12 Ways to Add Spring to Your Home

Spring is my second favorite season (most of you know fall is my number one favorite). I love how everything seems to come alive again in Spring, fresh and new.


Today on the blog I wanted to share a few super easy ways you can add spring to your home! Each of the things I’ll share today are easy and inexpensive, which is my favorite combo next to simple and cozy! 😉

  1. Spring Clean

If you missed my blog post about How I Spring Clean feel free to hop over and don’t forget your Spring cleaning printable!! Spring cleaning always seems to make our home come alive. Its the wake up after winter, we refresh, clean and purge.


2. Fresh cut flowers

I try to leave a few extra dollars in the grocery budget for some fresh cut blooms.  My favorite place to find them is at Trader Joes. They always  have so many to choose from and they’re super inexpensive! There’s just something about having fresh, beautiful greens or flowers in the home. And the great thing is, now that its spring you can even find and cut some yourself making this spring addition completely free!!


3. Open the windows

This one is probably the simplest thing you can do but opening the windows and allowing the cool spring air to fill your home… well its my favorite thing to do this time of year!! The smells and sounds, nothing says spring more than a cool breeze and the sound of singing birds.


4. Switch up linens

If you still have that super chunky knit throw out from winter, its time to swap it out with something a little more light weight. This is also the perfect time to do a little refresh just by changing or switching out your linens.


5. Add greens

Another easy way to bring your home to life with spring is to add some greens. Not only will this help bring the outdoors in and make your home feel spring ready, it’s also very good for the air quality in your home. So by adding greens you can breath healthier air AND have pretty plants to look at. That’s a total win in my opinion!


6. A Spring scented candle

Next to the open windows this may be my favorite. I love a good smelling home, as long as its not too overwhelming. I’ve found a candle company that I absolutely love, Antique Candle Works. You can find them here Antique Candle Works. Their candles are so yummy! Perfect for any and all seasons or even just as a gift.


7. Add a pop of color

Okay I know I know, I’m a neutrals girl but you guys… adding a subtle pop of color to your décor can freshen up the space and make it feel more like spring, especially if you choose an earthy or subtle pastel color! Whether its with a throw, pillow covers or some art, having a light pop of color adds some fun and welcomes spring.


8. Music

I will forever say music! We listen to music daily but there’s something about having it on in your home with the windows open and that spring scented candle burning! Not only does it make our home feel alive but it also makes my soul feel alive. Bump it up a notch by dancing barefoot in a room with wood or tile flooring. Sounds silly I know but letting your feet be free of the wool socks and boots we’ve worn all winter, to feel the coolness, its like standing in the cool grass barefoot.


9. Plant an indoor herb garden

To create my little herb area in the kitchen I used an Ikea rack that I’ve had for some time now, added a few of their small buckets, some basil and thyme I picked up at Trader Joes and that was it! I had a simple, easy to create spot to grow some herbs. I absolutely love the way it turned out and I’m so excited we now have fresh herbs in the kitchen!!


10. Refresh Your Space

With each season I enjoy refreshing different areas in our home. It’s never anything major just little things here and there that can easily make the room take on a different feel. It can be as simple as shopping your home, switching a few signs, photos/art work and linens. Or if you’ve set aside a budget for new home décor, now is the perfect time to add in those new pieces, or check off a few DIY projects.


11. Add a Spring Wreath

This is a fun way to add a touch of spring and you can even make this a little DIY project! I’ve seen so many bloggers and Instagram friends share their DIY spring wreaths!! In our home I simply moved this magnolia wreath I’ve had for a couple years now, from our master bedroom to the front door, giving it a whole new, spring ready look!


12. Try a new Spring Inspired Recipe

A new tradition that I’m just starting, trying a new ‘seasonal inspired’ recipe. Anything from drinks, dinners or jams to desserts I want to try a new recipe with each season that includes foods that are only available during that season. Strawberry season is almost here in our area and I’m thinking this year I want to try making strawberry jam! Last year I made a fresh strawberry pie and it was delicious!


That’s it my friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog post and the 12 things I’ve suggested to add Spring to your home. Of course the list doesn’t have to end here, you can find things specific to your home and style that say spring to you! My little list was just created from some of the things I do in our home in hopes that it would inspire you to bring in spring for your own home! As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me at misdiy@outlook.com. You can also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy. I’ve attached an pin-able image below if you’d like to save this post for later.

~Happy Reading Friends




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