The Thrifted Stool

Good Monday morning!! I’m excited this morning to share a little thrift store project I did a few weeks ago. I know I talk a lot about Instagram but there’s really so much more to it than just sharing our little squares. I have a friend named Kate, you can find her at @salvagedior, that does thrift challenges and I decided to join in on one! Thrifting and flipping furniture is tons of fun for me! I love taking an old beat up piece and making it new again. The goal for the challenge was not to spend over $15, I love a good challenge!!


In our little town we have a small thrift store that I like to check in with about once a week. The hunt is always my favorite part because you just never know what you will find! Some days I leave empty handed and other days I leave with a car full. On this particular day I just left with this little stool. I knew when I purchased the stool that it was going to require a bit of work, but I didn’t know just how much work it needed. For this piece I decided I wanted to strip all of the paint off to expose the wood. I choose to use a product called Citristip, be sure that when you go to purchase this product that you get the ‘stripping gel’. It comes in different solutions but the gel is what you need to remove paint. Once I applied the Citristrip and began removing it I realized there were 3 different layers of paint on this small piece. Black, mauve and white…fun!! Haha


Once I had removed all of the paint (or all that I could, there were a few tiny places that I couldn’t reach well enough) I sanded the piece lightly and gave it a good wipe down to remove any loose paint or Citristrip that was left behind. Then it was time to focus on the seat. I always take the upholstered part all the way down to the bones. I don’t leave anything behind because I like to start over fresh! I removed 5 layers of fabric and the batting that they had used for this piece. To refinish it I purchased some quilter’s baking and ticking fabric. I placed everything on the ground face down. Laying the board on top, I pulled the fabric tightly and stapled it to the board. I left the corners until the fabric was attached on all four sides. This allows me to pull the corners tight so get a good fit on the edges and so there are no wrinkles in the end.

img_0502img_0501img_0506You can see the spots where some of the paint didn’t get removed. I think it really just adds to the piece and gives it more of a worn look!! In all this little project cost me roughly $11. The stool was $4, the fabric was $3 and the backing was $4. I stained this piece using Provincial by Minwax and then glazed (shown in below photo) it with a mixture of white paint and clear glaze (process can be found here). I couldn’t be happier with the piece and I love that I was able to spend very little and create a piece for our home that fits in perfectly.


I hope you all enjoyed this little transformation of my $4 thrifted stool. I hope it inspires you to start stalking 😉 your local thrift stores for awesome pieces. Flipping furniture is one of my favorite things to do because not only can you find some really unique pieces but you can also refinish them to fit your style and home on a budget!!!

~Happy Reading Friends



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