Friday Recap

Good Friday morning Sunday afternoon!! Its another Friday Recap where I bring the photos I’ve shared on Instagram this week over here to the blog and talk a little more about them in detail!! I always enjoy these Friday Recaps because it gives me a chance to share more around our home than what I sometimes do here on the blog in my tours and DIY posts.


This week I shared the new pillow covers I made using an Ikea table cloth. WHAT?! I know… here’s the thing. We were snowed in for a week, our closest anything good is 45 minutes away and I REALLY wanted new pillow covers! You can read all about them in my post What I Made using an Ikea Table Cloth.


I also shared our dining room and the makeover it recently received! Farmhouse Style Dining Room Makeover I get a lot of questions about these greens and I actually found them at the grocery store Kroger’s! I absolutely love them and I will be sad when they wilt away!


Our bedroom no longer looks this way, I’ve removed the greens and the orange garland but you can see more of our winter bedroom here Winter Home Tour. The wooden tray on our bed was a super easy DIY you can read about here DIY Wooden Tray.



Our dining room makeover/refresh has been one of my favorites so far this year. Still early in 2018 I know but I love the transformation and I can finally say I’m happy with this space! We still need a rug and we need to build a bench for the table but we’ll get to those things soon enough! You can read all about this little makeover here Farmhouse Style Dining Room Makeover.



Still loving our open shelving in the family room! The photo on the top is from Shutter Tree Photos, the gold frames on the second shelf are from Target’s Hearth and Hand line. I still need to get some photos in those… lol. The wall (which I need to blog about) was done using WEaber Lumber, a product you can find at Home Depot! The gorgeous round is from AvaBerry Lane!


This cuteness, I can’t even handle. This is our sweet girl Sadie! I may have to do a blog post to introduce her to y’all better but we had a fun little photo shoot with her and she’s seriously the sweetest!!!


This was a little throw back to summer and our entry way! The sign is from Downgrade Lane signs, the bench was a DIY and the basket was a tariffed find!


The snow… oh we got so much snow! I couldn’t help but take some pictures of it! I absolutely love our property covered in these freezing beauty!


If you missed my post How ‘I’ Stay Organized I talked about this amazing planner from Heart of the Farm Planner and how I stay organized! This was earlier in the week when I was trying to get all of my meals and blog posts together!


This fiddle leaf fig is out of control y’all!! I get a lot of questions about my fiddle leave figs and how I get them to grow. I plan to do a blog post soon but warm water and sunlight are very important.


Our entry way got a little love this week. I found this adorable fishing basket at our local thrift store for $3 and knew it had to hang in this space! Thrifting is my favorite and finds like this are why I do love it!



That wraps up this week. I hope you all enjoyed seeing my week through Instagram in this Friday Recap. As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at

~Happy Reading Friends



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