Friday Recap

I can finally say it y’all, happy FRIDAY! It feels so good to finally be here. I’m not sure why and I asked over on Instagram yesterday but was this the longest week ever or was it just me? I felt like this week was never ending! I’m excited to be here today though, doing another Friday Recap with y’all! If you’re new to the blog, Fridays are when I share all of my photos from this week that I’ve posted on Instagram. I bring them over here to the blog, talk about them and share sources with you guys! This week most of the photos I share will be repeats from my blog posts, umm I blogged a lot this week. But if you saw something you were curious about, hopefully I’ll be able to share the info here today!


I finally removed all of our red plaid pillows…I know, I was a little sad. I’ll be sharing a sneak peek later on in this post or if you read yesterdays post How ‘I’ Stay Organized then you’ve already seen what they’ve been replaced with! I’ve gotten so many questions about these pillow covers, the fabric was found at Hobby Lobby with their seasonal fabrics and I did a blog post showing how I made the covers here, Easy DIY Pillow Covers. These covers are so simple, if you can measure and sew a straight line, you can make these for your home!


I love transitioning into winter décor. I shared our Winter Home Tour this week and with all the snow we’ve received the last few days our home hasn’t felt cozier! The clock was a DIY (coming to the blog soon), the orange garland is left over from Christmas and the little copper pot was a vintage find.


Our master bedroom has stayed pretty quiet the last few weeks, I didn’t really change much from Christmas. I did take the bells down that were on our door but other than that its remained the same. I get a lot of questions about our wedding numerals and I do have a blog post planned to show how I make signs for our home. I did share this little DIY Wooden Tray I believe it was last week. I love having it in our room to hold the current book I’m reading, our coffee or my laptop when I decide to work from bed.

Snapseed 1

You may have noticed we made some changes to our entryway and I’m loving the direction its going. I still have something else to add to the space and I’m excited to share once its finished!! I’ll also be sharing how you can make your own framed shiplap. For now if you’d like to read about the light we’ve installed you can find it here DIY Wireless Light. The little speaker is a Crosley speaker from Urban Outfitters and the table is the Everett Foyer table from World Market.


Blankets, blankets, blankets! You can never have too many cozy blankets in your home! We have a blanket on just about every sofa, chair and bed! And then we have our blanket ladder! My husband helped me build this a year or so ago and for whatever reason I never blogged about it! I’ve been wanting to make a second one for our home soooo you’ll be seeing the DIY on my blog soon! Speaking of not blogging things…our piano always seems to get a lot of attention, with questions like ‘does it work’? ‘did you paint it yourself’? and ‘what color is it’? It is a working piano, the Mr. and our daughters play it, I did paint it myself using Stone Age in the Repurpose line. I don’t regret painting it one bit, I absolutely love the way it turned out!!


Just in case I haven’t told you guys, this $40 shelf unit from Ikea is my favorite! I love the look and feel it adds to our dining room! This piece is called the Ivar and you actually buy it by the piece, so the sides are $10 each and then $5 per shelf! We’ve recently added another one of these shelving units to our homeschool room!  The star garland was a DIY from last Christmas but you can read about home I made it here DIY Candle Holders + Christmas Trees and the sweet banner was a custom from Madre Hand Made.


Our dining room finally feels right. I don’t think I’ve shared much about this space recently. I’ve honestly been struggling with it. I finally gave into one of my ‘urges’ and made some changes! I’ll be blogging about all of the details in this space very soon!! The light is from Home Depot and I painted it flat black.



Here’s a little sneak peek of the new pillow covers I made, I’m seriously loving them! I shared these two photos together on Instagram asking the question ‘If I told you there were 20+ board/card games and multiple blankets in this space would you believe me’? We love our storage ottomans from Ikea, they make such a difference in our home of little storage. Yesterday I talked about How ‘I’ Stay Organized and being purposeful with our furniture is key! Not only do I want our furniture to be cozy and pleasing to the eye but I also want it to be functional and provide extra storage where we need it!




Our accent wall in the family room is always another big conversation piece. We used actual lumber from Weaber Lumber to create this wall, you can also find their product at Home Depot. It added so much texture and coziness to this space, we love it! The basket, lamp and throw are all from Target, the large pillow covers, couch and ottomans are from Ikea.



We have gotten so much snow this last week! I have to say, even though its cold and I mean negative temps around here, its so magical! Our property covered in snow is possibly one of my favorite sights.





The top of our piano got a moody refresh and I’m obsessed with the winter greens. If you’ve noticed they are sprinkled all over our home. I actually found them at Kroger’s, a grocery store for those of you that don’t have one in your area. I will be so sad when they eventually die but for now I’m truly enjoying them! The flower painting is from Deann Art, the letter board is LetterFolk and the lamp is from Target.




I think that wraps this week up friends. I hope y’all have enjoyed this little recap. If I missed something you were curious about please leave your question(s) in the comments below or email me at! I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend! As always here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll be sharing this morning on Instagram!

~Happy Reading Friends













How ‘I’ Stay Organized

When I started thinking about the new year and what I would bring to my blog for my readers I knew I wanted to bring more to the blog then just DIY’s and tours of our home. I LOVE those things, y’all know that, but I wanted to give you MORE. I started thinking about the questions I get asked a lot over social media and decided I would start sharing the answers here to some of those questions. Yesterday I shared two of my most asked questions in my How ‘I’ Keep a Tidy Home post and today I thought I would talk about one of my other most asked questions… ‘HOW DO YOU STAY ORGANIZED?!’


