Transition: From Christmas to Winter

Good Friday morning friends, the weekend it upon us!!!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week!! Today I wanted to stop in and talk to y’all about the transition from Christmas to Winter and how I did it this year for the first time, EVER. img_3541I have always been the type to box up everything Christmas just a couple days after its over. While I love Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas and everything that comes with celebrating Christmas, I do not love having furniture and things out of order. The ‘Christmas Clutter’ begins to give me anxiety the minute the wrapping paper is in the trash. This year was a little different though…I found so many pieces this year, that I LOVE, to use in our Christmas décor that I couldn’t bring myself to pack them away just yet. So I decided to give the winter décor a try and can I just say, I am so totally enjoying the cozy feel of our home!!! And yesterday is the first time we’ve gotten a good amount of snow so I really am just loving and enjoying winter!! img_3664To make the transition I knew that I would be leaving all of our (Walmart and Target) flocked trees up, the garland and two wreaths! I mean a tree, garland or wreath that looks like its covered in snow…PERFECT winter décor. Next I removed all of the red, anything saying Christmas, all things Santa and I took down our regular Christmas tree. I also began purging and removing things that we no longer want/need/use, I’ll do another blog post on that later! To replace the items I removed like pillow covers, throws and signs, I simply, believe it or not, added more white and light grays. I knew I wanted to keep the décor light, fresh and cozy so adding the light colored pillow covers and throws helped achieve the light and cozy while purging made it all feel fresh!img_3747Our Christmas décor was very neutral and winter wonderland-ish already so that really helped make this transition easier but there were a few pieces that I did add like this little deer head that I picked up from Michael’s the day after Christmas. He was Christmas décor this year so I was able to purchase him for 70% off!! I also added this beautiful ‘snowy church’ mixed media art piece from my sweet friend Aracely, you can find her and her gorgeous creations here. In this space I changed up my letter board, removed the red pillow cover, took down the framed ’25’ print, the Merry and added more neutral pieces.img_3659img_3638I did pull out some of our ‘before Christmas’ décor to start getting things back in their place but I tried to bring back only neutral pieces and very little greenery since I have so many little trees sitting about. The lambs ear works well here with the winter décor because it has a frosted look, a very soft greenery but again I only brought out 1 (out of 25, gasp*) to keep it simple. I will add lots of greens once spring gets closer. Another great way to add a fresh, cozy winter feel is by adding candles! I chose to add lots of white candles to our décor and I absolutely love them! I mixed some white pillar candles with my white dishes and iron stone and I’m slightly obsessed with the look.   img_3717I did leave up a few of the signs like this DIY mistletoe sign and the Oh Holy Night scroll because I wasn’t quite ready to put them away and try to fill the big hole they would leave. The mantels didn’t need much change, I simply switched out the signs in the bottom f our bedroom mantel, removing the reindeer names sign and adding this sweet little snow flake from my friend Laney (here).img_3669img_3720Many pieces that are used for Christmas can also be used in your winter décor. An old sled like this with the ice skates works for both, a wreath that you simply remove the red springs from, garland that you replace the red bows with white and even adding a fake snow blanket to your entry table or Epsom salt in your glass candle holders. So many inexpensive ways to give your home that cozy winter feel. You can refresh and keep it simple, clutter free. I found that by simply removing the reds, adding more whites and doing a little purging made a huge difference in our home and there was no anxiety from the ‘Christmas clutter’.img_3692I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little snippet of our winter décor and how I achieved the look! I’ll be giving a full ‘Winter Home tour’ Monday (1/9) if y’all would like to come back and see more. 🙂 If you’re looking for fun inexpensive ways to add winter décor to your home this year, Pinterest has a ton of cute DIY’s!! While you’re there, look me up @misdiy. I pin all sorts of fun things for holidays, home and everyday stuff! You can also find me @misdiy on Instagram! I share our home daily and even do behind the scenes stories and live videos! I love getting to connect with you all outside of this little blog!!

~Happy Reading Friends



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