Homemade Christmas

Good Monday morning friends!!! I’m super excited about today’s blog post, it’s all about a ‘Homemade Christmas’. The girls and I are making gift baskets for our neighbors, parents and grandparents and I thought it would be a fun little project to share with y’all! Who doesn’t love a homemade gift?! My idea behind these little baskets is to send a little cozy Christmas from our home to our loved ones. The items I’ve added to the baskets are items we use in our home to make it cozy and to add some extra Christmas cheer!


Before I started, I began collecting baskets from our local thrift store. Trying to keep this budget friendly this was a no brainer! I had looked at using small wooden crates which I found at Ikea for $5 each, so if you are local that’s another option, but for us the thrift store baskets were the best fit (since we at making 8 baskets)! I’ve actually been able to find baskets for less than the $2 each! Another small purchase were these red striped tea towels from Ikea for $.79 each. We have them in our home and I thought they were perfect to add that Christmas feel to each basket!IMG_20171208_203249_175

The next step was to decide what would go into the basket. Again I wanted to gift items we love so I decided to make up jars of stove top potpourri, add eggs, we made beeswax candles and of course there had to be baked goods. You can easily personalize these baskets to fit your home and your recipients. Again my goal was cozy Christmas in a basket from our home to theirs. Like gifting bits from our home, if that makes sense. 🙂


For the stove top potpourri I found this recipe on Pinterest (here). I used 4×6 note cards to hand write the instructions (instead of printing the tags) and attached to each jar with red and white twine. Friends, this potpourri is a MUST! I use the larger recipe found (here) for our home and I love it! It makes our home smell like all things Christmas and its so very easy!


For the beeswax candles I actually found a candle making kit on Amazon (here) that we used. It came with everything we needed and the girls loved getting to help make these candles! Each sheet makes two candles so we had plenty to give away and some left over to enjoy ourselves! There’s just something so cozy about a burning candle, a cup of coffee and a warm blanket!!


There was no question that we would gift some eggs. We love our chickens and we are so grateful to have a food source of our own. For the eggs I found these sweet half dozen cartons at Hobby Lobby! I also ordered some from Tractor supply! They are adorable and the perfect size for these baskets! If you don’t have eggs maybe do a loaf of homemade bread to go along with your cookies or add in a jar of hot cocoa mix! Really the possibilities are endless!



Now if you’ve been around the blog or Instagram for awhile you know I’m big on attention to detail. The little details get me every. single. time. So once I had decided what would go into the baskets and how, the fun of adding sweet details began, my favorite part! Earlier in the week I had made some dried orange slices to use for a garland in our master bedroom. There were a few left over so I decided to add one to each basket as a little ornament. I didn’t want to just lay it in the basket so I tied it around the egg carton. Then of course I needed to add some greenery. You’ve all read the story about the mouse and the cookie right? That’s me when it comes to things like this! I love it! So I’ve added orange slices (ornament or tied around the mason jar), fresh pine (can be added to the mason jar once they use the potpourri) and a pine cone (set beside jar for décor) next to the burning candle while the potpourri simmers and they enjoy a cookie or two. Do you see a little into my mind and how it was working on these baskets?


This little idea of gifting a sweet cozy basket turned into a Homemade Christmas in a basket. Everything our loved ones and neighbors might need to add a little extra Christmas cheer to their home! The girls and I have had so much fun putting these together and they were really very budget friendly. The only item that was a little more expensive was the candle making kit but as mentioned we had several candles left over to enjoy ourselves. All of the other items were very inexpensive or free! These will definitely be on our list again next year!!


I hope y’all have enjoyed this little handmade project, and as always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at misdiy@outlook.com! You can also follow along by selecting the FOLLOW button at the right hand side of the screen! I’ve included this pin-able image below if you’d like to save this blog post for later! Simply drag your mouse over the image and the Pinterest button will pop up!! You can also find me on Pinterest here!!


~Happy Reading Friends





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