Neutral Valentine’s Day Décor + DIY’s

Good Tuesday morning! Fun Fact: I’m not one to really decorate for every holiday. Christmas is a must along with Forth of July, Easter is Spring décor which I love and Fall is my favorite, but aside from those holidays I don’t usually decorate. Yet for some reason this year, I decided to add some simple Valentines Day touches around our home and of course it involved some DIY’s.


It still feels like we were just celebrating Christmas but at the same time it does feel like it was so long ago. These days always seem to drag by but the months pass too quickly. I think that’s part of the reason I decided to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year. If you remember reading about My One Word for 2018 you’ll remember that the word I chose was TIME (again). I’m trying to be intentional with my time and enjoy my time more. So for me that also means enjoying every season, cold or hot. Valentine’s Day also happens to be the Mr.’s birthday and our anniversary is the same month as well. February is a great month and should be celebrated! 😉


When I decided I wanted to add Valentine’s Day to our home I knew instantly that I would keep it simple, neutral and DIY what I could to save money. I love decorating our home and adding holiday décor but let’s be honest, it can be EXPENSIVE! So I always try to add in some fun DIY projects and use what I already have in our home to create the feel I want to achieve.


Our mantel in the sitting room is always so fun for me to decorate and I love trying new pieces in this space. A challenge is always fun right?! For this space I created 2 garlands. One using the recipe I’ve shared here DIY Candle Holders + Christmas Trees. I found a package of heart cookie cutters at Wal-Mart for $.98 and I used the two smallest sizes for my clay hearts. Once they were finished I simply hot glued them to some yarn I had on hand. The other garland was made using vellum I picked up at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. To cut the hearts I used my circuit. If you do not have a cutting machine you could use your cookie cutter to trace the shape and cut them by hand. To string the hearts I simple used a thick thread and needle. The pom-pom garland I’ve had for a couple of years now from Barb at Happy Home Happy Life.


I also added this crock I had on hand with some eucalyptus from Trader Joes for $2.99, our metal letters from Journey Iron and my brass candle holders. It’s very simple but it creates a sweet romantic feel.



The corner of our sitting room has undergone a few changes and its quickly becoming my favorite sweet spot in our home. We picked up this new chair and side table from Ikea and its completely changed the feel of this space! I had some faux flowers that I’d picked up from Hobby Lobby last year and added them to this white pitcher. The wood heart is from Rustic Occasions and the Stay Awhile sign is from Down Grace Lane, one of my all time favorites.


IMG_4754I absolutely love the sweetness in our home right now. Its simple but there’s no mistaking that its ready for the holiday. Of course I’ve kept things cozy with lots of blankets, added candles and I think that’s a must. This space has become our favorite room to have Mr. and Mrs. time in. Right in front of the fire, under a blanket with a cup of coffee snuggled in together!


Our dining room was another area that I added a few touches too. The fresh flowers were $3.99 at Trader Joes and I placed them in one of my canisters. I also added another heart garland in this space. Again keeping it simple but festive!




I couldn’t leave out our family room. It’s the one room we spend the most time in so naturally I had to add a little something in this space as well. I made a third garland using only the larger clay hearts and I whipped up a couple of signs!


For my neutral Valentine’s Day signs I wanted to keep it… simple. You guys are catching on ;-). Not only simple for the décor but also for the DIY. We actually have a small scrap wood pile that I get lucky enough to find the right pieces in every now and then, and this time I was lucky enough to find two of the exact size I wanted. To make these signs you’ll need two square pieces cut to size, paint, a paint marker, 1×2″ board for framing, modge podge, paint brushes and a piece of heart or Valentines Day inspired paper.


I painted the larger board using a white paint I have on hand and then I used a black paint marker once it dried to write ‘I love you’ over the entire piece. For the smaller board I simply used modge podge to attach a piece of black and white heart paper I found at Hobby Lobby. These signs don’t have to be framed if that’s a step you’d like to skip, I just prefer the finished look the frame gives the sign. For the frame you’ll measure two sides exact length and the other two sides you will measure with 2 pieces of the 1×2 on the board. As you can see in the photo shown, as far as the top or sides being the longer sides, I don’t really have a preference, just however it gets assembles by the Mr. And yes he attached my frames because I would run a nail right through the front of the sign! lol


That’s it for this Neutral Valentine’s Day Décor + DIY’s post! I hope you’ve all enjoyed it and if you haven’t started decorating yet, I hope this inspires you to add a few small touches to your home. These DIY’s I’ve shared today were done in just over two days, because it was the weekend and life. If you wanted to tackle them in a day, you totally could. They’re that easy!!! As always, if you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments section below or feel free to email me at I’ve also attached a couple of images below if you’d like to pin them to save this post for later!

~Happy Reading Friends

IMG_4679 1

IMG_4754 1



6 thoughts on “Neutral Valentine’s Day Décor + DIY’s

  1. I love these ideas! I don’t do much holiday decorating because everything I try usually makes our house feel cluttered. But keeping it neutral gets the feeling across without looking busy. Your home is really beautiful and I love that you are homeschooling! You will never regret that decision. I have homeschooled for the last 14 years and it is hard but so rewarding! My 3 children have a very close relationship that I don’t believe would have developed if they were in public school. I know how overwhelming it feels but my oldest has finished college and my second is a junior in college this year. My youngest is a high school junior. I was so worried I would ruin them! Sorry to ramble. I’ve never commented on a blog before but just wanted to let you know I love your style and when I hear about someone homeschooling I always want to encourage them. I remember those days when mine were younger as hard but wonderful! Thanks again for sharing your Home and ideas!


    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment Andrea! I truly appreciate you sharing your experience with homeschooling!! And I agree about the décor, I’m the same way with feeling cluttered which is why I keep things simple and neutral!


  2. So sweet & simple! Love it. Can you write about your stove sometime? Wondering if it throws good heat being gas, is it hot to the touch, and do you feel completely safe using it since it’s non-vented? Thanks:) Enjoy your special month!


    • Hi Farrah! We love our gas stove! I don’t have many details about it as it was already in our home when we purchased it. Its so very warm and puts off a ton of heat being gas. It does get hot in places, just like with any open flame but our kiddos know to stay away from it. 🙂 Hope this helps answer some of your questions.


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