Easy DIY Pillow Covers

Good Thursday morning friends!! Its been a busy week here but yesterday I took some time to work on a couple sewing projects I’ve been wanting to do and I’m so excited to share with you guys! If you’re not big into sewing seriously its not a problem here! The project I’m sharing today, anyone can do!! If you can sew a straight line, you can make these pieces!


The first thing you’ll need is some fabric, thread, pins, scissors, an iron, tape measure/ruler and your sewing machine. I picked up two yards of fabric from Hobby Lobby and I was able to make three pillow covers and had enough for a little scarf my youngest could wear!


(I made these early yesterday morning so you’ll have to excuse the light!!) Once you’re ready, lay out your fabric and grab a tape measure or ruler. The width of your fabric should be 45″-46″. For my 20×20 pillows I only had to cut out my height for the cover so be sure to measure the width of your fabric before you begin cutting. Here are some basic measurements depending on your pillow size.

*Pillow size:      (14″) Cut- 15″ Height / 34″ Width                  (16″) Cut- 17″ Height / 38″ width

(18″) Cut- 19″ Height / 42″ Width                  (20″) Cut- 21″ Height   46″ Width



Once your fabric is cut you’ll turn the fabric WRONG side up. With the fabric I chose I didn’t have to worry about the sides because they were the same but if you do have a right and wrong side be sure your fabric is WRONG side up for this step. Now you’ll create your hem.



For the hem on the SHORT sides of your fabric fold in 1/4″ and iron it down. Then you’ll go back and fold over 3/4″ and iron again (on each short side). Once you’ve done this to both short ends of your fabric you’ll stitch each end.


I found that its best to run your stitch right in the middle of your hem. This way it catches both folds. ( the 1/4″ and 3/4″) Your long ends are still left untouched at this point.


Now that your short ends are hemmed you’ll lay the fabric right side up and bring your short ends to the middle OVERLAPING them by 4″. This part takes a little adjusting to get the hems in the middle. I laid the first side down and then measured over 4 inches from the hem (as shown) to see where that would set my hems before I folded in the second piece. Once you have your short ends laid, overlapping 4″ you’ll pin your long sides. Be sure to leave a 1/2″ allowance for your seam. I placed my pins at an inch to give room for the foot of my machine to pass easily.



Once you’ve pinned your long sides and sewn them that’s it, flip your cover right side out and give it a good shake. Oh!! And don’t forget to remove ALL of your pins before the shake!! 🙂 I removed mine but last night while hubby was admiring my work, he was running his hand across the pillow and a pin that I had missed stuck his finger. Hahaha, it was rather funny and no blood was shed! I’m just glad it was him and not one of the kiddos that found it.


(The cover right side out with the envelope showing)


Iron your covers if they need it and then fill with your favorite insert! (mine are from Ikea!!) And just a side note, not one of my envelope openings were perfectly centered but they were really close and I’m happy with imperfections! These covers were so fun and easy to make! I’m officially hooked.




I also had a separate one yard of this fabric that I made a sweet little lap throw with. for this piece I just simply hemmed the edges to clean it up! I had a little fun with this one and used the zigzag setting with red thread!!


That’s it friends, I whipped up three covers, a throw and a little scarf yesterday in roughly 3ish hours from set up to clean up (kid breaks included). It was so fun and easy!! I absolutely love the outcome and I hope this inspires yall to go grab some fabric and make your own!!


As always friends, if you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments section below or feel free to email me at misdiy@outlook.com. You can also follow my blog via email by clicking the FOLLOW button on the right hand side of the screen and if you’d like to see more behind the scenes of our home, come follow me on Instagram @misDIY!

~Happy Reading


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  8. I love this project!! Going to definitely try it!! Where did you get that cute Santa pillow? Would love to have one for next year! Thanks so much!!


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