DIY Framed Shiplap

When it comes to DIY’s I love making unique statement pieces and our framed shiplap is just that. I’ve kept many of you waiting for the last two years but today is finally the day!


I’m so excited to get to share this DIY with you today, its one of my favorites and a rather popular one with my followers as well. Roughly two years ago I decided to do a large framed shiplap piece, using a vintage frame I had found, to help fill a large wall space in our entry. Its been a favorite ever since.

When I first made the framed shiplap for our home I wasn’t really blogging just yet so of course there were no photos to share showing the process. Just recently while redoing our 4 year olds bedroom did I have a chance to photograph the process and share with you all. I created a framed shiplap piece for her room, although a little different, its the same idea and I think you’ll be able to easily follow along!


The easiest way to do the framed shiplap is to find a frame you love, preferably one that has a small lip on it like shown in the photo below. It makes the process much easier but if you can’t find a frame you love, I’ll share below how you can create your own frame!! For the framed shiplap in our daughters room I picked up a frame from the local thrift store for $1 and painted it to match her room.


Once you’ve found your frame you’ll need the wood to create the shiplap. For this specific piece I used small poplar craft boards found at Home Depot for less than $2 each. I wanted to keep this piece light since it would be hanging above her bed! You can choose to use a wider board, these are sold in many sizes, but I chose to use 1.5″ to create more of a skinny shiplap for fun.



After you’ve collected your items you’ll want to measure the inside of your frame to know the exact measurement to cut each board. Once the wood was cut and sanded I used paint I already had on hand (bistro white) to paint the boards.


After all of the pieces have dried, you simply attach your ‘shiplap’ to the frame. We chose to use a nail gun for this step because it applied less pressure to the frame rather than a hammer and it was easier to control the angle of our nails.


Ya’ll that’s it! Add a hanger to the back if your frame doesn’t already have one and your project is complete! Its seriously that easy!!! Now you can make framed shiplap for ALL the rooms. 🙂


Now lets talk about making your own frame for your shiplap! You’ll have to bare with me because I literally pulled scrap wood from our pile to put this together so I could show y’all. To make the framed shiplap without using a pre-existing frame you’ll need to decide how large you want your piece to be. Once you have your measurements you’ll cut your boards to size. For this mock up, and for the large framed shiplap in our entryway I used 1×4″ pine boards. This will make the piece a lot heavier so remember that when choosing your size but you’ll need the larger size wood to have something to nail your 1×2’s for the frame to. So for the frame, use 1×2″ boards cut to size. I like to over lap the sides with the top and bottom frame piece (as shown below) but you can piece it together how ever you like. Just be sure to measure for the overlapping. You can also decide if you want your shiplap to be set back on the frame like shown or if you’d rather it be flush with the frame. A little tip for your shiplap boards, sand the edges to round them out a bit and it will help give your shiplap the look of spacing. Once all of the wood was cut and sanded I stained the edges of the boards for the shiplap before painting. To connect the shiplap boards before framing we used our keg jig. You could also use wood glue and a clamp, just be sure to let the glue dry over night. Finishing nails around the frame, a hanger or two on the back and you’re finished!



IMG_7525 1 (1) (1)

IMG_7554 1 (1)

IMG_7522 1 (1)

Now for those of you that have been following along for awhile, you may have noticed the recent change I made to our framed shiplap. When we first made it I hung a magnolia wreath on it, then a large round basket and now, my favorite of all, its been turned into a sign! I worked with an amazing husband and wife business called Vintage Metal Co. to create the new look for this piece and I absolutely LOVE it! The words are metal and to attach them I simply used command strips cut to size. Super easy and its completely transformed this space! Side note: if you’re curious about the light which is also a new addition, you can read about it here, DIY Wireless Light.


I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful and I hope it was worth the wait. 😉 I absolutely love our framed shiplap pieces and I hope you do as well. As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me at You can follow me here on the blog and on Pinterest/Instagram @misDIY!


~Happy Reading Friends



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