Before I begin today’s post, just like yesterday I want to say…I am NO expert, on anything friends! I share here on my blog what works for me and my family in hopes that it may inspire or help someone find something that also works for their family. I do not blog with the mindset that I know everything about what I am talking about or that what I am sharing is the best way. I am simply opening my heart and our home to you here on the blog hoping it reaches someone. Even if its just one person. Ok now that we have that out of the way. 😉 For those of you just stopping by today, or if you are a new reader I am a 31 year old stay at home mom (but these tips will totally work for the working mom and dad as well!!) who homeschools her three daughters and has a type A personality.

My first must do to stay organized is to have a good planner and write everything down! I’ve had planners in the past and honestly I went in with good intentions but then I put them away in the drawer and forgot about them, I resorted to just lists. But this year I’m using a new planner and its from Heart of the Farm planner and its gorgeous! So pretty that I leave it sit out and check it daily. If you’re in need of a planner you can find these here through Cory. I use my planner for my cleaning schedule, that you can find in yesterdays post How ‘I’ Keep a Tidy Home, I also use it for our meal plan (I do a monthly meal plan and at the beginning of each week I write down the meals for each day of that week! Super helpful!!). I write down important dates, schedule out my blog posts and keep track of extra to-do’s and projects. This planner also has a spot to write prayers, blessings, keep track of your water intake and your exercise. It has a space for everything plus its filled with beautiful photos and inspirational sayings/quotes!


We live in an old home that is short on lights and closets. No but seriously it is. So to make up for the lack of closet space and with living in a 3 bedroom home with 5 people I sometimes have to get creative with our storage.  Our homeschool room was a bit of a challenge. Why? Because I needed to keep most of the items in this room accessible to our children. They need to be able to know where things are and able to get to the items. So for this room I used a lot of glass jars, bins and magazine holders.



The glass jars are from Walmart and they are perfect to store craft items, legos and other supplies. You could even use them in the kitchen! The gray bins are from Ikea. I keep one bin full of my supplies such as the stapler, tape, hole punch and so on. The large bins hold our homeschool games and extra note books for the year. These are perfect to keep things tidy and organized! My husband and I built most of the furniture in this room but the tall bookcase is from Ikea. Its the same one we have in our dining room if you remember seeing it. The magazine holders keep our weekly folders and papers together, we also have one full of construction paper for projects and some of our books are in the others. This room has to be very functional for our school days and being organized truly helps make our days easier!


The bedrooms. Our oldest two daughters share a room and our youngest has a small room to herself. The previous owners built on a master bedroom with a bath before converting what is now our master bedroom. So the room works perfectly for our two daughters to share. In each room our girls have under bed storage that we found at Ikea. They each have three bins to keep their toys in. They choose how to keep and organize their bins but there is one rule to the bin. Once a bin is too full for the lid to close we have to sort through our toys to find the ones we no longer want to keep. The girls have never had an issue with this rule and its worked perfectly to help keep the toy overload under control.



Our daughters also have these $4 Ikea spice racks near their beds as shelves and book holders. They love being able to keep their favorite books close to their bed or add photos and trinkets. It provides extra storage in their room and also gives them space to decorate and enjoy. We also weed through our books periodically to donate the ones the girls have outgrown or no longer read.


I get a lot of questions about our master bedroom and if we have a dresser in it. We do not. Unless you count our side tables which really are tiny dressers and we do store some of our clothes in them. We have the Ikea Rast dressers that I gave a makeover to when we redid our master bedroom you can read about them here (Our Rast Dresser Ikea Hack & an awesome GIVEAWAY!!) In these small dressers we use the top drawer for random items such as our watch, cell phone charger, glasses, ect. We also use it for our under garments and pajamas. The rest of our clothing is in our closet. Not so pretty closet that we plan to redo in the near future but our home is a work in progress. Eventually the closet will have better organization options but for now we do with what we have.


Our half bath in the home is also our laundry room. In this room we do have a small shelving unit and a little cupboard. Its hard for me to show all of the shelves in this space because there just isn’t enough room to back up for a good photo but I keep our paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, extra jars, cleaning towels and other small misc. on these shelves. I use the black wire baskets to hold our cleaning towels and toilet paper, I love how they keep the items neat and tidy.  I really believe that housing the small items that easily get out of hand and become an eye sore, is the key to helping your home look cleaner than it may be. 😉


Something I’ve always tried to do when buying furniture for our home is be purposeful. With little storage in the home itself and having the girls we need pieces that help us keep our ‘things’ under control. Our family room is probably the biggest area where that happens. You may never know it but in this space we store board games, movies, extra blankets, our gaming system, puzzles and more. How? By the furniture we’ve chosen for this space!


Ta-da! Hahaha we love our storage ottomans for a few reasons, 1. they make our couch super cozy and 2. we can store a lot of stuff in them! We have two storage ottomans in this space, one holds the majority of our board and card games and the other holds extra blankets. These are perfect for things like this! The items are in the room we use them but you’d never know it!



The next piece of purposeful furniture in this space is our TV console. This piece use to be a buffet I purchased a couple years ago at an auction. I removed the tall skinny legs and added feet to get the height we wanted for our TV. This was a simple project and it provides us with so much storage! We house all of our entertainment/gaming system misc. in this piece, plus our movies, large board games and puzzles!



