Farmhouse Winter Bedroom decor

Good Thursday morning friends!! Today and tomorrow I will be sharing our master bedroom and family room with you, the way it looked decorated for winter. This last week I did a major purge/refresh and I’ll be sharing all about it next week including some answers to questions I get asked often, something like a 3 part series! But for today its all about the master bedroom!!

For our bedroom I chose to keep the white bedding I used for Christmas on our bed. To me it had winter written all over it! I love how fresh the white bedding makes the room feel. Like a blanket of snow 😉 I also switched out our pillow covers with a more light and neutral color. The gray striped covers and the Hardware Supply cover were all purchased here. I bought them about a year ago but H&M always has super cute pillow covers on their website!!! Our bed is from Target and I did a little review on it here if you’d like to read more about it. We’ve owned almost 6 months now and the review is still the same! As you can see, I also left our flocked trees up. I felt like they were the perfect touch to make our home feel like winter!!

Another way I focused on bringing the winter feel to our décor was by adding more blankets throughout. I chose again to use light and neutral pieces. Again this keeps the space feeling light and fresh. Our flocked trees this year are from Walmart and Target. The little ones were purchased in the dollar spot and I flocked them myself, using a can of ‘snow spray’ I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The large 6ft tree in our master was purchased at Walmart for $30. Its a pre-flocked non-lit tree. We just added a couple strands of white wire lights which you can see in the photo. This year is the first year I have ever used flocked trees, had a tree in our bedroom or even decorated our bedroom for a holiday. I have to say it was a lot of fun and I plan to continue doing it each year.

The mantel didn’t get much of a change. I simply removed the red banner and reindeer sign adding this little snowflake sign from my friend Laney. You can find all of her work here. I left the mistletoe sign up because to be honest, I didn’t have another large sign that felt like winter…next year! The tree here is from Hobby Lobby and again I added my own flock using the spray!! If you missed it from an early post, the white houses were found in the target dollar spot and the pre-flocked garland was found at Walmart.

Transitioning our home from Christmas to Winter was fairly easy due to the fact that most of our Christmas décor was neutral. I didn’t go buy new pieces to make this transition, I simply used the décor from Christmas that wasn’t red and didn’t say Christmas or anything related to Santa on it. It also made it easy adding in pieces we already had in our home. Using the neutral pieces like throws and pillow covers really helped achieve the final look of a cozy winter in our space. Candles are another great item to use for this look, I’ve added lots of white candles to our décor!! Also just clearing out some of the ‘stuff’ that piles up around the house, on counters, end tables and such, helps to freshen up the space.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing our master bedroom decorated for winter. I hope you’ll join me back here tomorrow when I share our family room! Also, please feel free to leave any questions for me that you may want me to answer next week in the ‘Re-fresh/Q & A’ series I’ll be doing, in the comments below or feel free to email them to me!! I will try to get them all answered. My idea for this series next week is to talk to y’all about how I stay organized and keep our home the way I do. I’ll also be sharing how I freshen up our home after the holidays. Note, I am NOT a pro at anything in life! I fail miserably EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! But I have found a few things that work for me and maybe they’ll work for you too!! I look forward to reading your questions and trying to get them all answered in the 3 posts next week!! 🙂

~Happy Reading Friends