Christmas DIY Roundup

Happy Monday friends! This is it, the last week before Christmas! I really can’t believe it you guys, where did this year go?! I seriously need time to slow down!! We’ve had so many fun Christmas things going on already and this week I’m really trying to focus on soaking it all in! I hope you all do the same, this magical time of year seems to pass so quickly.

Today I wanted to do a little round up for you, of all my favorite Christmas DIYs I’ve done this year! I think its safe to say this year may have been my very favorite as far as holiday DIYs! I’ll share them all here and then y’all can decide. 😉


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My first DIY I want to share is this dried orange slice garland! This was so easy, you guys! All you do is take some oranges, it really just depends on how long you want your garland or how many ornaments you want to make. I think I used about 5 oranges and I have some left over. So you’ll take your oranges and slice them about 1/4″ thick (picking out any seeds). Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or use a cooling rack and bake the oranges at 175* or in my case 200* because our ancient oven wouldn’t cook any lower. You’ll bake them 3-4 hours depending on your oven and flip them every hour. Once they’re finished I used a large eye sewing needle and some twine to string them! Here is a great tutorial if you’d like to read a little more in detail that I found on Pinterest.





The next DIY I wanted to share were these little twig stars I made this year! These were so fun and easy! I love the way they look in our home. The texture and organic feel they add to the space is perfect!! For my twig stars I simply gathered or cut 5 twigs per star to be the exact same size (or as exact as I could), longer for larger stars and shorter for smaller stars. Then to assemble them I used my hot glue gun and added just a bit of glue at each connecting point. You could also wrap twine around the connecting points but I wanted to keep it as natural looking as possible! I did find a tutorial to share with you guys, but for my stars I basically pulled up a photo of a twig star to get the lay out right and that was it. I know tutorials can be helpful so I found one from my friend Lisa that y’all might enjoy (here)!



The next DIY is a tradition this time of year for many, cinnamon ornaments. I decided to skip a step in the process and make ‘cinnamon cookies’ instead! These were another super easy project and my girls were able to jump in and help as well! I always love including them with projects as much as possible! For this I simply followed the recipe here. I just opted out of adding the hole at the top for the twine or ribbon before baking. But you could totally whip up two batches of this recipe and make some ornaments and some cookies, bonus they smell amazing! Be sure when you lay them out on the plate that no one eats them!!! Lol



Next up is our ‘Homemade Christmas’ baskets the girls and I put together. I absolutely LOVE these baskets and everything we put in them. You can read all about them here. They were super easy, affordable and I truly feel like they were a great little gift from our home to our loved ones and neighbors. Our girls had so much fun getting to help create and deliver them! This is definitely a great time of year to teach our little ones about giving!



I blogged about our DIY Star Advent Calendar and we are over half way through it! I love the way this DIY looks hanging on our wall but I also love what it adds to this time of year. Our advent calendar focuses on acts of kindness plus some fun Christmas activities with a couple of Christmas jokes thrown in. The girls get so excited when its time to check the activity for the day. Its been a great addition this year!!



Of course I couldn’t forget to share these DIY Pillow Covers. Y’all have gone crazy over these and I love that you love them just as much as I do! I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby but I’ve also heard that it may be found at Joann’s fabrics as well. I haven’t had any luck finding it anywhere other than Hobby Lobby. Fabric or not, this DIY is so easy, you can make pillow covers for every day of the week! I am officially obsessed with making these covers now! If you can cut, measure and sew a straight line this DIY is for you!!



I think that wraps up this little round up! I hope you’ve all enjoyed it! As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at

~Happy Reading Friends


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