To summarize this post today, because I know it can be a lot but it doesn’t have to be, I would say, start with a planner. A good planner that you won’t write a week in and then put it away somewhere you’ve forgotten. When bringing new furniture into your home, buy it with a purpose, does it help solve your storage/organizing needs? Purge your home randomly and set boundaries for what you bring into your home. We purge at least three times a year, once before Christmas, once in Spring and once in the Fall. Set boundaries for your kiddos and their things just the same as you set boundaries for yourself. Weed out the coloring books with one page left to color, and the little kids meal toys. I sometimes remove a toy that hasn’t been played with for a couple months and if the girls don’t ask for it for a whole month then it goes in the pile to get rid of. I’ve also set boundaries for myself, do I need this? will I use it once a day or once a week? where will it go? do I LOVE it? If I struggle to answer any of these questions instantly, I put the item back. Buy bins and storage baskets that you love and that work in the space you need them. Sometimes just adding a basket to hold the loose odds and ends helps tremendously. Also, for your cleaning supplies, buy the amber bottles to put and store them in. You can easily display them if you don’t have the cupboard room to store them. Using glass bottles or any neutral container is much more pleasing to the eye and doesn’t look so busy and cluttered. Donate your old clothes and shoes and clean the junk drawer (y’all know we each have one) once a month. My goal is for everything to have a place and for everything to be in its place! If it doesn’t have a place in our home, it goes.


I think that covers what I had in mind for today. Again, please know that everything I’ve shared today is what works for our family and I’ve found that we work so much better with an organized home. It helps clear our mind and our spaces for all the other fun things. I hope you’ve found something in today’s posts that inspires you to get more organized or maybe you found something we do/use that may help in your home. Whatever it may be I hope it was something. In all honesty today was a hard post to write, I’ve found over the last two day that to sit down and share what I do daily in our home and how I do it is a little harder than sharing a fun DIY with you guys! It would be much easier if I could just have y’all over for coffee so we could chat and you could snoop around checking things out. 😉 As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at! I’ve also created an image below if you would like to add it to Pinterest to save this post for later!

~Happy Reading Friends

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How ‘I’ Keep a Tidy Home


I have to say my the most asked question I get is ‘HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN WITH THREE KIDS’? Its right up there with ‘HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH WHITE IN YOUR HOME AND KEEP IT CLEAN’? It’s really very simple friends and today I thought I would share!


Today I’m going to share how I keep a tidy home and what products I use to clean. Friends, I’m no expert here so before you continue reading please know that what I’ll be sharing is what I’ve found to work for ME and my family. Not every day plays out perfectly but having a plan, a schedule and being organized truly helps!


My very first ‘rule’ is to make your bed as soon as your feet hit the floor, if you accomplish nothing else in the day at least your room is tidy and you have a freshly made bed to slip into at night. Now this is a rule and rules do tend to get broken now and then. Sometimes on the weekends our bed doesn’t get made until after coffee, some days it doesn’t get made at all but I do try to make it first thing every morning. Another thing that I swear by is a cleaning schedule. Yep, schedule out your chores. It seriously helps! Before I remember running around trying to do all the things and by the end of the day I was left exhausted feeling like I had conquered the world but looking like I had accomplished nothing at all. Once I created a cleaning schedule I actually found that I had tons of FREE TIME! How had it taken me so long before to do my house chores and now I can have them done before the kids wake up most days?! It’s truly a game changer. You can tweak your cleaning schedule to fit you and your home but I’ve shared  My cleaning schedule here so you can see what it looks like each week. Oh and, I don’t clean on the weekends…gasp I know! The weekends are family time, I don’t clean house. Now in saying that, we tidy up before bed because cleaning up after ourselves is not a chore and I (most weekends) keep the kitchen/dishes clean.



I’ve also created a cleaning schedule you can print for yourself below.

Cleaning Schedule PDF

You may be thinking, ‘Cleaning schedule? I don’t have time for a cleaning schedule’!! Or, ‘Where do I even start with this thing’? Let me break down my cleaning schedule for you to explain my thought process when I created mine and maybe it will help you decide how you would like to plan yours out as well!

  • Monday: Vacuum/sweep + Mop (every 2 weeks) + Laundry + Kitchen/dishes (this is a catch up day from the weekend so I wash all of the weekend laundry, sweep up all the dirt we’ve brought in and keep the kitchen tidy)
  • Tuesday: Deep Cleaning Day + Kitchen/dishes (make a list of deep cleaning chores and choose as many as you would like on this day to complete. Example- Appliance inside and out, Trim + base board wash, windows ect.)
  • Wednesday: Dust Furniture + Vacuum + Laundry if needed (I like to dust mid-week and I always vacuum afterwards to clean up the dust bunnies I’ve pushed to the floor, if there is enough laundry for a load I also do laundry)
  • Thursday: Bathrooms + Clean out leftovers/spoiled food + gather trash for pickup (Fridays are our trash pick up so I clean bathrooms, empty their cans, I go through food in the fridge and pantry making sure it all goes with the trash if needed)
  • Friday: Bed sheet day/laundry + Vacuum/sweep (I love going into the weekend with fresh sheets and empty hampers. I also clean the floors so they are ready for the weekend dirt)

There is no science to my cleaning schedule lay out, I’ve really just fit it to what works for me and our family. Now I know that there are so many working moms (and dads!) out there (you are amazing!!) and even for working parents this schedule can totally work for you! If you use the same schedule as I do you can do things like dust before you go to work and vacuum when you get home, start the laundry while your cooking dinner, bed sheets can always be washed on Saturday morning…working or not working I believe this schedule can work for everyone!!!!


