DIY Star Advent Calendar

Good Saturday morning friends!! What?! Blogging on a Saturday? I know buuuuut my husband and our oldest daughter are out hunting this morning, the two littles are still sleeping AND I just had to share this super cute DIY star advent calendar that we put together a couple of days ago, for FREE!!! Yep, free and it’s totally fun so I wanted to share because it’s the perfect Saturday craft to do with the kiddos (and its only December 2nd so we’re good!). Just grab the supplies from your pantry!


If y’all read my blog post about DIY candle holders and trees, that’s the same recipe you will be using for this project. If you missed it you can find it here! The only difference is, instead of making trees you’ll make 25+ stars and instead of punching a large hole in the middle of the star you’ll use a tiny dowel rod or skewer stick to punch a whole in the top of the star as shown below.


For our Advent calendar I actually used the star ornaments I made last year but you can whip these up in no time and your kiddos will LOVE helping with this project!!! I used some twine I already had on hand and command hooks for hanging.


Once I had laid out our 25 stars I had to decide what each day would entail. I knew I didn’t want any BIG to-dos (I mean this month is crazy enough right?!) and I knew I wanted to do acts of kindness! So our Advent calendar is filled with acts of kindness, fun Christmas activities and a couple Christmas jokes! For example…one day as you see here in the photo is ‘make Christmas cards for grandparents’ (don’t mind my chicken scratch), another day is ‘do a chore for someone in your family’ (sibling love), there’s also ‘make cards for your neighbors’ ‘bake something sweet for your neighbor’ ‘take baked goods to your local fire department and/or police station’…the list goes on. I also included activities like ‘write a letter to Santa’, ‘make hot chocolate and drive around the neighborhood looking at the lights’, ‘watch your favorite Christmas movie’, ‘eat with candle light & the tree only’…fun things that will allow us to enjoy this Christmas season with our littles!


This sweet advent calendar is so simple and such a fun things to do with family. I’m truly looking forward to having it add a bit of extra fun this month! As crazy as things get this time of year, its nice to have sweet ‘to-dos’ among the hectic ones. This is our first year to do an Advent calendar of this style and I’m super excited about it! The other great thing, besides the fact that its free to make, you can sit down with your hubby and kiddos to fit the calendar to your family! Things you love doing or have always talked about doing, add those in! It’s a great way to bring the family together and also teach the little ones about giving!! So very important in the world we live in today! Whether they make a card for the neighbor, bake cookies or shovel their driveway, it’s a lesson to be learned!



I hope y’all enjoyed this simple DIY and I hope you carve out some time today to put one together for your family!! Its little things like this that help make some of the best memories!!

~Happy Reading Friends


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