Simple Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour

Good Wednesday morning friends! Its a chilly morning here, a high of 17 degrees right now. I have the fire going, a hot cup of coffee and I’m here excited to share our little Christmas home tour with you all!! Yesterday I linked up with eleven other amazing bloggers to share our Favorite Christmas Room, if you missed it you can find it here. I hope you take some time to visit each blog linked up to see their gorgeous spaces! AND if you’d like to see what our home looked like last year you can find that here!

Starting off this little Christmas home tour I wanted to share our dining room. In this space I really enjoyed adding simple touches of red, mixing my vintage pieces with the new and keeping it all functional! I added lots of greens, a mix of fresh and faux, in this space by using faux stems I picked up at Hobby Lobby, some faux moss, mini boxwood wreaths and fresh pine off of our trees. To add simple pops of red I used my vintage Santa pitcher and mug, pillow covers I made (you can read about those here), tea towels from Ikea and ribbon I picked up at Hobby Lobby.







My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple. Loving others.  -Bob Hope

I shared our sitting room yesterday in the link up I had mentioned so I’ll spare you all the photos again but I did want to drop a few here to complete the tour. If you’d like to see all of the photos I shared you can see them here in the Favorite Christmas Room post!! Our sitting room is easily my favorite room with our King of Christmas tree, the fire place and our piano! It’s just about the cozies room in our home right now and I love it!





This space came together so easily. Once we had the tree up and decorated it was almost as though the other pieces fell into place. I can’t say that’s something that happens often around here but I love when it does. The little pops of red in our tree, the stockings on the mantel and the red striped pillow covers brought the room together and gave it that cozy Christmas feel I was hoping for in this space.




Our entry way and our kitchen also got a little Christmas cheer. Again I kept it very simple in these areas just like the rest of our home. For the entry way I added some fresh pine garland, some red berry stems, an adorable wall hanging and another one of the pillow covers I made. For our entry way table, I simply added a wreath to our framed shiplap along with a couple spools of ribbon I picked up last year, just for a pop of color. Our kitchen doesn’t get shown often, I’m dreaming of the day we get to remodel it and make it ‘ours’. I have dreams of new appliances, white cabinets and a beautiful island right in the middle, but for now we are loving on it just the way it is!



When I said our sitting room was the coziest room…weeeeeeell I think its safe to say its a tie with our family room! I absolutely love the cozy, warm Christmas feel in this space.  I didn’t go crazy with the décor in this space, again the goal this year was simple, but I did have a lot of fun decorating our open shelving and the cozy corner.






In this space I added lots of textures, fresh pine, a faux tree from Ikea, a few little white houses, and a couple of DIY projects like the pillow covers, twig star and advent calendar. And this space was Christmas ready!! I love the pops of red and the rustic organic feel the wood elements and pine added!



The last room in our Christmas home tour is our master bedroom. This room was quite possibly the hardest room for me to decorate this year. I couldn’t decide which direction I wanted to go with it. I knew like the rest of our Christmas décor, that I wanted it to be simple and have natural elements in the space. Last week I finally took time to really work in this space, I emptied it out completely starting with a blank slate which really helped me focus.


It all really started with a bag of oranges. One project on my list this year for Christmas was to make a dried orange slice garland. I didn’t know where I would hang it but I knew I wanted to make one to add to our Christmas décor. Once I had emptied our bedroom of all things décor it didn’t take long for me to decide that the garland would hang from our headboard. With the garland in place the rest of the room just kind of came together. I found some fresh pine mix bouquets at Kroger’s that I placed in glass jars from Hobby Lobby, I added an orange slice to each jar with some twine, and placed them on our night stands. The homemade beeswax candles we made seemed like the perfect addition to this vintage candle stick holder I found and our bedding was kept white and simple.



I think that wraps up this Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tour! I had so much fun decorating our home this year. So many new DIYs and little projects went into our décor and I think that’s what makes me love it even more. I kept it simple, I decorated with the outdoors and made some new pieces we will use for years to come. I hope you all enjoyed this tour, as always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at! I’ve shared an image below to be pinned on Pinterest for keeps and below that I’ve included links to some other posts you may be interest in visiting!!

~Happy Reading Friends

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