Our Farmhouse Style Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color can be hard, its never been my favorite thing to do until I decided to keep it simple and neutral. That for me was a game changer.

IMG_2450 2 (1)

Now if I told you this whole, ‘Find the perfect paint color’ journey for our home was simple, I wouldn’t be telling the truth. When we first moved into our home two and a half years ago I wanted every wall to be some shade of gray (I have no idea why, at the time it just made sense). Y’all know just how HARD it is to find one shade of true gray let alone 5 or 6. I was setting myself up for failure without realizing it. So I painted the interior of our home in shades of gray with ultra white trim and about a year later I painted again. This time I finally felt as if I had finally cracked the code. For OUR home that is. If you’re here reading this, please know that the colors I share today are from OUR home. Colors that ‘I’ have fallen in love with and that work for us in creating a home we love. I’m sharing today because I get soooo many questions about the paint colors I’ve used and I thought it would be perfect to have a general location for all of the information. 😉


It was when we gave our master bedroom a makeover that I truly fell in love with the color Bistro White by Valspar. I remember thinking once our room was finished that we needed this color in more rooms of our home. To me, Bistro White is the perfect cozy white. Not too bright and sterile but not yellow and aged looking. It wasn’t long after our bedroom that I painted our dining room/ sitting area (and the ceiling because at the time it was still pink, yep…PINK (previous owners)). The previous color in our dining room was Silver Marlin, a gray but a gray with blue under tones and I never truly loved it. Repainting the space using the Bistro White gave the room an entirely new look and feel and it was exactly what I wanted.



I’ve also used Bistro white on our floors, to warm up our trim in the home and you may have noticed, I’ve used it on multiple furniture DIY’s. This color is hands down my go to for white!



Our family room is one room that remains a shade of gray from when we first moved in and if I’m completely honest, I’ve been itching to get it painted. I do get a ton of questions about this color so I did want to share it as well. This gray is Seagull Gray by Behr. Its actually on the same color card as Silver Marlin, just a shade lighter. See I tried to make choosing a gray easier on myself by choosing two colors off of the same card. 😀



This shade of gray is a light gray, we get a ton of natural light in this room so it actually seems a bit lighter than it really is. Its not a bad gray although it can look as if it has blue/green undertones, but all in all its not a bad choice if you’re looking for a light gray color.


Our piano… quite possibly my most asked about piece in our home. We’ve had the piano for several years and when we first received it, it was a very deep cherry color. Too red for our home and I knew if we were to keep it and use it, I would have to love it. So as I always say, ‘if you don’t love it, paint it!’ And I did, using Repurpose paint in the color Stone Age. I honestly feel like this color was made for our piano, I love the way it turned out and the finish is smooth as butter!




Another accent color that I’ve used in our home also gets a lot of questions. When we gave our dining room a makeover and built a new table I knew I wanted to add a fun neutral color to let the table stand out a little more, not just blend with our décor. So I chose to use Queenstown Gray by General Finishes. I loved the color so much I painted our front door with it and an old thrifted frame that sits on our piano.




There is one color, an original to us moving into our home, that I still love. My favorite gray to date and its Dove by Behr. Our homeschool room is painted this color of gray and just recently I painted our youngest daughters room the same shade of gray. Dove for me is one of the closest grays to a ‘true’ gray. I love the shade and tone of the color. Its so soft and cozy. It almost seems smooth like clay when you look at it, if that makes sense. I know it seems odd to talk about paint colors that way but when I look at the color, that’s what I think of.


(A little sneak peek of our 4 year olds room makeover that will be coming to the blog very soon)


Choosing paint colors can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many bloggers now that share their favorite colors its almost as if the work is done, which makes it so much easier when it comes to choosing paint colors for the first third time. One thing I’ve learned about choosing a gray, look at where you’re pulling the card from. Most stores have their colors set up in reds, yellow, greens, browns, purples, blues… stay close to the browns and whites. Look at the darkest gray on the card and compare it to a true white, an ultra white, you should be able to easily see the undertones. If you notice my little paint graphic below you can pick out most of the undertones in each color I’ve shared. The bistro white has a yellow under tone but it doesn’t cast any yellow when on the wall, this is what makes it a warm cozy white. The dove looks gray with a small bit of brown undertones, you can see green in the Seagull gray, blue in Queenstown gray and brown in stone age.

IMG_2450 1 (1)

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I hope you’ve found today’s blog post helpful and if nothing else at least now you know all the main colors in our home. 😉 As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me at misdiy@outlook.com.

***A little announcement I wanted to make today, I’ve started doing a little read along over on Instagram where I choose a book each month (or so) to read and as a group we read it together and I check in to chat about what we’ve read. If you’d like to join the read along please send me a DM on Instagram, Id love to get you added in. Our new book, starting Monday 4/23 is Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley. I picked my book up at Target but like with most books, it can be found in multiple places.

~Happy reading friends


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