DIY Farmhouse Style Clock

As you may already know, we love filling our home with DIY’s and unique finds. Our clock is one of our DIY’s that’s most asked about and today I thought I would share exactly how we made it.


The first thing you’ll need to do is locate a spool that is the appropriate size for your space. I have a friend that works for a cable company and he was able to supply me with the spools I needed. I’ve also been able to get smaller ones from Lowes when they are emptied of their wire, just ask! If you have a local cable company, stop in and ask them if they have any available. Normally they just pitch them.

Once you have your spool you’ll need to disassemble it since you only need the end piece, and bonus if you have a friend also wanting a clock, since there are two ends this is the perfect DIY for two!! Now for the numbers, there are a few ways you can do them. I made stencils using my cri-cut, you can also buy stencils, print and trace numbers or as you’ll see later in the post, we used house numbers from Lowes for our personal clock.





Trace all of your numbers on and then you’ll paint them. This step is fairly easy just a little time-consuming. For the numbers I just use a simple craft paint and a small artist paint brush.


The next step is cutting the center piece that will hold your clock parts in place. We use 1/4″ plywood to make the center. You’ll want to lay the clock onto the plywood and trace the hole for your guide line. Once you have your hole traced you’ll use a jigsaw to cut out the circle.




Next, check your center piece on the clock, it will end up being a little bigger so you’ll need to sand it down a little and check it again. This takes a little time to get it perfect, just make sure you sand a little at a time and recheck often so that your center piece doesn’t become to small. You’ll want the piece to fit snug without being forced. This will help later in the glue process.



Now you’ll mark the center hole for the clock motor. Measure the diameter of your circle to find the center point. This is important to make sure your motor is lined up to move your hands around the clock correctly. Once you’ve found the center you’ll want to drill a hole. Make sure that the drill bit you use is large enough for the arm of the motor to fit all the way through.



Be sure to check that the motor fits before moving on. Its much easier to make your adjustments now before the next few steps!


Once your center piece fits into your spool top and you’ve double checked that the motor fits into the center piece you’ll want to paint it. Again I chose to use the same black craft paint that I used for the numbers.


After the center piece has dried you’ll need to use wood glue to attach it to the spool top. Because of the snug fit you should have achieved there will be no need to clamp or add any extra support while the glue dries. Just be sure not to use too much glue where it pushes through the front and ends up on your clock, if this does happen be sure to quickly clean it up. Let the glue dry over night. Then you can add the clock motor and hands.



I was able to find the clock parts at Hobby Lobby, they’re about $20 but if you use your 40% off coupon you get them for around 12 bucks! I’ve seen other clock parts on amazon as well if you are looking for a different style. To hang our clock we used D hooks and heavy wire. You can use the D hooks by themselves if you’d like but we prefer one hole in the wall rather than two, plus one is so much easier to get right. Lol


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little tutorial and for those of you that have been waiting FOREVER for me to share, I’m so sorry! It has taken me far too long! That fact that this clock of ours is over two years old… yea, I’m sorry. But it’s here now and yay you can finally make one. 😉


As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. You can also email me at Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy and to be sure you don’t miss any of my tutorials and home tours, be sure to follow the blog via email. (You will ONLY receive an email when a new blog post is published!)

~Happy Reading Friends


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