DIY Barn Door & Coupon Code

Good Wednesday morning friends! I cant believe we are in the middle of this week already!! I know I say that, like every week, but seriously where do these weeks go?! And October??? Its so hard to believe how fast this summer past by and before we know it, it’ll be a new year. So last night our oldest daughter had her first volleyball game for 3rd grade, now for those of you who know and are probably thinking, ‘wait what’? Well we homeschool but public sports are open to homeschoolers, in our area anyway. It was so fun getting her to play and seeing the pure joy she had on her face. See, our daughter hasn’t been able to play sports since she was 5, so just about 4 years now due to ITP and she is our little athlete. So seeing her having fun on the court last night was such a blessing!! But that’s all for another blog another day, I just had to share that little snippet with y’all this morning!!  Today what I really wanted to share was our DIY barn door we built for our master makeover!


When I started designing our master in my mind one of the first things I saw was a barn door. We had a door to our room but we never closed it, so when it was open it took up an entire wall. I didn’t want an empty wall behind the door. Our room isn’t huge and I had an antique mantel I purchased a year before and I just knew it belonged in our room. So it was a win win. We would have a barn door in our room AND I would have wall space for my $12 mantel!!


So the very first thing I did after making the decision to build a barn door, was choosing the style of door we wanted to build. I hopped on Pinterest to search barn doors and I came across one that ‘Beneath My Heart’ (found here) had blogged about! I fell in love with the style! We did change a few little details but all in all the process was the same. The only big change we made was using 1×4 pine boards instead of 2×4’s.


The first step was to measure our door way. We didn’t want a huge door but we wanted it to fit perfectly in the space. So our door size ended up being 80″ tall by 37″ wide. For this you’ll need 1×4’s and 1×6’s. (We did have to rip 2 of the boards to get our exact width) Once we had all of the boards cut and sanded down we laid all of our 1×4 boards together, clamped them and began adding the frame pieces.


For the frame we used a 1×6 boards cut the width of the door for the top, middle and bottom. We then used 1×4 boards cut the length of the door for the sides. We clamped all of the 1×4 door boards together before adding the frame. To attach the frame we used wood glue and a nail gun.

img_0593For the X in the middle bottom portion of the door, there’s no real science here on how we did it. My husband took 1-1×4 cut it to length to lay across the bottom and then with a pencil and his square he marked where the cuts needed to be as best as he could. Then it was just about making a few small cuts to perfect the angles. Once the long piece was attached he then used 1×4 boards to cut to small pieces to finish out the X using the same method to get the angles. They’re not perfect but nothing a little wood filler cant fix if need be. After we had attached all of the frame pieces we flipped the door over and my husband did add some screws on the back side of the door into the frame just for added support. Again you can use wood filler to fill these holes before painting. Once the build was complete I primed the door and then painted it using the same color I painted our room with, Bistro White by Valspar.



I seriously love this door so much! It was such a fun DIY to do with my Mr. although he did 90% of the work! I was major support and I did help with cuts!! But he seriously nailed this one! So, I know you’re eyeballing that gorgeous hardware we used to hang our door…not only am I about to tell you where you can get it but I’m also about to give you a code to save 10% on your order!!! (insert happy dance here) This gorgeous barn door hardware is from The Barn Door Hardware store!! You can find them here, and this exact kit can be found here. When you go to check out be sure to use code: MISDIY to save 10%!! I love this hardware and I especially LOVE the fact that its handmade right here in the United States!! It’s simply perfection!!  The door handle itself is from Magnolia Market!



Thank you all so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed this little DIY and I hope that it inspires you to tackle that barn door you’ve been dreaming about! If you’d like to see more of our master makeover you can find it here. Or for some behind the scenes photos and video follow along on Instagram @misdiy!!  I love getting to chat and connect with y’all so feel free to leave any comments or questions below!!

~Happy Reading Friends



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