DIY Fall Pillow Covers

Good Wednesday morning friends!! Who’s sitting on their hands right now fighting the urge to break out all of their Christmas decor?? Well I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited about decorating for Christmas this year but I have to hold off for another week or two at least. So to keep me busy I’m still doing some Fall DIY’s and I’m excited to share this super simple pillow cover DIY I did last week!!

img_1433So for this litte DIY I did cheat a tiny bit…a few months ago I purchased two all white pillow covers at Ikea. I used them for awhile but then I tucked them away. So when I decided I wanted to make some Fall covers I knew I wanted to use them. You can find them at Ikea for about $5 each or of course you can make you own or purchase covers at any local craft store or online. For my covers I knew I wanted to try leaf printing, the hard part was deciding on which shape and style of leaf I wanted to use. Once I gathered my leaves I places them in a magazine and stacked some books on them to sit over night. For color choices, black and white are easily my favorite color combo so I picked up some black fabric paint at Hobby Lobby!! With my covers, paint and leaves ready I got started!!

img_1410img_1411img_1412To start, I laid the leaves out onto the cover to decide what pattern I wanted to do. Once I had the pattern mapped out I placed the leaf on my handy paper plate and painted the side with the veins showing the most. I then carefully placed it on the pillow cover and pressed it lightly making sure not to move it. I used the end of my paintbrush to press down the ends of the leaf where the tips are smaller. That was it for the first one, so easy and I love the way the leaf print turned out!!

For my second pillow I got the crazy idea to turn it into a chalk board pillow. So obviously this pillow is for decoration purposes only but I love that its such a fun piece and I can’t say that I’ve seen too many chalk board pillows!! For this cover I used some chalkboard paint that I already had on hand. Normally I use Valspar chalkboard paint but for some reason I already had this from a previous project. I marked out how large I wanted the chalkboard square to be and with something inside of the cover like cardboard I painted. I chose not to paint to the outside of the cover because I knew once it sat upright the bottom part would be hidden. I also wanted the look of a boarder around the chalkboard.


I applied two coats of chalkboard paint to the pillow cover to allow for good coverage. Once the cover dried all the way I seasoned the chalkboard just like I do all of my other chalkboards. Then it was time to decorate!!!


These pillow covers were so quick and easy, I had a lot of fun creating them and I love how unique they are!! The leaf pillow can be done with any of your favorite leaves, all of the same kind or mix and match! It’s a fun project and I know the little ones would even love doing a leaf print cover as well!!


That’s it y’all! Those are my DIY Fall pillow covers! So simple! I hope you enjoyed reading about this little DIY and I hope it inspires you to head out and find some awesome leaves for printing or create a little pillow chalk board 🙂  ALSO, fun stuff, if you are on Instagram head over to my feed @misdiy or check out the hashtag #misdiychallenge for a fun pillow challenge!! There’s a supply list and the winner will not only be featured on all of the hosts accounts but you will also win a gorgeous Winter Blossom pillow cover!!! Dont miss out on the fun!!

~Happy Reading Friends


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