Our Rast Dresser Ikea Hack & an awesome GIVEAWAY!!

Good morning friends. I hope y’all had a great weekend!! We enjoyed our homecoming festivities with the volleyball girls in the parade and then watched our high school football team win their game!! I also painted our powder room over the weekend and once I get the finishing touches done I’ll be sharing with y’all. Its a very small space but it needed some major love too! Today I’m excited to share our little Ikea Rast dresser makeover that we did for our master bedroom! I have had so many questions about them so I wanted to go ahead and share with y’all!!

img_0973We found these dressers at Ikea for $35 each. When we were thinking about what type of bedside tables we wanted in our room we both easily agreed that we wanted drawers for storage! We don’t have a dresser in our room, most of our clothes are hung in the master closet but we still have our underclothes and pj’s so we wanted a space for them. Plus the Mr. likes to keep ‘important piles’ of…stuff lol. So he needed a drawer for all of that to be tucked away! Now saying that, these little side tables sound BIG. They’re not…they don’t have super deep drawers but for us they worked perfectly. I didn’t want anything to big and heavy for this space and with 3 drawers it really did work out just right. So here’s what we did…


The first thing we did was purchase the wood for the framing of the drawers and for the top of the dresser. For the framing pieces we chose to use thin pieces of 3/8″ craft board. We cut 2 pieces for the length of each drawer and then 2 pieces for the width of each drawer. Once we had cut and sanded all of the pieces we (the Mr.) attached each board to the drawer using wood glue and a nail gun.


After the drawers were all framed out I used wood filler for the predrilled hardware holes. I already knew changing out the dresser hardware was a must. Now on ours, if you look close enough to the finished photo, you can see where I filled the holes. So, if you plan to do the exact same finish I used and change the hardware, just be sure to stay neat and tidy with your wood filler. The more wood filler you actually get on the wood, the more it will show. As you can see, I didn’t know this so I have a good bit of filler on the drawer itself. ‘lesson learned’

img_0550Next we cut and sanded the wood piece for the top. At Lowe’s they have large pre-made boards that you can purchase for projects that require more than a 1×12″. We were able to purchase one and have enough for both side tables. Once it was cut and sanded I went ahead and stained it. We them assembled the dressers and stained them as well.

img_0551So many of you have asked me about what finish I used on the dressers. This was my first time ever using a glaze and now I’m wishing I would have tried it years ago! To start with I used Provincial by Minwax to stain the dressers. I then used a clear glaze by Valspar and mixed it with some of the white paint I used for our master bedroom, Bistro White by Valspar. But you can use any white paint that you have on hand!


To mix the paint and glaze I just (very scientifically….nope) used a cup and poured the glaze and paint in. So I would say I used roughly one half of the glaze and then about half of that in paint. I also had a lot left over, which I just covered with plastic wrap and a rubber band to stick in the fridge for future projects!!! I know that doesn’t really help y’all a ton and I’m so sorry about that! I am including a photo of what the glaze looks like mixed so hopefully that will help.


Once I had the glaze mixed I used a foam brush to apply and then I used a cotton t-shirt to wipe the glaze off. Now this still left the stain looking white. It should have almost a milky look to it. I didn’t want to leave all of the glaze on because 1. I had never used it and 2. I was afraid it would turn out too white. Also in my defense lol, I’ve never claimed to be an expert DIYer so I learn and experiment with these things just like y’all do. Then I share what I did here so you can try it too! 🙂

img_0686-2img_0580img_0767I really do love the way they turned out! The hardware was found and Target! I was able to purchase a 6 pack for roughly $27 and I love how this simple hardware makes such a big statement on these dressers. My goal for our room was to keep it simple, on a budget and make it to fit and work for us. I can honestly say we accomplished that in this room. I have a hard time staying out of it.