Ok now that we have our cleaning schedules ready, there are a couple of other ‘habits’ that we keep around our home to help keep it tidy. Our kiddos have their own chores they do every day like feeding the animals, gathering eggs, helping with the dishes and laundry (yes chores and before home school. They are normally up by 6am getting started) They also have pick up habits which include putting things away before they move on to another activity, pick up before lunch/nap and we have what you could call a ‘daddy clean up’. Friends this one is important for a few reasons. The Mr. and I have been married almost 11 years (next month) and I have always tried to keep the habit of having the house (and kids) in order before he gets home. Why? Well… he’s been away at work all day, he’s tired, he wants and needs to rest his feet and his mind. He needs a peaceful place to come home to and relax. I want to create that for him. So instead of having toys all over the floor for him to step over, dirty dishes filling the counters leaving no room for him to unload his things, laundry piled on the couch preventing him from sitting down or kids climbing the walls, we do our daddy clean up and I make sure my chores for the day are finished. The girls always get so excited when I yell, ‘Daddys on his way home, time to clean up’! Beacuse they are excited to create a clean space for him and greet him at the door! Again some days things happen that I can’t control and we don’t always accomplish this, but that’s very rare because this is one of my biggest MUST DOS! Try it in your home, see if your hubby notices. He may even thank you! Once the Mr. is home, and has had a few minutes to relax and unwind from his day the fun with daddy begins and yes the toys and things all come back out but allowing him to come home to peace is totally worth it!


Now lets quickly talk about what I use to clean our home!! Back in April I decided to rid our home of harmful chemicals, and while it has been a journey it really helped when I started with essential oils. I ordered my Young Living oils (find it here) kit and it truly made it so easy to do. If riding your home of harmful chemicals is something you would like to do, start by downloading the ‘Think Dirty’ app and scan everything in your home. From cleaners to hygiene products, you’ll be shocked! Even products that claim they are all natural!! So now I make my cleaners using essential oils and I love it!


The items I make and use include all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, furniture polish, glass cleaner, oven cleaner and a bathroom spray for the ‘stinky goes’. I’ve included all of the recipes I use here in this Essential oil cleaning products PDF. I was able to not only cut out chemicals but reduce our grocery bill and clear out my cupboards because we now need fewer items to clean our home with! Its been a win win for sure and I enjoy cleaning more knowing it isn’t harming my lungs, skin or the kiddos!! I do still keep bleach in the cupboard for those hard to beat stains and for disinfecting but I also try to use lemon essential oil when I can to fight stains. All in all I’m really happy with the chemical free journey we are on and I know the more we learn the better it will get. We’ve also switched all of our personal hygiene items but that may be best shared in another post! 😉 A couple of other items I swear by to keep my cleaning routine simple and easy are the Swiffer dusters (unscented) and magic erasers. I really believe the key to simplifying our daily to-do’s/chores is to use less product and keep it simple! I use the all-purpose cleaner for EVERY THING! Its one cleaner that I can go from the kitchen to the bathroom just spraying away. Quick and simple.


To address the most popular question of keeping my whites white with three kids…the cool thing about white is that it lets us know when its dirty. Right? I mean the dirt builds up, you’re going to see it on white. So when our couches start to look dirty I can pull the covers and wash them! They come out looking brand new and they’re CLEAN! We use to have a brown microfiber sectional and I would try to wash it with soap and water when a stain happened but I always knew it never got completely clean. For me, our home is filled with all things washable. If it can’t go in the washer it doesn’t usually last long in our home. I try to be practical with the things we buy and bring into our home because we do have three children. Our furniture is not expensive, we’ve built or repurposed most of it which allows us to get through the younger years enjoying our girls and not worrying about the dents and scratches! A lot of our furniture is distress and you don’t see the scratches at all, or I’ve painted it and when it gets stained or scratched I just repaint it! It’s really so very simple. I wash and clean when needed. That’s it friends, I wish I had some big super amazing secret to share, like I’ve discovered something out of this world but I don’t. The look and feel of our home is doable for any family. We have two small rules for our slipcover couches that may not work for everyone but they’re not crazy and unreasonable. 1. No animals on the furniture 2. No eating or drinking on the couches. Again not hard and if I’m honest the Mr. and I have broken the ‘no eating or drinking on the couch’ rule and spilt coffee more times than I can count. We have what we call carpet picnics (that’s exactly what they are, a picnic on the family room floor and the kids love them) and we watch movies with popcorn and no one thinks twice about not being on the couch.


I think that wraps up today!! I hope you’ve all found this very helpful and I hope it inspires you to try to some of these ‘habits’ in your daily schedule and home! It doesn’t have to be hard friends, keep it simple!! Tomorrow I will be sharing how I stay organized and how I keep our home organized!!! As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at! I’ve included a photo below if you would like to add it to Pinterest to save this blog post for later!

~Happy Reading Friends

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DIY Wireless Light

Good Tuesday morning friends! Tuesday, on the blog? I know!!! My normal blogging days are Monday , Wednesday and Friday but I have so much to share with y’all that you’ll most likely see me here every day this week!! Today I wanted to hop on and share our new wireless light we put up in the entry way! I absolutely love it and I hope y’all do too! It helps solve the ‘old house/few lights’ obstacle in our home!


So if you read my Winter Home Tour yesterday, you saw that this time of year is when I like to give our home a little refresh. Nothing crazy, I just like to switch around décor and freshen up a couple of spaces. Well…one space that I’ve had my eye on is our entry way table and the framed shiplap I made a couple of years ago. It needed a change but I wasn’t sure in which direction, I actually had the thought to take down the framed shiplap all together until I got the idea to do something else with it. (I’ll be sharing that idea in a later post once this project is finished!) One thing I knew I wanted to change was the lamp on the entry table but we needed some source of lighting in this space. And then I saw a fellow blogger (Nestingwithgrace) do these battery operated scones and I was sold!

The light I chose for this project is from Lowes. It’s the Portfolio Ellicott 10.75-in H Galvanized Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light. (You can find it here) I knew I wanted it to be black to go with the other parts of this little refresh so I used Rustoleum in flat black to paint it. Officially obsessed!

