DIY Farmhouse Style Desk

Good Monday morning friends! Today I’m so excited to share my latest furniture DIY!! I’m sure y’all have seen our master bedroom makeover but if you have not you can find it here. Once we finished our master bedroom there was one empty wall I was just unsure what to do with. I knew whatever it was it couldn’t be anything to big because it sits right next to the door that leads to our master bedroom deck. Finally after a few weeks of spending time in the room I knew I wanted to create a work space where I could do all of my blogging and have some quite time before the girls woke for the day (since I never want to leave the room lol). Of course the computer desk that we purchased when first moving into our home was too large for the space so I was starting from scratch. I could have shopped online or thrifted a table to use as a desk but do to the small space I needed more of a custom piece to fit the space. So what’s a girl to do?? Build one of course!!!


I’m so excited about this little desk and I truly love it. I have to say it was one of the easiest DIY builds I’ve done, and all on my own other than the Mr. teaching me how to use the kreg jig. Which is something I had never done but its so simple, I was just intimidated by it at first! Ok, here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Measurements for your desk space
  2. Legs (I purchased mine at Home Depot for just over $10 each)
  3. Leg Plates (also purchased at Home Depot for just over $2 each)
  4. Wood Glue
  5. Paint or stain for finish (I stained my desk in Special Walnut and painted it white)
  6. 1×4 boards for the frame
  7. Large board for the top of the desk (I purchased a large 1×16 from Home Depot for roughly $13)
  8. Kreg Jig and screws


Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies be sure to cut and sand each piece. Next you will attach one leg plate to each corner of the underside of the desk top. After that you will screw the legs into place. Once I had the legs attached I measured the space between each leg to cut frame pieces out of 1×4’s. img_1017

Once you have your four frame pieces cut you will need to cut the top corners a bit so that the frame will fit flush to the top of your desk, for this I used a jigsaw. The leg plates will keep the frame from sitting flush if you skip this step and then there will be a large gap between your desk top and frame. Next you will kreg jig each piece on both ends and in the middle. This will allow you to attach the frame piece to each leg and to the top of your desk. Be sure your kreg screws are the right length or they will go through the top of your desk (I know because it happened!! lol Thank goodness it was a tiny hole and we caught it quickly), this is where we also used the wood glue. We added a small amount of glue to each frame piece before attaching it. Once you’ve attached your frame pieces the fun begins!!! Stain, paint, whatever you choose and once it dries you can choose to add a finish or leave it. For my desk I did not apply a finish because I like the distressed/worn look. If I were to use a finish on this piece, since its painted white, I would have chosen a finishing wax. You can find this in the paint section and the one I use is made by Minwax.


I had so much fun building this little desk and it really was so easy to do! Its perfect for this space and goes so well with the rest of the pieces in our master bedroom! Side note, if you don’t need a desk, this build would also be great as a sofa table!!! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about my little desk and I hope it inspires you to build one for yourself! For about $65 I couldn’t be happier!! If you don’t already, join me on Instagram @misdiy and I would love for you to send me a photo of your desk if you build one! You can email it to or DM it to me on Instagram and who knows I may just feature it!! 🙂 If you have any questions about this build please feel free to leave them in the comments below or email them to me!!


~Happy Reading Friends


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