Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover

Good Monday morning friends! I am so excited to finally get over here on the blog with our master makeover!! It was such a fun project to do with the Mr. and I am head over heels with the way it turned out! I hope y’all enjoy seeing this little transformation and please know that I will be sharing how we did almost all of the fun projects in our room!!

Here’s the before:


These photos were taken the very day we received the keys to our home. There was carpet, bluish/gray walls and ceiling with tan trim and a teal door with peel and stick tile on the glass. The very first thing we did in this room was remove the carpet. We didn’t even sleep in here until the carpet was gone. Then we lived with the old pine floors and ugly paint colors for a year. An entire year!!! And I’m so thankful we did, because I cant say that I would have had the vision I did for our room a year ago.


These photos were taken the day we began work. As you can see from looking at the pictures, our 80+ year old pine floors were in rough shape! So the first decision we made was painting the floors. I knew I didn’t want carpet in our room and I really hated the thought of covering up these original floors. So I chose to use Behr porch and floor paint in the same color that I chose to use on the walls and ceiling, Bistro White by Valspar. We also knew that we wanted to add a shiplap wall in our room to add texture and bring in that farmhouse feel. I will share more about how we created the wall in a later post. Once the wall was finished, I painted the walls and ceiling.


Painting the floor was very simple and I chose to do it once the walls were finished so that I didn’t have to worry so much about paint splatters on the floor. Once I had painted the entire room we gave it 3 days to dry before adding our furniture. This was the hard part 😉


The bed I chose is from Target. Its the ‘Bralton Metal Bed’ in a queen, you can find it here. Our bedding is from Ikea, I chose a duvet and duvet cover for our bed and I love it! This cover is the gray ticking duvet in a king. The white blanket at the foot of the bed is a vintage find I picked up for $5 and I’m seriously obsessed!! Our rug has been a huge topic lately and I have to say it is my favorite rug of all times in forever. Haha, but really its seriously gorgeous and it can be found here at I will share a review on it once we’ve had it awhile longer but the detail in this rug makes it a show stopper and although its not a soft shag rug its still very comfortable to walk on and easy to clean!


Our side tables are the Rast dressers from Ikea. We bought them for $35 and then we ‘fancied’ them up a bit to fit our style! I will share more on exactly what we did to them in a later post but it was simple. Some extra wood, stain/glaze and new hardware from Target. I just love how they turned out and its so nice having the extra storage! Our lights were also a bit of a DIY. We purchased the light cords from Ikea, the cages from Amazon and then we built the brackets to hold the lights. Both of these projects were so much fun and they add so much to the space!

img_1009img_0569One of my favorite pieces that we built for the room is our barn door!! I love the look and feel it gives our room and its so much fun!! I will have all the details on this build soon but if you are looking for some awesome barn door hardware head to The Barn Door Hardware Store, found here. We also added a vintage mantel to our room that I was able to score at an auction for $12!! I know, I just couldn’t pass it up!! I’m still working on figuring out the mantel décor and trying to decide if I should paint it or leave it just the way it is. But for now I’m just loving all of the fun pieces we’ve added to our space.


That’s it for now! As you can see I’ve already added a new DIY piece to the space and I’ve decorated our room with small simple fall touches. I will be blogging much more about our space, the projects we did and more details on some of the products we purchased for this make over!! Stay tuned and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at or leave your questions/comments below in the comment section! To see more of our master bedroom and some behind the scenes video, come follow me on Instagram @misdiy.

~Happy Reading Friends


56 thoughts on “Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover

  1. Love love love this! This is about the same thing that I want to do for our master! And love me some IKEA ha! Thanks for sharing!


  2. This room is perfection! I would love to know what you did to the Rast dressers. Just picked some up from IKEA and was wanting to get just that same look!


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  6. Can I ask a personal question? How do u get away with using only small dressers? Do you have a large closet? I have a small closet and unfortunately a large dresser. I wish I could only use a small dresser like yours…but that will never happen with the small closet:-( I LOVE EVERYTHING about this makeover! The room looks so much more open and bigger!!!


    • Hi Joy! We have what may be considered a large closet..I consider it to be more of a standard size closet but for the age of our home it could be considered small. We hang all of our pants and shirts and then the small dressers are from pj’s and underclothes. Hope that helps answer your question!! Thank you so much for your sweet compliment.


  7. Love your bedroom!!!!!! Do you happen to know the measurements of the brackets for the lights? You’ve inspired me to try and make my own too!!!


  8. I’m looking for metal beds like yours. Can you tell me if your bed feels solid or is it rickety? I hate when I grab a footboard and the whole beds shakes. I see a lot of beautiful metal beds on line but it’s hard to tell how solid it is! Thanks!


  9. I stumbled upon your remodel on Pinterest. I have to say what an amazing transformation! I absolutely love the Ikea hacks and your wall sconces.


  10. I agree with you, the rug is great! The link leads to a “503 error” for me though :/ Care to share the name of the rug itself and I’ll track it down on rugsusa? We’ve got the same duvet and a similar metal bed frame, but choosing a rug has thrown me for a loop. You’ve got good taste 😉


  11. What is the paint color you have in your living room? I absolutely love it! We are in the process of painting and I can’t find the perfect color. I love your color.


  12. Love the room! I bought the same bed from Target for my guest room. Do you remember where you got the bedskirt and how many inches the drop is?
    Thank you!


  13. Hi Misty! I love this room! So talented! Could u tell me a little more about the lights? Which cord set did u use from ikea and would u be willing to give me the measurements and some instructions for the would frame u used to hang them?
    Thanks Tanya


  14. Hi there, LOVE everything about this! You are truly talented 🙂 Curious about the size of bedding you purchased…I know your bed is a queen, but your bedding hangs pretty far down, so curious if you sized up to king?


    • Thank you so much for your kind words!! Our bed is a queen and I do size up to a king!!! We have a thicker mattress but I’ve always hated how the queen just looked cut off on our bed, if that makes sense. So king it is! ☺️ Sheets are a queen though. Hope that helps!!


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