Product Image 1


To mount the light to the wall we used the hardware piece that came with the light. My husband marked the spot for our light and then drilled holes to place wall anchors and screws as shown below. It was really very simple to attach to the wall. Once we had the hardware in place the light would simply slip onto the bolt and we’d tighten it down using the nut that also came with the light.



Now that the hardware is on the wall, you’ll need to attach your battery operated light before you hang the light fixture. I found a three pack WITH remote ( I may have been way too excited about this (-:) on Amazon here, super affordable! To attach the light you’ll drill two holes into the lights ‘lid’ we’ll call it. Once you’ve drilled two small holes you’ll need to run wire around the light bulb socket in your light fixture and then through the holes of your light lid. Hope that makes sense. This will attach your light puck to your light fixture. Be sure to keep the wire thin so that the puck lid we easily re-attach to the light itself. That’s it, insert batteries, twist the light and lid back together and you’re ready to use your wireless light!!!! WITH remote! hahahaha




I really love how this little light changed the look of our entry table and I can’t wait to get this space complete! The fun part about this light project is that it costs right around $50 (light fixture, set of three lights and a can of spray paint). We had two of the puck lights left over and we were actually able to use them in a closet and also under one of our kitchen cabinets so this project actually stretched a little bit further!


Snapseed 1




I hope y’all enjoyed this little DIY for today. As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at! Also, if you try this DIY in your home I would love to see it!! Email me pictures or if you are on Instagram and you share, tag me @misdiy! Feel free to use the image I’ve provided below to pin on Pinterest for keeps!

~Happy Reading Friends

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Winter Home Tour

Good Monday morning friends!! Today I wanted to hop on and share our home decorated for winter. Last year I transitioned from Christmas to winter and I loved it! So this year was a no brainer when Christmas was over. In today’s post I’ll be sharing what our house looks like now and talk a little about how I made the transition.


I don’t know about yall but going straight from Christmas to nothing is a little hard. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE to de-clutter and pack away all of the holiday décor but I also felt like I let this time of year slip by, as if I had already moved on to the next holiday or season when really in all reality winter was just getting started. Its funny living in Ohio, our weather is so unpredictable but you can unusually guarantee that you’ll see more snow after Christmas than you do before. So by transitioning from Christmas to winter I found the best of both worlds. I was able to de-clutter AND keep our home feeling cozy for winter!


If you saw my Christmas home tour (Simple Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour) then you’ll easily see how I made the transition. I first started removing all of the Christmas specific items. All of the reds (minus the pillow covers I made because I just can’t yet), all of the santa items, I removed the decorations from our tree and packed away any other items that screamed Christmas.


Once I had packed everything away I did a major clean. This is the part that makes my simple clutterless heart happy. I was able to remove the holiday decor which left a blank canvas for the most part, because I had packed a lot of our regular decor away to make room. So with my blank canvas I took some time to clean, touch up paint and fill nail holes. It’s the perfect time to give your permanent fixtures and walls a little TLC. Then came the emptying and gathering of all decor…


One thing I always like to do this time of year or when I’m feeling the need for a refresh is gather my decor. This basically means I remove all of my decor from shelves, mantles, bookcases, tables, the piano, wherever there are items to remove I remove them. I also bring up my 30 gallon tote that holds unused decor. I place it all on and around our dining room table, clean surfaces and then i basically shop our dining table for decor and redecorate. It’s so fun to switch things up and try a piece in a new spot to create a whole new look and feel. Now in saying this, there are some areas of our home that I don’t switch around. If I absolutely love how it’s already styled I leave it. Dont mess with a good thing. 😉 But I love getting to do a refresh this way. I also take the opportunity to purge any items I no longer want or need! So I accomplish two things with this task and it feels so good when I’m finished!


As you can see here in our dining room I made a couple bigger changes and I’ll be sharing all of the details in a later post but during an after Christmas winter refresh I do sometimes (not often but this time a little change was due) change-up more than just the decor. It’s never anything major or a big project that cost a lot. It’s usually something inexpensive that makes a big impact!


With my cleaning, touch ups and purging finished I used the decor I knew I loved and redecorated our home. To achieve the ‘winter’ feel I added in some natural elements like pine cones and fresh-cut winter greens. I also left out my orange slice garland and as you saw above, our Christmas tree. I added in a few more candles and made sure there was a blanket available at all of the sitting areas. My goal was simple, cozy and fresh. Pretty much the same goal I have all year but with a little winter twist!


In our family room I revamped the shelving, switched the little white houses for candle sticks and added fresh-cut greens. As mentioned before I kept the pillow covers I made for Christmas out for a couple of reasons, 1. I just wasnt ready to pack them away and 2. Although I have been looking, I havent been able to find fabric I love as much as this! I did find some fabric just last week that I’m getting ready to try, I’ll keep y’all posted!




Again with lots of blankets and fresh greens! I also kept this beautiful horse print out because to me you can’t get anymore ‘winter’.


Onto our master bedroom…Our bedroom didn’t really get switched up. I felt the way I had decorated it for Christmas easily transitioned into winter (and I loved it) without any changes needing to be made. I did take time to clean and freshen our room. I actually gave our mantle and our computer desk a fresh coat of paint. The mantle had started to yellow and it was a little to heavily distressed. As for the yellowing I’m not sure if it was from the sun or the type of paint I used but I gave it a couple of coats and I’m anxious to see how it does over time. Our desk was also painted due to the heavily distressed look I had previously given it. Dont get me wrong, I love all things chippy and distressed but it was time to calm it down a little in this space and I’m so glad I did.





