DIY Wooden Tray

Happy Thursday afternoon friends! I’m hoping on a little later in the day today, normally I have my blog posts up and ready for y’all first thing in the morning but this week has been full on Christmas prep! I did want to jump over real quick and share this easy little DIY with y’all! Its perfect for that last minute gift or that one name on the list that’s had ya stumped!

What you’ll need:

  • 2″x12″ board sanded, this one is cut to 20″ (length is customizable)
  • 4 Feet for the tray
  • Paint or stain for finish, unless leaving it natural as shown
  • Drill
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Pencil

Below is a close up photo of the feet I chose to use for this exact tray. I was able to find them at Lowe’s.

Once you have your board cut and sanded you will need to mark the wood for the feet holes. I chose to inset my feet 1.5″. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure in 1.5″ from each side and mark the connecting point for your drill hole.

To drill your holes, you’ll want to use a drill bit roughly the same size as the screw on the feet you’ve chosen. I know ya’ll know this but sometimes I just don’t pay attention so a friendly reminder here, DON’T drill all the way through your board! Lol!! I drilled about half way through the board and it worked just fine. Once you’ve predrilled your holes you can attach the feet. If you’d like to add wood glue before tightening down the feet, now is the time. I skipped the glue, the feet tightened down very well and I didn’t feel that they needed to be glued.

Here is a close up of the attached foot.

That’s it my friends. Once all four feet have been screwed into the board you are done! That simple!!! This DIY can easily be done in 30 min and it makes the perfect gift for you, a loved one or a friend!!

I love moving trays like this around our home. They are perfect to decorate with or use everyday for coffee…or tea. 😉 I also have another tray I built using longer feet and its perfect to sit across my lap when I get a slow morning in bed to have coffee or work on the blog!! You can really customize this DIY to fit many needs!!

I’m excited to have this little tray in our master bedroom, I see a lot of weekend coffee dates with the Mr. right here. And when we’re not using it for our coffee dates I’ll keep my book on it or decorate it just for fun!

I hope y’all have enjoyed this little DIY and I hope that if you were needing one more quick and easy Christmas gift that this can be it!! As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me at If you’re on Instagram and use this DIY I’ve shared, I would LOVE to see your completed project! You can tag me @misdiy!

~Happy Reading Friends