Friday Recap

Good Friday morning friends!! I’ve been a little quite this week, I’ve been fighting a bug since the weekend and I’m hoping it’s finally on its way out of my system! I had good things to share with y’all this week too, so I will be blogging tomorrow! Another Saturday I know but I’ve been working on a ‘Homemade Christmas’ and I just cant wait to get it over here on the blog! I did however, stay busy enough on Instagram this week so I have a few fun photos to share with y’all today!!



I finally got our stockings up around the end of last week. I was a little hesitant about putting them up this year and I honestly considered making new ones…my to-do list is already a mile long so I decided to stick with these for now. (Saves me a little added stress right?!) And honestly now that they’re up, I do still love them! The red isn’t as loud and busy as I was thinking it would be, it actually ties in nicely with our tree, the red wooden bead garland and the red striped pillow I moved from our master to this space!! I get a lot of questions about items in this space so I’ll quickly go through a few of them, if you’re on Instagram you can easily find these sources by clicking my photo or by using an app I’ll share later in the post! The clock and blanket ladder were DIY projects (I’ll be sharing both on the blog in the new year), the piano is painted with Stone Age in Repurpose paint and the stockings are from Target.


I’m sure I’ve told y’all this before but I love decorating our entry way for the changing seasons. I have a favorite sign for this space but I love getting to switch it out now and then. This year I went with another simple look, a wall hanging, fresh pine garland with red berry stems added and one of the pillow covers I made. Sweet and simple.


This week I also shared our Advent calendar and if you missed reading about it here on the blog you can find it ((here)). It’s not to late to get yours made and this one couldn’t be easier to put together!! In this space I also added more fresh pine garland, a lap throw I made using more of the pillow cover material and switched up the wording on our letter board because… coffee and Christmas music ALL day everyday around here!


I used these little boxwood wreaths I’ve had for a couple of years now and attached them with the same ribbon I made our Christmas tree bows with. It was such an easy way to add a Christmas feel to this space and I love how the red and green pop against the white chairs. That heart with the circle around it on the photo, remember I mentioned an app you could use for sources? You can basically shop my posts! Its called ( You can download the app on your phone and then anytime you like one of my photos on Instagram, the app will give you all of the sources and links to where you can purchase the items! It’s so fun and easy! Most of the time when I use for my posts you’ll see that circled heart, sometimes I don’t post the overlay onto my pictures but I’ve still used the link up! Other times I’ll just tag the sources in the photo. So with this app you’ll always be able to get the links and sources when you like or screen shot my posts!


Now you didn’t think I would forget to decorate our homeschool room did you? No way, this space needed some Christmas cheer too!! We actually put the girls tree in this space this year and they love it! They’ve always had a little tree of their own to decorate, a pink one to be exact but this year we thought it would be fun to get them a real tree. They had a blast decorating it all on their own. Some branches have four ornaments on them, some have just one, there are princess ornaments and handmade ornaments plus that white glitter star, and our girls couldn’t be more proud of it. Along with the tree I added a couple of garlands for fun, a Christmas painting our 7-year-old did and the Little People Nativity set that the kids adore!


Oh vintage Santa pitcher and baby mug you are my favorite! For my birthday last year my husband took me antique shopping (the man totally gets me) and although Christmas was months away, as soon as I saw this Santa pitcher I knew I had to bring him home! He is the cutest!! The Santa mug was a gift from one of my sweet Instagram friends! Our open shelving like the rest of our home was decorated with simple Christmas touches. Lots of greens, pops of reds and that cookie jar I found at the thrift store just screamed Christmas to me.


This week I shared our bedroom a few times. It was mostly a beginning middle and end of getting it decorated for Christmas. This photo is the middle, you can find the beginning photo in last weeks recap (here). When I started decorating the house for Christmas our bedroom just kind of got the Christmas décor I wasn’t using anywhere else in the house. I wasn’t loving the look but for whatever reason I just couldn’t get focused enough to work on this space. I decided I would pull a few more pieces from last years décor and see how that made me feel. So I set up our 6ft flocked tree from last year, added the garland to our headboard and switched up the pillows and bedding. It was cute and it wasn’t that I didn’t like it but my feelings towards  the space were just kind of meh. Y’all ever feel meh about a space in your home? Like you just cant figure it out?! I get that way now and then and sometimes I just have to step away to take a breather (plus after all the work of putting the tree and garland up, I wasn’t quite ready to tear it down lol) before I’m able to bring the space together. So that’s what I did, I took a breather and made an orange garland. The next morning I completely emptied the room to have a blank canvas and start over.


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing our tree and I’ve secretly been trying to come up with a plan to leave it up year round. I mean if its naked no one will even notice right? 😉


So as I was saying about our bedroom above, I started over. The oranges were all dried and ready so I strung them with twine and then the lightbulb came on and I knew exactly where I wanted to use my oranges!! Our bedroom is officially ready for Christmas! Fresh Christmas greens, homemade bees-wax candles, dried orange slices…I think I have $8 in the greens + a bag of oranges to decorate this space and I’m in love with the simple organic feel!


Lastly here’s a little shot of our dining room and the DIY peg rail all ready for Christmas. The little star was made with twigs from the yard and the tea towels are $.79 each from Ikea.


That’s it for this weeks recap. I hope you all enjoyed looking back on my week through my Instagram. As always if you have any further questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at!! And in Friday Recap fashion I leave you with a sneak peek at what I’m sharing on IG this morning AND a peak at my ‘Homemade Christmas’ which I’ll share tomorrow!!


~Happy Reading Friends



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