Spring décor Transformation

Happy Tuesday friends. When it comes to seasonal décor I like simple pieces that provide the look I’m wanting but don’t cost a lot money! I was excited this year to be able to simply transform a couple of pieces and achieve the look for only a few dollars!!


When the Mr. and I were on our little anniversary getaway we stopped by a store that was full of farmhouse goodness! While we were there I spotted a beautiful black bunny figure and fell in love with it, although I didn’t love the $30 price tag. Don’t get me wrong here, it was a beautiful piece and normal $30 is a reasonable price but when it comes to seasonal décor I don’t like to spend a lot of money knowing it will only be out for a short amount of time. I think I’ve shared before how I love to go to Target and scan their ‘once was’ dollar section. They always seem to put out super cute seasonal pieces and at an awesome price. Well a couple of weeks later I did just that and found these sweet ceramic bunny figures! I loved them but they weren’t exactly the style I was wanting.




So what do I do when it comes to easily transforming something so that I love it more? I usually paint it! 😀 And I did exactly that to these little bunnies and I got the exact look I was going for, for only a few dollars!



These rabbits were only $3 each and I already had some flat black spray paint on hand so the transformation was very simple and I absolutely love the way they turned out!



Are these rabbits exactly like the one I found in the store? No they’re not but for $6 and a little spray paint I’m super happy with the end results! Also I don’t have to feel bad if I decide next year that I no longer like them! I’m well-known for switching things up often so keeping our décor budget friendly is a must, plus I like to create a cozy home and then have money left over for a pizza! 😉


I hope you’ve enjoyed this super simple spring décor transformation and I hope it inspires you to create seasonal décor you love without breaking the bank! If you aren’t a fan of flat black, have fun with color! I even thought about spray painting one all white and one a very soft pink to use as décor in our little girls room! The possibilities are endless here due to the wide variety of paint colors! Which is why I’m a huge fan of paint, it’s the easiest way to make something new again!


I hope you all join me this week for our Spring Home tour and until then, as always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at misdiy@outlook.com. You can also find me here, on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy!


~Happy Reading Friends









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