Rast Dresser Hack No. 2

When it comes to dressers I think its safe to say we’ve found our favorite one. This little gem has made it possible for us to not only create dressers we love once but now twice!


For those of you that have been following along for awhile now you may remember our first Rast Dresser Ikea Hack that we did for our master bedroom. Lately we have been working on our daughters shared room and when it came to needing a new dresser we were limited to a size that would fit between their beds. So between the size and not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a dresser we didn’t know the quality of, we decided to try another hack!!  And I’m so glad we did.

What you’ll need:

  1. Ikea Rast dressers $35 each (2 for this exact project)
  2. Wood Glue $5
  3. 2″ wide hobby boards from Home Depot $2 each
  4. Wood Screws
  5. Tools such as a tape measure, saw, drill, hammer or nail gun…
  6. Large piece of wood for top


The first step to this project is to assemble your rast dressers minus the drawers. You don’t want to put the drawers together until you’ve added the trim pieces to the drawer fronts.


Once you’ve built both dressers you will attach each dresser to create one piece. To do this you simply line them up making sure the top and the front of the dressers are flush. Use your drill, wood glue and some wood screws to secure them into place.





Next you will add the trim pieces to each drawer front. I would recommend measuring each of your drawer fronts just to be sure you get exact measurements but for ours we cut the top two pieces at 23″ and the two side pieces at 4.5″. After cutting and lightly sanding all of the trim pieces you will use wood glue and your nail gun to attach them to each drawer.




The next step is adding a top. To create the top piece we had to cut down a larger board. Lowes and Home Depot sell pre-made boards it various widths. For this project you’ll need one that is about 13″ wide by 5′ long. Again, be sure to measure the top of your two dressers, but for ours we cut our top at 23″ wide and 4.5″ long. This allows for an inch over hang on both sides and the front of the dresser.


Be sure to use wood glue and with your drill and wood screws, attach securely.



Lastly, you will assemble the drawers and add them to the dresser. That’s it! Paint and hardware, you’ve got a beautiful dresser for around $100!



I absolutely love the way this little dresser turned out! Not only were we able to create the perfect piece on a budget but we also create a piece that fit into the room perfectly. We were having a hard time finding a dresser that would fit just right between the two beds and this piece couldn’t have fit any better. As far as the hardware, I’m sure you know, there are endless option for hardware that you can add to the dresser to fit your style. For me, I wanted to keep it simple and let the piece speak for itself. So I simply painted the wooden knobs that came with the dressers the same color as the dresser. Also another easy way to save a little on this project!




I hope you’ve all enjoyed our second Ikea Rast Dresser hack today and as always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at misdiy@outlook.com. I’ve attached a photo below that you can pin if you’d like to keep this blog post for future rast dresser hacks. 😉


~Happy Reading Friends






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