What I Made using an Ikea Table Cloth

One of my favorite things to do is to use an item that has a purpose, for a completely different purpose! Taking an every day item like a table cloth, used to cover tables and turning it into something else! Completely different.


I’m sure you all remember the pillow covers I made for our Christmas décor, the red plaid ones that I was obsessed with. I honestly didn’t think I would find fabric I loved as much to make new, more neutral covers once Christmas was over. I began looking but wasn’t having any luck! And then, after being snowed in for a few days I remembered I had a table cloth from Ikea that I loved but didn’t love it on our dining room table!



I measured out the table cloth and found that I could make 4-20×20 covers with it and have left over material! So I began cutting. The very first cut was to remove the gray border. I knew I didn’t want the gray border on any of my pillow covers and removing it was a simple straight cut!


For the covers I used the same technic that I shared in my earlier blog post Easy DIY Pillow Covers. I’ve received so many questions about these pillow covers and I promise, anyone that can measure, cut and sew a straight line can make these! I’m not a professional when it comes to anything  when it comes to sewing, I’ve taught myself how to sew and I don’t view my skill level to be above beginner!



I do love the way these turned out and they fit in perfectly with our décor! I also love that because the pillows were made from a table cloth, the fabric is sturdier! I know they’ll wash well and hold up longer then any cotton material. I have recently made other pillow covers, if you’re on Instagram you’ll know the gray striped ones I’m talking about. For those I chose a duck (?!) material…I don’t know the lingo or the proper terms here but I fell in love with the colors and the heaviness of the fabric!


The fabric I’ve used for pillow covers so far has come from Hobby Lobby, if its not on sale be sure to use your 40% off coupon! This table cloth from Ikea that I recently used was about $20 if I remember correctly and I was able to make 4-20×20 covers out of it. Making your own is definitely cost efficient and I promise these are so fun and easy!


I think that does it for today’s blog post! I hope its inspired you to cut up that table cloth you love but haven’t been using or to go out and find some fabric! I can’t tell y’all enough just how simple these covers are to make! Dust off that sewing machine, grab a cup of coffee and get to making!! 😉 As always if you have an questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below or feel free to email me at misdiy@outlook.com! I’ve included a couple of photos ready for Pinterest if you’d like to save this post for later. Just hover over the image at the top left hand corner and click the Pinterest ‘save’ icon when it pops up!

P.S I’m wanting to do a Q&A post for y’all on the blog but I need to know what questions y’all would like from me to answer! Please also comment with those below or send them to me in an email! Thanks so much friends!

~Happy Reading Friends

IMG_4554 1

IMG_4541 1



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