Little Girls Room Makeover

IMG_7539 1 (1)I receive many requests to see the kids rooms in our home. And while we have two little girl rooms I’ve never really done much with them other than remove wall paper and paint. Until recently that is…

IMG_7558 (1)

I am so excited to share this sweet little room that belongs to our 4 year old. Of course I have to take you back and show you the before pictures. The very first photo is from the day we received our keys. Shortly after moving in I painted the space, using left over paint from other rooms (lesson learned) and removed the carpet.

IMG_2592 (1)

You are seeing it correctly…lavender ceiling, blue valance and beige walls. Although the wall color wasn’t the worst in our home I didn’t love it.



These photos are some what of a transition stage. They’re from right before I started this little makeover. As you’ll see I painted the walls gray and white again but this time I painted them the right shade of gray and white. As I mentioned, these colors were left over from other rooms I had painted (those rooms have also been repainted) and I didn’t love the colors. We had also just bought this Ikea bookcase and had removed her dresser. So again these are just as the makeover was beginning. I’m terrible at remembering to take before photos. I usually just dive right in and get to work.


The mess in the homeschool room… room makeovers always tend to throw the home into a bit of a fit don’t they? And theres the Mr. working on the big girls shared room. It will be coming to the blog soon as well!

IMG_7556 1 (1)

Now onto the good stuff. You guys, I absolutely LOVE the way her room turned out! Its so sweet and I’m slightly obsessed with the colors happening in here. For her walls I used Dove by Behr on the top and Bistro White by Valspar (mixed in Behr paint) on the bottom half. My favorite white and gray colors!

IMG_7477 (1)

Swaddled blanket turned throw from The Mini Scout. Linked below


IMG_7512 1 (1)

IMG_7480 1 (1)

Wooden Name blocks from Smiling Tree Toys. Linked below


IMG_7506 (1)

As most of you know, I’m a very ‘attention to detail’ type of person and that followed right into this space. I loved adding little details here and there, things that are unique to M and things that she loves. Her name blocks, a little painted bunny, Ikea spice racks turned book shelves with her favorite books. Of course I added in some fun DIYs too like her framed shiplap (coming to the blog SOON) with her unicorn, a painted globe, her bunny on the wall… this space is full of sweetness, creativeness and lots of cozy.

IMG_7511 1 (1)

IMG_7522 1 (1)

IMG_7520 1 (1)

The green table next her bed was a DIY project. I purchased a round kitchen table from an auction a few summers ago. We removed the legs and frame, cut it to size and made a new top for it. Its the perfect size for her room and she loves having the little table to put books or toys on. I found the color for this table at Hobby Lobby, its Revive by Americana Décor chalk paint. The small lamp on her table is from Target, it had a wood finish base and I painted it using the same color as her frame, Blush Pink by Rust-Oleum Chalked.

IMG_7487 1 (1)

IMG_7525 1 (1)

IMG_7483 1 (1)

Custom garland by Sheep Farm Felt. Linked below


IMG_7482 1 (1)

IMG_7488 1 (1)

IMG_7502 (1)

The large shelf in her room was made using wooden brackets from Ikea and a 1×8″ pine board. I decorated her shelf with a vintage chalk board that she wrote her full name on for the first time, a globe I found at Tjmaxx that I painted to match her room, a small ceramic bunny (from Spring décor Transformation), a cat she found at target and fell in love with, a thrifted basket and the Sheep Farm Felt garland. This little shelf is one of my favorite things in her room!

IMG_7504 (1)

We also bought M a new bed. Before she had a vintage bed with a large head board and footboard. While I loved it and all the charm it had it was just too large for her small space. I found this bed at Ikea, its called the Tarva and it was $79! The bed comes unfinished and I knew I wanted to paint it. I ended up using a color our 10 year old chose, its called Homework and its by Easy Care. I love the soft feel it adds to the bed and it matches her ‘throw’ perfectly.

IMG_7531 1 (1)

The sweet bedding is from Beddy’s, Chic White is the name of this set. She absolutely LOVES it. If you’re not familiar with Beddy’s beds I highly recommend checking them out! Its all one piece that completely zips! The bedding fits on the bed like a fitted sheet, you simply unzip it to get into bed and when you wake the next morning all you do is zip it up and your bed is made!!! It does completely unzip at the very bottom for easy washing! I love how sweet and simple this bedding is and for a 4 year old, that’s important. No more frustration when it comes to making her bed!

IMG_7554 1 (1)

Now lets talk storage in small spaces. M’s room is small, the smallest room in our home minus the bathrooms. I wanted to get as much as we could out of this space without making it feel crammed and cluttered. A few ways I’ve found to help with this are under bed storage containers (found at Ikea), a cubby book shelf with baskets and a small dresser in her closet ( the rast from Ikea). Having these pieces help so much with storing her clothing items and toys without making the space feel as small as it is. With switching to a smaller bed and using the storage options I’ve found, it truly does make her space feel bigger! Plus having a place for everything keeps it organized which always helps!

IMG_7552 (1)

IMG_7572 (1)

IMG_7570 (1)

IMG_7518 (1)

IMG_7545 (1)

The other side of the room is where the Ikea bookcase sits, I’ve kept this space simple as M likes to move things around and decorate it herself most days. The little white shelves are more of the $3.99 Ikea spice racks, I simple removed the little bar that goes across the front. The wooden doll house is also from Ikea along with the wicker baskets.

IMG_7547 (1)

IMG_7548 (1)

IMG_7549 (1)

Painting by M


IMG_7515 (1)

The reading corner may have been one of my favorite areas to work on because of this little bunny. We found the fort/tent at Target and the large pillow inside was a clearance find at Homegoods. For the bunny I simply used paints from different project in her room. The Mr. drew the shape of the rabbit onto the wall for me, I then painted it using black acrylic paint and free handed the flowers on top. It took a few hours to finish but it was so worth it in the end. Little additions like this are my favorite.

IMG_7307 1

IMG_7314 1

IMG_7316 (1) (1)

IMG_7541 1 (1)


I had to share this photo of Obi (Kenobi). While I was taking photos of M’s room this little guy kept hopping 😉 in to check things out. He loves this space and will quickly sneak in when given the chance!

IMG_2601 (1)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this ‘Little Girls Room makeover’. I had so much fun working on this space and we have one little girl that absolutely loves her room! My goal was to carry the feel of the rest of our home into this bedroom, simple and cozy. Each space in our home looks different but at the same time they all look the same. They’re different because each room serves a different purpose but they are the same because I have the same goal for each space. Practical, functional, simple and cozy.


Pin for keeps


As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me at You can also follow the blog by clicking the FOLLOW button on the right hand side of the screen. Find me on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy! I’ve also shared links for some of the items below.

~Happy Reading Friends


Wooden letter name blocks : Smiling Tree Toys // Swaddle Blanket: The Mini Scout

                           Bedding by Beddy’s: ChicWhite  // Garland: Sheep Farm Felt


7 thoughts on “Little Girls Room Makeover

  1. The room and all the details are absolutely darling! Job very well done! 😊 where did you get that sweet bunt pillow that is on her bed?
    ~ Licia Allen


  2. Her room is darling! Decorating (and redecorating) my daughter’s room is my favorite! Where are the sweet dotted curtain sheers from?


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