That’s it for today friends! I hope y’all enjoyed this little Ikea ‘hack’ and I hope it inspires you to try it for yourself! If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at misdiy@outlook.com or leave your comments and questions below!! I love getting to connect with you all! If you don’t already, head over to Instagram and follow along @misdiy for more behind the scenes photos and stories!! I’m also on Pinterest and would love to have you join me there @misdiy as well. AND big news, over on Instagram I’m celebrating my 30K milestone with an AMAZING giveaway! Be sure to head over to get in on your chance to win all these goodies and visit some amazing makers!!! img_20161010_211455

~Happy Reading Friends



34 thoughts on “Our Rast Dresser Ikea Hack & an awesome GIVEAWAY!!

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  3. Hi I have similar night stands for IKEA and absolutely loved the way you did these. I have some questions though. As far as glueing/nailing the frames and top in did you just put them directly on top of the old nightstand?


  4. Hi,
    I love this look! You did an awesome job on this! I would love to do this to my sons two night stands.
    I do have a question though. After you said this, “I used a cotton t-shirt to wipe the glaze off. Now this still left the stain looking white. It should have almost a milky look to it. I didn’t want to leave all the glaze on…”, what did you do to the night stands so it wouldn’t look so white? I don’t know if I missed it somewhere… thank you!
    Lisa C


    • Thank you so much! Once the glaze dries it wont look milky. But it will still have the light shade to it. The less white paint you add to your glaze the less ‘white’ you will end up with if that makes sense.


  5. Hello! I love what you did to the side tables and I’d like to try a replicate it for my first ever furniture project! I had two questions for you before I get started and I hope you wouldn’t mind helping me 🙂
    1. How long did you leave the glaze on before wipeing it off with the t-shirt?
    2. When I go to Lowes, do I just ask for a large pre- made board for projects? Will they know what I mean or is there a specific name for it? Do you remember the measurements for the top piece?
    Thanks so much!


    • Hi Shawna! I’m so sorry I’m just now getting to respond to your comment and questions! If its not to ate, I wiped the glaze off almost as soon as I put it on. I would cover the area I was working on and then wipe it all back off. You can apply more than one coat if you would like the stain to appear lighter. Lowe’s actual sells large boards for products so they should have no trouble helping you! I hope this helps and if you’ve already completed the project I hope you LOVE it!!


  6. Gorgeous space. We are thinking of doing the same thing for night stands/storage. Can you tell me which dressers these are from Ikea? Thank you!


  7. Really love these – thanks for posting! So did you put the board you got from Lowe’s on top of the already included top from the IKEA dresser? I like how the lip of the top extends out but just trying to figure out how you did it.


  8. This was posted forever ago, but I have a question. I am working on this same project now! Could you PLEASS tell me the measurement of the top wood piece that you had cut to go on the top of the nightstand?


  9. One more question. Lol. The nightstands have been order already and won’t be here for a few days. I’m trying to get the pieces together and already cut so I can’t start on everything when they get here. Could you possibly tell me the measurements of the strips of craft board that you used to go around the drawers? The long piece and the shorter piece! Thanks for the reply on my other comment!


    • Hi Emily! We measured the pieces for the drawers as we went. Just in case the drawers were off a tiny bit from one to the next. I would hate to give you measurements and then your drawers differ. I would honestly wait until you receive the pieces to measure and cut. They way you get the exact measurements for your drawers.


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  13. Love these night stands! Quick question about the glaze- does this provide the “clear coat” protection… or did you also use a poly acrylic? And if you used a separate clear coat, how many layers did you use? If you just used this glaze as a clear coat, what kind of finish does it give (shiny, matte)? Thanks!


  14. My husband and I love this look!! I’m trying to do something similar, but I noticed that on the Rast Dressers, the side panels come up about a 1/4” from the top of the dresser. When you put the new top board on, did you notice any gap between the boards? Did you have to sand the top of the side panels down at all to make it flush with the original top? Thank you for posting this wonderful diy!


    • Hi Taylor, Yes there is a gap. If its something that bothers you, you can always add a quarter round or something similar to cover it up!! Hope that helps!


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