Farmhouse Bed Review

Good Thursday morning friends! Today I wanted to stop in and talk a little bit about probably the most asked about item in our master bedroom…the bed! I get asked almost daily, ‘where did you buy it?’ ‘Does it squeak?’ ‘Is it sturdy?’ So today I thought I would answer these questions and share what I think of the bed so far!!


So first off let me just say that everything I share today about the bed is my personal experience and OPINION. I will always be honest with you guys, I will never recommend something I wouldn’t do or use in my own home but we all have different opinions and I might see something small as no issue at all, while the next person might see it as a red flag and decide not to purchase or use said item. But, I promise to always give y’all my honest opinion and no less!


Our bed was purchased from Target for our master makeover in August. You can find the bed here. Before I ordered the bed I checked Wayfair, Amazon and Ikea. I liked the Target bed and price the best so that’s the reason I chose to order it through Target. I ordered a queen for our room and YES we use our box spring with this bed. Assembly for the bed was quick and easy, which is something I love! I’m some what of an impatient person when it comes to doing exciting things like building a bed 😀 so I loved that we didn’t have to spend all day putting it together!!


Is the bed sturdy? does it squeak? So far I have not heard the tiniest squeak! The bed feels very solid and sturdy, there is one part of the head board where it attaches to the frame, it has a little ‘give’ to it. You can move it back and forth a few inches but I’ve sat against the head board with my pillows and never noticed it moving.


At the end of the day I DO recommend this bed. For the price, the style, the quality…if you’ve been looking at this bed and just couldn’t decide I say go for it. Worst case, you buy the bed, your opinion isn’t the same as mine and so you send it back. Right? We’ve had the bed for 3 months and no that’s not a super long time but so far I have no complaints what so ever. I plan to do another review on the bed when we’ve had it longer but at this point I love it and I’m so glad I purchased it for our room. It really makes this room all that it is. I don’t think I could have found a better bet to achieve the look and style I wanted.


I hope I was able to answer all of the questions today. If there was something I missed please feel free to leave your questions below or email me at Also, because I know I’ll get asked, the bedding and night stands are from Ikea!! You can read about how I hacked the $35 Ikea Rast dressers here. Thank you all so much for joining me today!

~Happy Reading Friends


9 thoughts on “Farmhouse Bed Review

  1. We just bought the same bed at We love it! It was easy to assemble and very sturdy. And we have had no squeeks at all. It does make a statement in the room too. One the best purchases we have made, hubby says so! 🙂 When he approves I know it was a good buy. I really love this room and it inspires me to create the look. Thank for all the how to’s and where you purchased the items. I saw in a more updated version of the room you had a rattan chair in the corner and found it at Ikea online. Did you get the grey chair or the natural chair? Do you like it? I want to go to Ikea to get it in a few weeks as we don’t live real close to one. I was looking for something like this for the corner of the room so I was glad to see this one. It seems small enough for what I need. Thank you! I will enjoy following all your ideas and diy’s.


    • Hi Lisa! YAY for loving the bed and thank you so much for following along. As far as the Ikea chair, its the darker one. I honestly don’t remember there being more than one option as far as color but knowing Ikea there probably is now. 😉 I do love the chair and I’m hoping to add another one in the future.


  2. Where is the 3 piece arrowed wall décor in your living area from? Also, can you tell me where the framed “Love grows best in little houses” is from? Is the wreath on the barn door you made from Joanna Gaines Magnolia Market Shop? I love your décor!! You are talented and have great taste! 🙂


    • Hi there!! The arrows were a DIY project, the Love grows best sign is from Between me and you signs, the wreath is from Decorsteals but its the same as the one from Magnolia!! Thank you so much for your kind words!! Hope this response is helpful!


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