Friday Recap

I can finally say it y’all, happy FRIDAY! It feels so good to finally be here. I’m not sure why and I asked over on Instagram yesterday but was this the longest week ever or was it just me? I felt like this week was never ending! I’m excited to be here today though, doing another Friday Recap with y’all! If you’re new to the blog, Fridays are when I share all of my photos from this week that I’ve posted on Instagram. I bring them over here to the blog, talk about them and share sources with you guys! This week most of the photos I share will be repeats from my blog posts, umm I blogged a lot this week. But if you saw something you were curious about, hopefully I’ll be able to share the info here today!


I finally removed all of our red plaid pillows…I know, I was a little sad. I’ll be sharing a sneak peek later on in this post or if you read yesterdays post How ‘I’ Stay Organized then you’ve already seen what they’ve been replaced with! I’ve gotten so many questions about these pillow covers, the fabric was found at Hobby Lobby with their seasonal fabrics and I did a blog post showing how I made the covers here, Easy DIY Pillow Covers. These covers are so simple, if you can measure and sew a straight line, you can make these for your home!


I love transitioning into winter décor. I shared our Winter Home Tour this week and with all the snow we’ve received the last few days our home hasn’t felt cozier! The clock was a DIY (coming to the blog soon), the orange garland is left over from Christmas and the little copper pot was a vintage find.


Our master bedroom has stayed pretty quiet the last few weeks, I didn’t really change much from Christmas. I did take the bells down that were on our door but other than that its remained the same. I get a lot of questions about our wedding numerals and I do have a blog post planned to show how I make signs for our home. I did share this little DIY Wooden Tray I believe it was last week. I love having it in our room to hold the current book I’m reading, our coffee or my laptop when I decide to work from bed.

Snapseed 1

You may have noticed we made some changes to our entryway and I’m loving the direction its going. I still have something else to add to the space and I’m excited to share once its finished!! I’ll also be sharing how you can make your own framed shiplap. For now if you’d like to read about the light we’ve installed you can find it here DIY Wireless Light. The little speaker is a Crosley speaker from Urban Outfitters and the table is the Everett Foyer table from World Market.


Blankets, blankets, blankets! You can never have too many cozy blankets in your home! We have a blanket on just about every sofa, chair and bed! And then we have our blanket ladder! My husband helped me build this a year or so ago and for whatever reason I never blogged about it! I’ve been wanting to make a second one for our home soooo you’ll be seeing the DIY on my blog soon! Speaking of not blogging things…our piano always seems to get a lot of attention, with questions like ‘does it work’? ‘did you paint it yourself’? and ‘what color is it’? It is a working piano, the Mr. and our daughters play it, I did paint it myself using Stone Age in the Repurpose line. I don’t regret painting it one bit, I absolutely love the way it turned out!!


Just in case I haven’t told you guys, this $40 shelf unit from Ikea is my favorite! I love the look and feel it adds to our dining room! This piece is called the Ivar and you actually buy it by the piece, so the sides are $10 each and then $5 per shelf! We’ve recently added another one of these shelving units to our homeschool room!  The star garland was a DIY from last Christmas but you can read about home I made it here DIY Candle Holders + Christmas Trees and the sweet banner was a custom from Madre Hand Made.


Our dining room finally feels right. I don’t think I’ve shared much about this space recently. I’ve honestly been struggling with it. I finally gave into one of my ‘urges’ and made some changes! I’ll be blogging about all of the details in this space very soon!! The light is from Home Depot and I painted it flat black.



Here’s a little sneak peek of the new pillow covers I made, I’m seriously loving them! I shared these two photos together on Instagram asking the question ‘If I told you there were 20+ board/card games and multiple blankets in this space would you believe me’? We love our storage ottomans from Ikea, they make such a difference in our home of little storage. Yesterday I talked about How ‘I’ Stay Organized and being purposeful with our furniture is key! Not only do I want our furniture to be cozy and pleasing to the eye but I also want it to be functional and provide extra storage where we need it!




Our accent wall in the family room is always another big conversation piece. We used actual lumber from Weaber Lumber to create this wall, you can also find their product at Home Depot. It added so much texture and coziness to this space, we love it! The basket, lamp and throw are all from Target, the large pillow covers, couch and ottomans are from Ikea.



We have gotten so much snow this last week! I have to say, even though its cold and I mean negative temps around here, its so magical! Our property covered in snow is possibly one of my favorite sights.





The top of our piano got a moody refresh and I’m obsessed with the winter greens. If you’ve noticed they are sprinkled all over our home. I actually found them at Kroger’s, a grocery store for those of you that don’t have one in your area. I will be so sad when they eventually die but for now I’m truly enjoying them! The flower painting is from Deann Art, the letter board is LetterFolk and the lamp is from Target.




I think that wraps this week up friends. I hope y’all have enjoyed this little recap. If I missed something you were curious about please leave your question(s) in the comments below or email me at! I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend! As always here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll be sharing this morning on Instagram!

~Happy Reading Friends













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