That’s it for this years Winter Home Tour. I hope you all enjoyed getting to see inside our home this time of year and I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about my process when it comes to transitioning from Christmas to Winter. If you havent tried making the transition I hope you get inspired to do so, it’s so perfect to keep this time of year special. I’ve truly enjoyed our home in the winter so much more by allowing the feel of winter to fill our home!! As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or email me at You can also find me on Instagram @misdiy! Feel free to use the image below for Pinterest if you’d like to save this post for later!

~Happy Reading Friends




My One Word for 2018

Good Tuesday morning friends! Its been just over three weeks since I’ve been here on the blog and can I just say the last three weeks have been a slight blur. Christmas then New Years… we had a blast celebrating the holidays and enjoying the Mr.’s time off! So busy, so fun, so fast… Last week our daughters were each very sick and it was quiet possibly one of the longest weeks ever! Thankfully they are all feeling much better and getting back to their normal selves which means we can get back to our routine!! (I crave a routine, its a MUST around here) I have been reflecting on 2017- the good, the bad, what I want to change or bring into 2018 and thinking about the blog in the mix of all of this. Its hard not to look back when the new year is upon us. 2017, like every year was great! It had its highs and lows, things I definitely do NOT want to bring to 2018 but there was growth friends, there was change, in myself and all around.


Today I wanted to stop by to talk to you about 2018, some things I see happening this year, plans we have for our home, the blog and to share my one word for the year with you. I did a post like this last year, spoiler alert, this years one word is the same as last years! ‘TIME’ Such a simple word I think, but friends, time is everything!!!!


Big question I’m sure, ‘why did you choose one word to focus on for the year instead of making a New Year’s resolution?’ Well, resolutions just aren’t my thing. I feel like we can easily set ourselves up for failure with resolutions. Now in saying that I believe we should ALWAYS have goals, always. But when we set a New Years resolutions, 9 times out of ten we don’t see it through. I say we, I mean I! I never see them through. Sure the first month, maybe even two are strong but then it fades off, I grow tired, things change and I let the resolution slip away. For me choosing one word to focus on throughout the year keeps me working and its flexible, it grows with me! Its a word I can write on my hand each morning or paste on my phone or just simply remember. As the year goes we grow and change, choosing one word allows that focus for the year to grow and change with us. Not a resolution that we’ve stuck ourselves to. In saying all that, if you are someone that can set and see through resolutions, go YOU! That is awesome and I admire you! But like I said, its not for me which is cool because we are all different and that’s what makes the world go round!! 😉


Let’s talk a little bit about how or why I chose my one word, TIME. As you all know, this life can get busy, so busy to the point that we forget to relax, have fun, spend time with family and friends, do things we enjoy doing, all of the things that we can’t do when we jam pack our time with things we think we ‘have’ to do. I know there are things that we can’t push aside, things that really do have to be done but friends when you look at your day and how you spend your time, are you really spending it wisely?! For me TIME is about what I do with my time here on earth, number one is raising my kiddos and being a good wife. I want to put time into that, my family. I want to spend more time with God, in His word, strengthening my relationship with Him! I also want to manage my time so that I can get the ‘to-do’s’ done AND have time for the fun! Social media is a TIME sucker (Lets be honest! I LOVE y’all, that’s not the issue here, but boy can I get swept up in the scrolling and looking at all the things!) and I want to spend LESS time with my phone in my hand and more time on the floor playing games with my family. When we really stop and think about what we spend our time doing, how much time we may really have left here on earth (because tomorrow isn’t promised my friends), and how quickly the time passes…I want to freeze time, slow it down, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!


I hope that all makes sense, as to why I’ve chosen one word and why I chose the word TIME. Friends if you haven’t set a New Year’s resolution or chosen one word for the year, its not to late! Do what works for you, resolution or word, and if you haven’t tried just choosing one word I say this is the year for it!!!!!! Now on to a few things happening this year. As far as our home, we have 2 bathrooms to remodel and I can’t wait to share that process with y’all here on the blog. We will also have lots of other random things happening around our home but the bathrooms are a big one happening soon! You know I’ll have lots of deals, thrifted finds and DIYs to share during the process. For the blog I have lots of DIY’s planned to share with you all, some old ones that I’ve never shared and of course there will be lots of new ones throughout the year! I also have some fun little changes coming to the blog, plans to blog about more of the things!! This month I will be focusing on sharing how I manage my time at home, my cleaning schedule, products I like to use, how we stay organized, I’ll have our winter home tour up and I may even have a few Valentines day DIY’s up my sleeve just for fun!


2017 was a slow year for this little blog of mine but 2018 is going to be jam packed full of goodness. I can’t thank you all enough for reading my blog and for following along! I hope you stick with me in the new year and enjoy the things I share as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!!! If you’ve chosen a word for 2018 I would love to hear it, leave it and your why if you’d like in the comments below.  As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section or email at

~Happy Reading freinds

Friday Recap

Good Saturday morning friends!! I’m a day late (and usually a dollar short (-;) but I wanted to stop in and share my Friday recap with you all! This week has been full on Christmas and I’ve enjoyed every minute so far!! Here’s a little look into my week through Instagram!


I love vintage goodies placed throughout our home in our décor and this sweet little December calendar I found at an antique store is one of my favorites! The glass pitcher was a Tjmaxx find and I simply added some clipped pine from our yard and a piece of the ribbon I used for our tree bows. I love the simple Christmas cheer!

misdiy-1514032737629 1

This collage was shared this week when I blogged about my Christmas DIY Round-Up. I had so much fun this year trying new DIY’s this year and adding them to our Christmas décor. I hope you enjoy them as well!


