DIY Candle Holders + Christmas Trees

Happy Wednesday friends! I wanted to stop by the blog real quick this morning, and I mean real quick because I’m leaving for a doctor’s appointment in just over an hour. Welcome to my world were I wait until the last-minute to start getting ready to go anywhere. Thank goodness for messy buns. 😉 Today I wanted to share a sweet little Christmas DIY to get y’all started on your Christmas decorating if you haven’t already! Last week I made these super sweet candle stick holders and Christmas trees but if you’ve been following me for a while now you’ll notice I used this same recipe but for ornaments, gift tags and garland last year. You could say this is a favorite little project of mine!


What you’ll need:

1/2 cup cornstarch

1 cup baking powder

3/4 cup water

sauce pan / mixing bowl / damp cloth / cookie cutters / rolling pin

*If making the candle holders and trees you will also need corks and candle sticks


Once you have all of your ingredients you will pour and mix it all together in a sauce pan. Cook on medium to low heat stirring constantly. Your mixture will go from a liquid to almost a mashed potato consistency in just a few minutes.



Once your mixture has reached the ‘mashed potato’ stage you will transfer it to a mixing bowl, cover it with a damp cloth or tea towel and let it cool for 30 minutes.


Once your mixture is cool enough to handle the fun begins! For this step I used a little extra cornstarch to roll out the dough, just like you would with flour when baking. Also, for the star candle holder, you will need to measure the base of your candle stick and find an object the same size to cut the middle of your stars out.




Last year I only made stars, some large and small ones to use as ornaments, garland and gift tags. This year I decided to make little trees and to turn the stars into candle holders. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to what you can create with this dough!! Before you begin cutting your shapes you’ll want to heat your oven to 175. My oven doesn’t have this temperature setting so I went with 200 and the cutouts did just fine. For cutting, you’ll want to roll your dough to about 1/4″ thick. I just guessed here really, but I knew I wanted my candle holders to be a bit thicker. Once you have your shapes cut out you’ll bake them in the oven for 45-60 min. Then flip and bake another 45-60 minutes When baking just like with anything else you will know when they are done or if they need a few more minutes to cook!


Once your cutouts are cooked you can start putting the parts together, you can also paint your cutouts if your heart desires!! For the trees, I did’nt have old corks so I made the new ones look old by shaving the outside layer off. I then cut the corks at the end to make them different lengths and then cut a wedge in the top for the tree to sit in. To secure the trees and candle sticks I did add a little hot glue.


These little trees and stars have added such a sweet and simple touch of Christmas to our home! I just love the sweetness. I’ve moved them all around, because you know that’s what I do, but they’ve been so fun to add to our Christmas decor! I’m also using the garland from last year and I placed the unused star ornaments in a glass vase for display.






As you can see they’ve become a big part of our simple Christmas decor, the perfect addition in my opinion and who doesnt love free decorations especially this time of year!!  ((I’ve also shared a few shots below from last year to show how I used them))



I hope y’all enjoyed this simple Christmas DIY. Our girls loved helping with this project and it’s really perfect for them to be able to be involved and help create something. They love seeing the stars they helped make all over our home proudly displayed. I’m officially off to get ready for my appointment, 30 minutes to spare…I’m doing good. 😉 Our Thanksgiving festivities begin tonight with our first dinner and I’m looking forward to gathering in with family. I hope this Thanksgiving is a very blessed one for each of you!

As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or feel free to email me at

~Happy Reading Friends


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