Family Room Winter Decor

Good Friday morning friends! Today as promised I am sharing our family room decorated for winter!! As mentioned before this space was an easy transition from Christmas to winter and I thought I would share a little bit about how I made the transition and some of the sources for items I used this year!


For our family room it’s all about function and comfort. This room is where we spend the majority of our time. The kiddos play here, we have game night, carpet picnics, take naps and dance around the room. Its the room that sees almost every part of our day so it has to be a space we enjoy being in. To change this room from Christmas to winter I followed the same ‘rules’ that I used for the rest of our home. 1. Remove all the red and replace with light colors/neutrals. More whites, grays and yes even some black. 2. Pack away all things Christmas specific and 3. De-clutter.


Once I had removed the Christmas specific items I left all of the white and neutral décor up. The star garlands we made, you can read about them here, the snowy church painting from my sweet friend Aracely here, all of our little flocked trees and the little white houses from the Target dollar spot. By leaving these pieces out it helped add the winter feel I was going for, and it was great because I didn’t need to go buy all new pieces to make this work. By simply removing a few things and switching around the décor I had the winter look I was hoping to achieve. Again more neutral pillow covers and blankets were also added to the space to make it feel more cozy. When I think of winter I think fresh, crisp and cozy. Bringing the crisp and cozy together can sometimes be a challenge but I found that simply decluttering and simplifying things can helped achieve the crisp fresh look and by adding neutral pillows and blankets the space instantly feels more cozy.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little tour of our family room and I hope that it has possibly inspired you to try decorating your home for winter. If this is your first year doing so, like it was mine, don’t let it overwhelm you! Start small by adding a neutral throw or a sweater pillow to your space, sit some white candles around the home in glass jars or an iron stone bowl. I have an iron stone platter full of white pillar candles and I’m obsessed with it. Add little touches here and there and before you know it your home will feel like a winter wonderland! This thing of decorating our homes, it doesn’t have to be a chore, or an overwhelming thing but it does need to be fun! Enjoy moving things around, try a new DIY and most importantly create spaces in your home that you love!!!! I hope you all join me next week when I’ll be getting a little more detailed about how I’ve created spaces we love and how I keep up with things. If you missed our master bedroom winter tour yesterday you can find it here. I also talked a little more about what you can expect next week! I’m excited to dig in and share a little bit more with y’all about how my days look around here and answer some questions y’all have been asking! To make sure you don’t miss it, click the follow button on the right hand side of the screen, each blog post will be sent directly to your inbox!!

~Happy Reading Friends





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