Fall Vignette and Some Instagram Fun

Good morning friends!! Today I wanted to share a fun little thing that I started in September. If you are on Instagram I would love to have you join in on the fun!! I started a new hashtag for DIY’s. Its called #misdiychallenge and every few weeks I release a new challenge and a list of supplies. Followers then have 2 weeks, 1 week to collect supplies and 1 week to create their project. Once we are finished we all share our projects to the hashtag and a winner is chosen and featured. Its been a lot of fun so far!! We are just getting ready to kick off our second challenge which this time is pillows!! If you’d like to join in please head over to @misdiy and get it on the fun! The supply list is attached to #misdiychallenge!


So in September for the very first DIY challenge I choose was Fall vignettes! Some of the items consisted of, glass, an item that can be found in your yard, fresh or faux plants, pumpkins, wood…there were a few others on the list but you get the idea! Oh my goodness this was so fun!! And there were some AMAZING vignettes shared to the hashtag! Here’s how I created mine.

My vignette started with the pumpkins. I knew I wanted to use white pumpkins to keep the vignette neutral and true to my style. Then I had been itching to add white faux sunflowers to one of the pumpkins. I had seen so many pumpkins on Pinterest with fresh and faux plants like succulents and beautiful bouquets and I just loved them. So I easily checked 2 things off the list. Then I focused on what could be found in our yard…antlers. We have so many deer that hang around our house this time of year! Glass was another item on the list so I choose to use a glass cake stand and incorporate some of my Iron Stone.



Wood and fabric were also on the list. I added one of my favorite table runners from World Market, the bottom of a cheese tray and a wooden box. When I style a vignette, there’s never any rhyme or reason to it. I usually pull things from around the house, spend at least an hour staring at the things and then another hour building and creating with the things. I wish I could say ‘I did this because…’, or ‘I placed this here because…’ but I cant. I try to add height to the outside and then fill in the middle, I try to mix and add lots of texture. I am no pro but I have fun with it. There are times when I get frustrated and want to give up but usually after walking away and taking some time I can go back and finish.


For this particular vignette it was a little easier because I had a list to follow. Once I collected the specific items on the list I could concentrate on creating the vignette out of only those items. Sometimes I get distracted and end up with too many ‘things’ in my pile which only complicates the process. Always start with pieces you love and then build around them. I also love collecting inspiration from some of my favorites on Instagram or from Pinterest but I always take that inspiration and create something that’s ‘me’. Find things you like and figure out how to make them to fit your style!!


That’s it for today! I hope y’all enjoyed this little vignette and I hope if you are on Instagram that you will join us in one or some of the fun DIY challenges we do! Skill level doesn’t matter, I try to keep it light, simple and fun!! Follow along @misdiy and please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comments section below or email me at misdiy@outlook.com.

~Happy Reading Friends





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