misDIY Jewelry Collection with Dandelions In December

Happy Wednesday friends! I’m excited to share today’s blog post about my collaboration with Dandelions In December and the little jewelry collection I’ve put together. ALSO a special code for my readers!!

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It doesn’t take much time following along with me and my blog or other social media (Instagram + Pinterest) to figure out that I LOVE DIY’s! They’re kind of my favorite thing and I love getting to share them with y’all! When I was approached by Sheila at Dandelions In December to work with her in creating my own collection of her jewelry I thought, how fun, creating something NEW. Plus it was a chance to work with a lovely Instagram friend and create pieces of jewelry that fit my style!


Photo by Dandelions In December


Another thing you may have picked up on while following along and getting to know me, is that I like things simple. I’m not fancy when it comes to my clothing, make-up or hair so it should come as no surprise that I chose simple pieces for this collaboration. I wanted pieces that I could wear if I was dressing up a little (because I don’t dress up a lot) and also pieces I could wear everyday!


Choosing the pieces for my collection was honestly a bit harder than I had imagined! I’d never done anything like this before!!! It was a challenge not seeing the pieces in person while trying to figure out what elements I wanted to use but Sheila made it so easy and I had tons of fun with it! I knew I wanted to design two bracelets, a pair of earrings and a necklace, pieces I wear often. I also knew I wanted one of the bracelets to display my word of the year, TIME.


I chose marble, wood, suede and bronze metal for the jewelry. Sticking with my love for whites and woods, vintage and simple. These pieces are also customizable as far as the wording. On the necklace its written ‘be still’ and I love having that reminder on a necklace close to my heart.



The suede and bronze bracelet is my ‘one word’ bracelet and I love pairing it with the marble beaded bracelet that has a simple marble and wood charm matching the earrings perfectly. I wanted all of the pieces to be worn together but I also wanted each piece to stand on its own if I chose to wear them separately.



Sheila has so many beautiful options in her shop Dandelions In December, I know that even if my style doesn’t fit your style, you’ll still be able to find a beautiful piece or two to add to your jewelry collection. I had a lot of fun creating something new, more with my brain than my hands this time. 😀 It was totally out of my comfort zone (taking photos of myself, WHAT?) but it was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I was able to do it!


I couldn’t miss adding of photo of sweet Miss Sadie


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, a little newness brought to the blog for y’all! Please take some time to visit Sheila’s shop Dandelions In December and check out all of her beautiful creations! She’s also been sweet enough to give me a sale code to share with all of my readers!!! Just use MISDIY20 at checkout for 20% off!! As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at misdiy@outlook.com!

~Happy Reading Friends


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