago and that’s when I discovered my passion. I LOVE taking an old junkie piece of furniture and making it shine again! I have this….what some may call a ‘habbit’ of looking at store fronts and then running home to try and figure out how I can make the items myself or at least get close to the same look. I LOVE decorating….I’m constantly moving things around in the house placing them in new places or back in their old spot. Its fun for me! Call me crazy if you will. I go to bed at night thinking of new projects to do or dreaming about that piece that would just be perfect…if only I could find it and make it just what I want. Its fun for me and I’ve discovered its who I am! I’m embracing it and enjoying it…and that’s how this blog was born! I want to further that love and share it with others. So in a nutshell that’s a little about me, what I do and why I do it! I hope that you all enjoy getting to know me and following my blog. If there was just one thing that I would want you to take away from this blog it would be that YOU can do anything you set your mind to, life isn’t perfect and yes you will stumble and fall but if you don’t take the risk to fall how will you ever test your wings and discover that you can SOAR?