Friday Round up

Good Friday morning friends! The weekend is finally here! I hope y’all have had a great week!! Its been busy here as usual but its been a great week and today I wanted to share a little bit of my week with you from my Instagram!


If you’ve been following me long enough, you know I love my coffee! And weekend coffee always seems to taste better, maybe its the slower pace of the morning or the fact that we have the Mr. home with us, either way it just seems to be better! This shot was from Saturday morning, in our sitting room. The camping mugs are ceramic mugs that I found at Tjmaxx. I was lucky enough to find two in the same day and I just love them for this time of year!! The throw was a Tjmaxx find from last year. I actually found it on clearance after Christmas.


Vintage new and handmade. This photo captures all the things I love when it comes to home décor. Not only is it all of the things I love but it also follows my whites, woods and something green rule! I love this little steel cup I found at our local thrift store, I added a candle and some green moss from Target. Very simple and beautiful. The star garland is from our DIY stars the girls and I made last year. (I’ll be sharing those again this year)


I think its safe to say that our sitting room is my favorite room this year for Christmas! Our King of Christmas tree definitely helps but I also love the coziness from our little gas stove and the mantel is always a favorite. This year with our décor I wanted to keep it simple and natural. I used the clay pots I found at Hobby Lobby this fall to help achieve that look in this space.


I also shared a little throw back photo from a snow day last year. It was the prettiest I had seen it here on our property. All of the trees were completely covered and I couldn’t help but stand in the driveway taking pictures. It was simply magical. I’m really hoping we have the same scene this winter!!


I did a little sewing the other day and the day before I did, I used a piece of the fabric to create this little table set up. The fabric is from Hobby Lobby (you’ll be seeing more of it in just a bit) the sweet little tree is from Ikea ($9.99) I just added some twinkle lights to it, the candle holder was a vintage find, the oats and co. linen bag was ordered from h& a couple years ago and the cookie cutter is from Walmart. A simple little table set up that made our dining space feel extra cozy!


And here’s that fabric I told you you’d be seeing more of!! I made my first ever pillow covers and y’all I am in LOVE! They were so fun and easy to make! I love the colors for this holiday season and the bonus, I made 3 covers plus a little scarf for $10!! If you missed the tutorial for these pillow covers you can find it ((here)).


Yesterday I shared this shot of our master bedroom. I still love our DIY barn door and wedding date sign just as much today as I did the day we added them to this space. Our room is still my favorite and I don’t think that’ll ever change!! Looking out of our bedroom is our homeschool room, another room in our home that I love! We’ve made a few small changes in the space (I really need to blog about our school room) and we are working on the finishing touches for Christmas!!


Another shot from our bedroom last night. I get asked so many questions about our rast dressers I hacked, you can read all about them ((here)). Again going simple I just added trees I purchased at Target last year after Christmas on clearance (I’ve seen them this year with a slight variation to them), some berry filler to our bedside tray and switched up the pillow covers.


The last photo is a sneak peek of what I’ll be sharing this morning. I little shot of our dining room space all ready for Christmas. I hope y’all enjoy this little Friday round up. If you have any questions about the photos I’ve shared or an item in the photo that I may not have mentioned, please feel free to leave your questions in the comments below or email me at! Also, stop by my Instagram @misdiy and say Hey!!

**I did want to share one more, I guess behind the scenes thing with y’all. I’ve been working on my blog schedule and I thought I would share some of the topics I’ll be blogging about over the next month or so.

-Simple Tree Décor    -Gift Guide    -Christmas Home Tour    -DIY Stars + Trees

-Favorite Christmas Recipes    -Christmas Room tour (link up)

-DIY Bedside Tray     -DIY Signs  and more…

So I hope you guys will join me for the fun stuff I have planned. I love getting to share with my followers and I appreciate y’all so much!!

~Happy Reading



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