Part 1 of 3: Introduction

Good Monday morning friends! Today I’m excited to kick off the first blog post of three that will link together as a series or collection of blog posts. Today I will be sharing in the ‘introduction’ what I hope for 2017 and some goals I’ve set for myself. The second part of this grouping I’ll be sharing what I do to try to stay organized, keep our home clean and keep things running smoothly. The last post will be about how I refreshed our home spending very little to no money. I hope that you all enjoy this week here on the blog and I hope that in some way you find it helpful! ❤

As we were approaching 2017 I knew there were changes I wanted to make for this brand new year. As I’ve said before, I am not a ‘New Years Resolution’ making kind of girl. I do like to reflect on the past year and think about how I can make the new year better, how I can make myself better in the new year and how I can get the most joy out of life. This year I chose one word to focus on throughout the year: TIME. If you missed why I chose this word you can read about it here.  I want to focus on how I’m spending my time, where I’m spending my time and I want to ENJOY my time!! Time management was high on my list of ‘time’ things and tomorrow I’ll be sharing how I better organize the way I spend my time to get the most out of each day.IMG_4057.JPG

A few other things besides time that I wanted to focus on this year are:

  1. Spending more time working on my relationship with God
  2. Being healthier ( Isn’t this on everyone’s list?)
  3. Being more gentle to the earth. I want to start using more all natural things. There are ways we already work to lessen the affects of our footprint but I know we can do better!

IMG_4056.JPG4. Listen to music more often. I have always LOVED listening to music. I remember as a child I would fall asleep and wake up with my radio on. I honestly don’t know that I ever turned it off. Music got me through a lot of things when I was younger and I realized at the beginning of the year that music hasn’t been such a big part of my life like it once was. Sure we still listen to music, a lot. From Disney Cd’s in the car to the girls singing their favorite songs around the house. But I’ve stopped letting music be what it once was for me. Not only am I a woman with wacky hormones but I also deal with some seasonal depression, winter blues some would say. Music has always been able to help with my mood and let me tell you, there’s nothing I love more than putting a record on and watching our girls dance around the house. They love music as much as I always have and it warms my heart!!


5. Read more books. I. Love. Reading. It wasn’t always this way, I actually hated reading in school. I NEVER wanted to read a book that was assigned to me, I hated the assigned book before I even read the title. Maybe it was knowing I HAD to read the book instead of being able to choose to read the book. Whatever it was, I’m so glad it was only a phase. 🙂 As an adult I’ve found authors I love, like Robyn Carr, Nicholas Sparks and John Greene, and I enjoy having quite time to get lost in a book!! I’ve set a goal for this year to read at least 2 books per month and I will be mixing it up with fictional/’pure indulgence’ books to self-help/educational books. I want to enjoy the reading and also learn a few things while turning the pages!

Lastly, 6. Work on making my blog better. I cant tell you all how much I appreciate each one of you following along and reading my blog posts. If you would have told me a year ago that I would still be blogging and people would actually read my blog…I honestly don’t know that I would have believed you! I truly enjoy coming here to the blog to share and connect with my followers. Its a creative outlet that I am so very thankful for, and its possible because y’all read it!!! ❤ This year I hope to learn more about blogging so that I can continue to make this blog better for all of my readers!

Thank you all so much for joining me today. I hope you’ll join in again Wednesday when I share how I organize my time at home and again Friday when I share the refresh I did around the house!! If you aren’t already following along with the blog, click the FOLLOW button on the right side of the screen, you’ll receive an email notification every time I post a new blog post! Also, look for me on Instagram and Pinterest @misdiy!

~Happy Reading Friends


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