11 Years

Its funny how an amount of time can seem to have flown by and at the same time it can seem as though its taken forever.


That’s how I feel when I think about the 11 years the Mr. and I have been married. We just celebrated our anniversary over the weekend and it was so fun! I’ll spare you all of the details about how we’ve known each other since we were kids, how our friendship went from just that to where we are today, how my husband has taught me so much about life and love in these 11 years and of course how amazing our little family we’ve created is. 😉 I’ll spare you. But I did want to share our little trip with y’all!

My friend Alyssa, you may know her as Cotton Wood Shanty, and her husband own a flat in down town Millersburg, Ohio right above Farmhouse Frocks. Its been a running business for people to book a stay for about a year now. I always thought it would be so fun to visit so I took the opportunity for our anniversary, and I’m so glad I did!


Alyssa and her husband have done a beautiful job on the ‘Urban Flat’ she has an amazing sense of style and it shows throughout the space! I love her mix of vintage, modern and DIY.


Not only does Alyssa own and run the flat, she also has a photography business and makes gorgeous scrolls to use as décor! You can find her shop here: Cotton Wood Shanty.



My favorite thing about this stay was the fact that we didn’t feel like we were really ‘staying’ somewhere, if that makes sense. Alyssa really made the entire space feel like home. From the cozy beds, Netflix on the TV to a keurig in the kitchen!



There are two rooms in the flat and I gave the Mr. the choice of the two… he chose the exposed brick!! Which happened to be my favorite little detail along with the cozy bed and vintage pieces! (I forgot to take a photo from the windows but you can see all of the sweet little downtown area!)




The other bedroom was just as beautiful as the first! I absolutely love the blues in this space and the coziness it adds.



We spent the entire next day exploring the area and I have to say it was perfect. From a little brewery to the Olde World Bakery and antique shops, I was on cloud nine! We were able to walk to all of these areas right from where we woke up and I loved how simple it all was, no jumping in and out of the car or looking for a parking space.


We enjoyed a delicious breakfast from Olde World Bakery before exploring the antique shops, that were FULL of awesome treasures. We also visited Farmhouse Frocks and Modern Farmhouse, which I LOVED! Everyone we met during our stay was so friendly, we even ended up getting to know one of the shop owners for well over an hour! 😀 I love when things like that happen!


Our trip was perfect, slow and simple. It really gave us time to slow down and just enjoy each other. Over meals and drinks, walking in the rain (because that’s all we’ve seen here in Ohio for weeks), talking without interruption, no hustle and bustle of the day, just being together in the slow hush of things. Exactly what we needed. And then we raced home to our sweet babes and life started again.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little behind the sense of our home and this little gem of a town here in Ohio. If you are planning a trip to Amish country or if you just want a sweet little weekend getaway to slow down and rest, be sure to check into The Urban Flat in Millersburg!

~Happy Reading Friends



5 thoughts on “11 Years

  1. Happy anniversary! 11 years is a milestone, it takes lots of love, compassion, sacrifice and most of all communication to make love last a lifetime, oh and you are our neighbor! (Not literally, but we are Michiganders) :))


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