Winter Home Tour

Good Monday morning friends!! Today I wanted to hop on and share our home decorated for winter. Last year I transitioned from Christmas to winter and I loved it! So this year was a no brainer when Christmas was over. In today’s post I’ll be sharing what our house looks like now and talk a little about how I made the transition.


I don’t know about yall but going straight from Christmas to nothing is a little hard. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE to de-clutter and pack away all of the holiday décor but I also felt like I let this time of year slip by, as if I had already moved on to the next holiday or season when really in all reality winter was just getting started. Its funny living in Ohio, our weather is so unpredictable but you can unusually guarantee that you’ll see more snow after Christmas than you do before. So by transitioning from Christmas to winter I found the best of both worlds. I was able to de-clutter AND keep our home feeling cozy for winter!


If you saw my Christmas home tour (Simple Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour) then you’ll easily see how I made the transition. I first started removing all of the Christmas specific items. All of the reds (minus the pillow covers I made because I just can’t yet), all of the santa items, I removed the decorations from our tree and packed away any other items that screamed Christmas.


Once I had packed everything away I did a major clean. This is the part that makes my simple clutterless heart happy. I was able to remove the holiday decor which left a blank canvas for the most part, because I had packed a lot of our regular decor away to make room. So with my blank canvas I took some time to clean, touch up paint and fill nail holes. It’s the perfect time to give your permanent fixtures and walls a little TLC. Then came the emptying and gathering of all decor…


One thing I always like to do this time of year or when I’m feeling the need for a refresh is gather my decor. This basically means I remove all of my decor from shelves, mantles, bookcases, tables, the piano, wherever there are items to remove I remove them. I also bring up my 30 gallon tote that holds unused decor. I place it all on and around our dining room table, clean surfaces and then i basically shop our dining table for decor and redecorate. It’s so fun to switch things up and try a piece in a new spot to create a whole new look and feel. Now in saying this, there are some areas of our home that I don’t switch around. If I absolutely love how it’s already styled I leave it. Dont mess with a good thing. 😉 But I love getting to do a refresh this way. I also take the opportunity to purge any items I no longer want or need! So I accomplish two things with this task and it feels so good when I’m finished!


As you can see here in our dining room I made a couple bigger changes and I’ll be sharing all of the details in a later post but during an after Christmas winter refresh I do sometimes (not often but this time a little change was due) change-up more than just the decor. It’s never anything major or a big project that cost a lot. It’s usually something inexpensive that makes a big impact!


With my cleaning, touch ups and purging finished I used the decor I knew I loved and redecorated our home. To achieve the ‘winter’ feel I added in some natural elements like pine cones and fresh-cut winter greens. I also left out my orange slice garland and as you saw above, our Christmas tree. I added in a few more candles and made sure there was a blanket available at all of the sitting areas. My goal was simple, cozy and fresh. Pretty much the same goal I have all year but with a little winter twist!


In our family room I revamped the shelving, switched the little white houses for candle sticks and added fresh-cut greens. As mentioned before I kept the pillow covers I made for Christmas out for a couple of reasons, 1. I just wasnt ready to pack them away and 2. Although I have been looking, I havent been able to find fabric I love as much as this! I did find some fabric just last week that I’m getting ready to try, I’ll keep y’all posted!




Again with lots of blankets and fresh greens! I also kept this beautiful horse print out because to me you can’t get anymore ‘winter’.


Onto our master bedroom…Our bedroom didn’t really get switched up. I felt the way I had decorated it for Christmas easily transitioned into winter (and I loved it) without any changes needing to be made. I did take time to clean and freshen our room. I actually gave our mantle and our computer desk a fresh coat of paint. The mantle had started to yellow and it was a little to heavily distressed. As for the yellowing I’m not sure if it was from the sun or the type of paint I used but I gave it a couple of coats and I’m anxious to see how it does over time. Our desk was also painted due to the heavily distressed look I had previously given it. Dont get me wrong, I love all things chippy and distressed but it was time to calm it down a little in this space and I’m so glad I did.





That’s it for this years Winter Home Tour. I hope you all enjoyed getting to see inside our home this time of year and I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about my process when it comes to transitioning from Christmas to Winter. If you havent tried making the transition I hope you get inspired to do so, it’s so perfect to keep this time of year special. I’ve truly enjoyed our home in the winter so much more by allowing the feel of winter to fill our home!! As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at You can also find me on Instagram @misdiy! Feel free to use the image below for Pinterest if you’d like to save this post for later!

~Happy Reading Friends





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    • Thank you so much! And yes it really is! I’ve found that I enjoy all things winter when our home is still winterized. If I jump from Christmas to spring I find myself anxious in waiting. While it may not work for everyone I sure do enjoy it!

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