The Good, the Bad, and the Plan

Good Monday morning friends. I am so excited to be back here on the blog with y’all again! I took some what of an ‘unannounced break’ while we wrapped up summer, started our homeschool year and worked on many projects. I have to say it was a good break and it was much needed for me to reset and focus on our family and our school year!! But I am officially back and I have missed y’all terribly! I have so much to share, we’ve been so busy here at our little place and I’m excited for y’all to see. Plus I have some fun DIY’s to share! So that’s all good news; I’m back and have lots to share!! Now for the not so good news…

I have had a few of my readers reach out to me and tell me that they’ve read a blog post but the photos linked to the post are not showing up. I could not figure out what this issue might be. I assumed maybe the website wasn’t working right with uploading photos onto cell phones. After checking into the issue on my end and doing a little digging, I figured out the problem…it was me. So here’s what happened in a nut shell, when I first began blogging I chose the ‘free’ plan through word press and bought my domain ( All was well, then one day after blogging for roughly a year I couldn’t upload anymore pictures. My ‘media library’ was full. So not knowing better I cleaned it out. Thinking that this was just for uploading and that my photos were safe in the blog posts…no friends, I was wrong! Every photo that I removed from my ‘media library’ was completely removed from my blog. Which then left a years worth of blog posts without photos. Can I just say that for about half of the day I was literally sick to my stomach, an entire year GONE. But what do you do? Once I had blogged to share with y’all the majority of the photos were deleted from my camera or computer. Gone..all of it! But that’s ok friends, its a lesson learned and I will move on from it! I am no expert at anything, and I know that there are many more mistakes to come everyday in my life but I will choose to learn from them and get better!!

So here’s the ‘plan’. All of the bog posts missing photos have been deleted. I have tons of new DIY’s and home décor goodies to share with you all so I will continue blogging and working to share as much as possible with all of you. I could use your help though!! If there was a blog post that has now been deleted that you would like to see on the blog again PLEASE let me know! Email me at or leave it in the comments here below! I will work to do updated blog posts on some of the DIY’s we’ve done and I’ll be doing home tours again. I cant tell y’all just how much I appreciate each of you following along and taking time to read my blog!! This week I’m hoping to have our master makeover on the blog along with some goodies!! Stay tuned!!❤

~Happy Reading Friends


The Journey of a Door

Good Friday afternoon sweet friends. These last few weeks have been super busy but filled with all good things! We have celebrated our 2 youngest daughter’s birthday’s in the last month, we redid our baby girls bedroom, had volley ball camp, ordered our new homeschool curriculum and I’ve started making our lesson plans…we have also started renovating our master bedroom. YAY!!! I am so excited to show y’all what we are doing in our space. I can promise y’all that’s it’s going to look like a completely different room and I can not wait!! Today I wanted to share one of the projects I’ve finished for the room so far!!

IMG_0340 (4)

Ok so we haven’t painted the room yet but two major projects are finished and the room is about to get painted…floor to ceiling. Yes, you read that correctly! I’m so excited! Ok so we have this door that leads out to our own personal deck off of our bedroom. The door was so bad we talked about just replacing it, but I was working with a small budget and a new door wasn’t on the list. So what’s a DIY loving girl to do? Save the old beautiful original door of course!!

IMG_0293 (3)

Ok, so as you can see the door was a shade of blue, it had sticky tiles and paint on the glass. I knew I had my work cut out for me before I even started. We removed the door and took it outside for the paint removal. I chose to use Citristrip for this project. I’ve used it before and love it. Once I removed all of the hardware from the door I then used a paint brush to apply the Citristrip. I let is sit roughly 30 min. Once the time was up I used a metal putty knife and gloves to scrape off the paint.

IMG_0292 (4)IMG_0291 (4)For this project I applied 3 coats of the Citristrip, removing between applications, before I was happy with the final look. Once I had removed the paint I washed the door to remove any remaining paint or Citristrip. It can be messy but it will come off and its so worth it.

IMG_0298 (4)

Next I had to flip the door over to remove the paint that was applied to the window. *gasp* It was easily removed just by using one coat of Citristrip and the metal putty knife. I also sanded this side of the door so give the wood a smooth finish again. Once I had removed the paint from the glass I washed again and then used windex on the glass to finish.

IMG_0299 (4)

Once the door was clean and dry I used Minwax Special Walnut to stain the door. After the stain had dried I knew I wanted to apply a good sealant so the door would be well protected.This project was extra fun because I was able to learn something new and I always love to be able to discover new products and things to make projects better and easier! When I went to HomeDepot to pick up Polyurethane to seal the door, the lady in the paint department informed me Poly wasn’t what I wanted. Introducing Helmsman! I’m sure all of you already knew about this product but I did not!! This product is apparently the best sealant for doors and really any other wood pieces that may face Mother Nature!! I chose to use Clear Satin because I didn’t want the door to have too much of a shine.