Our dining room is a sweet little space with red Christmas touches and simple bits of natural elements. If you’ve missed it before, this shelf is from Ikea. I had visions of an old bakers rack or shoe rack and with no luck I finally found this little shelf that worked perfectly. For our Christmas décor in this space I added reds with the tea towels, pillow covers and some ribbon, then lots of greens with fresh pine clippings. Such a simple way to add Christmas cheer.

IMG_20171212_202201_675.jpgOur family room… friends there’s not much more I can say about this space, ya’ll know its one of my favorite spots in our home. This accent wall was done using Weaber Lumber, the pillow covers were a DIY, the blanket, basket and lamp are from Target. We spend the majority of our time in this space hanging out with the kiddos playing games, watching movies and an occasional Sunday nap.


Simple details are my favorite. These metal buckets were found at the Country Living Fair a couple years ago. To create this look I placed a candle in the middle of each bucket and then wrapped a grocery sack around the candle to help support it. Once the candle was in place I covered the bag with this green moss I found at Target. The door was from a vintage cabinet, I painted and distressed it and the wooden stars are from the Target dollar spot. Such an easy center piece.


This view will be our view Christmas morning with the addition of a fire and the gifts Santa will bring. I’m also hoping we have a view of snow covered trees Christmas morning. A few details in this space, the clock was a DIY I’ll be sharing in the new year, the stockings are from Target and the tree is a King of Christmas tree that I’m completely obsessed with!


This week I shared a quick and easy DIY for this simple wooden tray that would make the perfect gift for anyone! You can read all about it here! I love having trays like this in our home, they’re so functional or fun to just simply decorate.


Our entry table didn’t get much Christmas decorating but I did add this flocked wreath and ribbon to add some Christmas cheer! The table is from World market and its my favorite non DIY piece of furniture other than our bed!!


Mornings by the fire are my favorite. I shared this photo I took the other morning enjoying my coffee and fake shortbread cookies. 😀 You can read about how I made them in the Christmas DIY Round-up I shared above!! Such an easy project and a fun one for the kiddos to jump in on!


I think that wraps up the week! I hope you all enjoyed this little Friday Round-up on Saturday and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! I am looking forward to shutting down social media, eating all of the yummy fixin’s and spending the next four full days with my little family. I will be back at the beginning of the new year to share lots of goodness with y’all. Thank you so much for following along! I’m looking forward to an awesome year of growing my blog, sharing our little journey and all the fun DIY’s!

~Happy Reading Friends





DIY Wooden Tray

Happy Thursday afternoon friends! I’m hoping on a little later in the day today, normally I have my blog posts up and ready for y’all first thing in the morning but this week has been full on Christmas prep! I did want to jump over real quick and share this easy little DIY with y’all! Its perfect for that last minute gift or that one name on the list that’s had ya stumped!


What you’ll need:

  • 2″x12″ board sanded, this one is cut to 20″ (length is customizable)
  • 4 Feet for the tray
  • Paint or stain for finish, unless leaving it natural as shown
  • Drill
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Pencil


Below is a close up photo of the feet I chose to use for this exact tray. I was able to find them at Lowe’s.


Once you have your board cut and sanded you will need to mark the wood for the feet holes. I chose to inset my feet 1.5″. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure in 1.5″ from each side and mark the connecting point for your drill hole.


To drill your holes, you’ll want to use a drill bit roughly the same size as the screw on the feet you’ve chosen. I know ya’ll know this but sometimes I just don’t pay attention so a friendly reminder here, DON’T drill all the way through your board! Lol!! I drilled about half way through the board and it worked just fine. Once you’ve predrilled your holes you can attach the feet. If you’d like to add wood glue before tightening down the feet, now is the time. I skipped the glue, the feet tightened down very well and I didn’t feel that they needed to be glued.


Here is a close up of the attached foot.


That’s it my friends. Once all four feet have been screwed into the board you are done! That simple!!! This DIY can easily be done in 30 min and it makes the perfect gift for you, a loved one or a friend!!


I love moving trays like this around our home. They are perfect to decorate with or use everyday for coffee…or tea. 😉 I also have another tray I built using longer feet and its perfect to sit across my lap when I get a slow morning in bed to have coffee or work on the blog!! You can really customize this DIY to fit many needs!!


I’m excited to have this little tray in our master bedroom, I see a lot of weekend coffee dates with the Mr. right here. And when we’re not using it for our coffee dates I’ll keep my book on it or decorate it just for fun!


I hope y’all have enjoyed this little DIY and I hope that if you were needing one more quick and easy Christmas gift that this can be it!! As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me at If you’re on Instagram and use this DIY I’ve shared, I would LOVE to see your completed project! You can tag me @misdiy!

~Happy Reading Friends

Feel free to pin the image below for keeps!


Christmas DIY Roundup

Happy Monday friends! This is it, the last week before Christmas! I really can’t believe it you guys, where did this year go?! I seriously need time to slow down!! We’ve had so many fun Christmas things going on already and this week I’m really trying to focus on soaking it all in! I hope you all do the same, this magical time of year seems to pass so quickly.

Today I wanted to do a little round up for you, of all my favorite Christmas DIYs I’ve done this year! I think its safe to say this year may have been my very favorite as far as holiday DIYs! I’ll share them all here and then y’all can decide. 😉


Feel free to pin image for keeps

My first DIY I want to share is this dried orange slice garland! This was so easy, you guys! All you do is take some oranges, it really just depends on how long you want your garland or how many ornaments you want to make. I think I used about 5 oranges and I have some left over. So you’ll take your oranges and slice them about 1/4″ thick (picking out any seeds). Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or use a cooling rack and bake the oranges at 175* or in my case 200* because our ancient oven wouldn’t cook any lower. You’ll bake them 3-4 hours depending on your oven and flip them every hour. Once they’re finished I used a large eye sewing needle and some twine to string them! Here is a great tutorial if you’d like to read a little more in detail that I found on Pinterest.





