Farmhouse Christmas Decor Favorites

Good Friday morning friends and yay for the weekend!! Today I’m excited to share some of my favorite Farmhouse inspired Christmas decor and where I found it!! When I say farmhouse décor, that’s because in our home we are farmhouse/industrial style I guess you could say, but really these pieces would fit perfectly in any décor! Which makes me love them even more because I love using pieces that are easily mixed into any style!

For those of you that have been following along for a while now, you already know I have a slight pillow obsession!! For those of you that don’t know yet, I have a slight pillow obsession. 😉 Seriously though, I really do! I love adding pillows throughout our home. They add so much texture and comfort. I think a room looks coziest (spell check is telling me thats wrong…) when throw pillows and blankets are in the space.


This year my favorite pillow covers to use in our Christmas decor are from Kendra at So Vintage Chic. You can find all of her gorgeous covers here and if you would like to follow along with her Instagram account you can also follow her here. She often shares deals of the day and other fun things!  Kendra offers a canvas white cover and a natural linen, as you can see I like to use both and mix them throughout our home! Her designs are absolutely perfect and would compliment any style!

Another one of my favorite pieces this year is the “oh, holy night’ scroll by Alyssa at Cotton Wood Shanty. Friends, this piece is so gorgeous. I love the hand lettering that Alyssa does and this piece is a perfect statement piece for this holiday season. You can find Alyssa and all of her creations here and also follow her on Instagram here. I chose to hang our scroll over our mantel and I love how simple and beautiful it is. Oh and cool factor, these scrolls come with heavy-duty magnets so you can adjust your scroll to be as long or short as you would like, to fit your space!!


My next favorite(s) is some what of a ‘grouping’ and from a department store…so if you have noticed all of my flocked greens throughout the photos (except the small trees) I wanted to let y’all know they are from Wal-Mart!! This year I was so shocked to see the Christmas greenery that Wal-mart put out on the shelves! I’ve only ever had one tree to set out, not counting the 4ft pink one our girls have, so when I saw the 4ft and 6ft flocked trees at Walmart I jumped at the chance. I purchased a 4ft pre-lit flocked tree for $25, a 6ft non-lit flocked tree for $30, 2 non-lit flocked garlands for $12.97 each and 2 wreaths for $9.97 each!


When it comes to decorating our home, another thing I like to add are signs. I’m a sucker for cute signs and this year I’m loving the Christmas signs that we have from Laney at Back Road Sign Co. Laney’s signs are so well made and her designs are just beautiful!! You can find all of Laney’s sign designs here and also follow her on Instagram here.  This year I added the Winter words sign, a little snowflake sign that can sit or be hung and the reindeer name sign. I just love the feel and festiveness (is that a word?!?) that they bring to our home.img_2391img_2477img_2454

Ok so I have to share another small grouping and department store with y’all. I get asked all the time about a few certain items in our home so I decided this little group just had to be shared!! Also a little fun fact/tip, I shop at the Target Dollar spot for probably half of my decor. If I can’t make or repurpose it, I hit the dollar spot. Then I move on to other sections of the store. Believe it or not you can really find a lot of amazing little goodies there to use for crafting and decorating!! So what did I pick up this year? The little white houses you see on the piano and our master bedroom mantel above, they were $3 each in the dollar spot, the red stripe banner in the photo right above this, $3. All of my littlest green trees came from Target either this year or last year, I just flocked them. I also found the mercury inspired lantern in the tray above in the dollar section, some twine, gift tags and I’m sure my girls found a thing or two while we were there. I also purchased our stockings from Target last year and this year I was excited to find the perfect tree topper!


My last piece I want to share today is an all year, everyday piece but it literally hit more door step yesterday and friends, it’s really just too gorgeous not to share with you all! This piece comes from Kathryn at Ava Berry Lane. You can find all of her creations here and you can also follow her along on Instagram here. If you are wanting to purchase a piece from Kathryn, she holds restock sales for her product and also announces when the next one will be on her Instagram!! Kathryn is so very talented with what she does and each piece is stunning in its own way. No matter what style you choose for your home Kathryn’s work truly fits right in! I absolutely love the round that we received from her!


So that’s it for today, just a few of my favorite pieces in our Christmas decor this year! I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and I hope you found it helpful! If you’re on Instagram, while you are following my friends above, make sure to stop over and follow me here @misdiy!! I share all of our home, DIY projects and lots of videos of what I’m up to!! Thanks for following along!

~Happy Reading Friends







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