IMG_0339 (2) I followed all the steps on the can except for the sanding part…I know I know, don’t throw stones. I wasn’t worried about a perfectly fancy finish so I skipped the step and honestly I cant tell the difference. One thing I will add though, I sealed the door with it in the house…TAKE IT OUTSIDE!! Seriously if you can finish the door outside it would be best. This stuff is strong and lingers. lol

IMG_0337 (4)

Here is a close up of the door once it was completely finished. This photo isn’t the best and it doesn’t do the door justice but I love the way this door turned out. Not all of the paint was able to be removed and I love the aged look it gave the door! Once the walls and trim are painted the color I’ve chosen (surprise) this door will really pop!

IMG_0338 (4)

This is the side that faces out. I’m really excited about finishing this little door space. We have to replace the screen door and the weather strip to make it all shiny and new but its all coming along!! I’m so glad I was able to refinish this original door instead of purchasing a brand new one!! It adds so much character to our room and I cant wait to see it all come together.

Thank you all so much for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed this little journey of a door and I hope it has inspired you to try refinishing an old door in your home!! If you are on Instagram head on over to see all of the behind the scene photos and videos of our master reno!! You can find me @misdiy.

~Happy Reading Friends

‘Big Girl’ Room Reveal

Good Wednesday afternoon friends. The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy!! I honestly haven’t had the time or energy to get over here and share with you all and for that I am so sorry. We have been in birthday and project mode pretty hard these last two weeks but I am so excited to finally show y’all our baby girl’s ‘big girl’ room reveal!!!

Here is what her room use to look like. When we first moved in… Dark, dingy and with a lavender ceiling.


Here is what her room looks like now…….

IMG_0357 (3)This room makeover is full of DIY projects and I loved every one of them. Even though some took several hours/days, they were still fun and so worth it!  I found her bedding at Target and I instantly fell in love with it. I knew I wanted her walls to be a neutral color so that I could add splashes of color from her bedding around the room. I chose to use Behr Silver Marlin for the top half of her walls and Behr Simply White for the bottom half and the trim. I love these two colors together!!

IMG_0362 (4)

IMG_0363 (2)Her bed is an antique bed that we have had for almost 5 years now. I had plans to turn it into a swing for our front porch but I couldn’t resist adding it to this girly room! I painted it using  Repurpose paint in Crisp Linen. The chandelier and M were both purchased at Hobby Lobby. I used craft paint to paint the M and just added flowers to match her bedding.

IMG_0366 (5)IMG_0358 (5)IMG_0365 (4)IMG_0364 (3)

The pom pom garland was a DIY (I’ll share how I made it in another blog post soon) and the painted globe was one I had bought awhile ago from Tjmaxx and was no longer using. I again used the craft paint and created flowers to match the bedding. These were such simple projects that add so much to this little space!!

IMG_0355 (2)IMG_0356Her dresser was a $7 auction find flip. We removed the top, added wood slats, stained, painted and found cute hardware from Hobby Lobby!! The painting was a DIY and I will also be sharing how I created this. It was time consuming but I love it so much and it was so fun to create for our little M.

IMG_0370 (5)IMG_0373IMG_0372 (5)IMG_0371 (4)I knew when I was designing her little room in my head that I wanted her to have a little reading corner. Our girls LOVE to read so I love creating little spaces for them to hang out with a book. Not only do I have a goal to make our home cozy but I also have a goal to create spaces for our children of their own that they feel safe and comfortable in. The little white rocking chair is from Tjmaxx, the pillow is made from fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. Both of the unicorns are from Target, the shelves are actually spice racks from Ikea and the frame I found for $1 and painted to match her bedding.

IMG_0352IMG_0361 (2)IMG_0369 (4)IMG_0362 (4)This little make over may have taken some extra time and effort but it was so worth it. Y’all know I love trying to create things on my own, DIY’s are kind of my thing so I had a blast in this room! Our little girl loves everything about it and still two weeks later she’s so excited to sleep in her big girl room. And that makes my heart happy!! Her 3rd birthday was a success!

Thank you all so much for joining me today! I’ll be back Friday with a Friday IG recap and we are right in the middle of our MAJOR master makeover so stay tuned for that! I can not wiat to show you all!! If you are on Instagram head over to see everything I’m up to and behind the scene videos @misDIY.

~Happy Reading Friends