The next DIY I wanted to share were these little twig stars I made this year! These were so fun and easy! I love the way they look in our home. The texture and organic feel they add to the space is perfect!! For my twig stars I simply gathered or cut 5 twigs per star to be the exact same size (or as exact as I could), longer for larger stars and shorter for smaller stars. Then to assemble them I used my hot glue gun and added just a bit of glue at each connecting point. You could also wrap twine around the connecting points but I wanted to keep it as natural looking as possible! I did find a tutorial to share with you guys, but for my stars I basically pulled up a photo of a twig star to get the lay out right and that was it. I know tutorials can be helpful so I found one from my friend Lisa that y’all might enjoy (here)!



The next DIY is a tradition this time of year for many, cinnamon ornaments. I decided to skip a step in the process and make ‘cinnamon cookies’ instead! These were another super easy project and my girls were able to jump in and help as well! I always love including them with projects as much as possible! For this I simply followed the recipe here. I just opted out of adding the hole at the top for the twine or ribbon before baking. But you could totally whip up two batches of this recipe and make some ornaments and some cookies, bonus they smell amazing! Be sure when you lay them out on the plate that no one eats them!!! Lol



Next up is our ‘Homemade Christmas’ baskets the girls and I put together. I absolutely LOVE these baskets and everything we put in them. You can read all about them here. They were super easy, affordable and I truly feel like they were a great little gift from our home to our loved ones and neighbors. Our girls had so much fun getting to help create and deliver them! This is definitely a great time of year to teach our little ones about giving!



I blogged about our DIY Star Advent Calendar and we are over half way through it! I love the way this DIY looks hanging on our wall but I also love what it adds to this time of year. Our advent calendar focuses on acts of kindness plus some fun Christmas activities with a couple of Christmas jokes thrown in. The girls get so excited when its time to check the activity for the day. Its been a great addition this year!!



Of course I couldn’t forget to share these DIY Pillow Covers. Y’all have gone crazy over these and I love that you love them just as much as I do! I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby but I’ve also heard that it may be found at Joann’s fabrics as well. I haven’t had any luck finding it anywhere other than Hobby Lobby. Fabric or not, this DIY is so easy, you can make pillow covers for every day of the week! I am officially obsessed with making these covers now! If you can cut, measure and sew a straight line this DIY is for you!!



I think that wraps up this little round up! I hope you’ve all enjoyed it! As always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or email me at

~Happy Reading Friends

Friday Recap

Happy Friday friends! I hope you’ve all had a great week, now who’s ready for the weekend?! I know I am! We have a fun little surprise planned with the kiddos today and if you’re on Instagram you may get a little glimpse of it!! But first I wanted to stop in and share a Friday Recap!!


This sign in our master bedroom is my favorite! I shared it earlier this week and I talked a little about how I made the garland on my stories. The little white houses are from the Target dollar spot, the candle sticks are from Ikea and the garland is a mix of fresh and faux greens. I had some faux eucalyptus stems from Ikea, I mixed in some fresh pine, pine cones and red pipe berry stems from Hobby Lobby. It was super simple, I literally just laid the bits behind the houses and fluffed a little!


This blanket ladder was a DIY project and I always get questions about it! I do plan to have it on the blog at the first of the year!! It was so easy to create and its one of my favorite pieces!! The blankets are from H&M and Target! The stockings are also from Target!


If you’ve missed me talking about it, our homeschool room got some Christmas décor as well! The tiny tree belongs to our girls, they had a blast decorating it! For this space I kept it fun and simple. I hung a couple of garlands around the room and added in our ‘Little People Nativity set.’ Its our favorite!!


A couple days ago we actually got some snow!! I was so excited but it wasn’t much! I did snag this photo and if you look super close you can see the snow on our deck!!


We’ve been doing a lot of baking lately, edible and non edible! I made these cute little cinnamon ornaments but instead of adding a hole for the ornament I kept it just as a cut out to look like sweet little cookies and used white puffy paint for the ‘icing’!!


Our open shelving is my favorite place to add little holiday touches. I’m slightly obsessed with this horse print I picked up this fall at the country living fair from a vendor and the little twig star was so easy to create!


I finally decorated our bedroom this past week and I love it! I kept it very simple and brought in a lot of natural elements. The orange slice garland was super simple and the greenery was picked up from Kroger’s ( a local grocery store).


Here’s another shot of our family room.


On Monday I shared this shot of our sitting room. I did a little blog hop with eleven other amazing bloggers sharing our Favorite Christmas Room. So much talent in that little hop and it was a blast getting to be a part of it!


I get so many questions about our red plaid pillows and in case you missed it I actually made them! I found the fabric at hobby lobby and you can read the tutorial here. They were seriously the easiest thing I think I’ve ever sewn! If you can cut, measure and sew a straight line, you’ll be making your own covers in no time!


This little flatlay I shared was inspired by the Homemade Christmas the girls and I put together for our family and friends! We had so much fun putting these baskets together and we’ve loved using all of the items in our home as well!


Our King of Christmas Tree


A full shot of our master bedroom decorated for Christmas

Last night I shared this shot of our family room that I don’t think I’ve shared before. This is the side of our family room that doesn’t seem to get very much attention other than the girls crashing on the loveseat. We’ve added a few simple pieces here with the picture ledge and our monogram round.


That’s a wrap friends and as always I leave you with a sneak peek at what I’ll be sharing this morning on Instagram!! If you have any questions about this weeks recap please leave them in the comments section below or email me at


~Happy Reading Friends