The Journey of a Door

Good Friday afternoon sweet friends. These last few weeks have been super busy but filled with all good things! We have celebrated our 2 youngest daughter’s birthday’s in the last month, we redid our baby girls bedroom, had volley ball camp, ordered our new homeschool curriculum and I’ve started making our lesson plans…we have also started renovating our master bedroom. YAY!!! I am so excited to show y’all what we are doing in our space. I can promise y’all that’s it’s going to look like a completely different room and I can not wait!! Today I wanted to share one of the projects I’ve finished for the room so far!!

IMG_0340 (4)

Ok so we haven’t painted the room yet but two major projects are finished and the room is about to get painted…floor to ceiling. Yes, you read that correctly! I’m so excited! Ok so we have this door that leads out to our own personal deck off of our bedroom. The door was so bad we talked about just replacing it, but I was working with a small budget and a new door wasn’t on the list. So what’s a DIY loving girl to do? Save the old beautiful original door of course!!

IMG_0293 (3)

Ok, so as you can see the door was a shade of blue, it had sticky tiles and paint on the glass. I knew I had my work cut out for me before I even started. We removed the door and took it outside for the paint removal. I chose to use Citristrip for this project. I’ve used it before and love it. Once I removed all of the hardware from the door I then used a paint brush to apply the Citristrip. I let is sit roughly 30 min. Once the time was up I used a metal putty knife and gloves to scrape off the paint.

IMG_0292 (4)IMG_0291 (4)For this project I applied 3 coats of the Citristrip, removing between applications, before I was happy with the final look. Once I had removed the paint I washed the door to remove any remaining paint or Citristrip. It can be messy but it will come off and its so worth it.

IMG_0298 (4)

Next I had to flip the door over to remove the paint that was applied to the window. *gasp* It was easily removed just by using one coat of Citristrip and the metal putty knife. I also sanded this side of the door so give the wood a smooth finish again. Once I had removed the paint from the glass I washed again and then used windex on the glass to finish.

IMG_0299 (4)

Once the door was clean and dry I used Minwax Special Walnut to stain the door. After the stain had dried I knew I wanted to apply a good sealant so the door would be well protected.This project was extra fun because I was able to learn something new and I always love to be able to discover new products and things to make projects better and easier! When I went to HomeDepot to pick up Polyurethane to seal the door, the lady in the paint department informed me Poly wasn’t what I wanted. Introducing Helmsman! I’m sure all of you already knew about this product but I did not!! This product is apparently the best sealant for doors and really any other wood pieces that may face Mother Nature!! I chose to use Clear Satin because I didn’t want the door to have too much of a shine.

IMG_0339 (2) I followed all the steps on the can except for the sanding part…I know I know, don’t throw stones. I wasn’t worried about a perfectly fancy finish so I skipped the step and honestly I cant tell the difference. One thing I will add though, I sealed the door with it in the house…TAKE IT OUTSIDE!! Seriously if you can finish the door outside it would be best. This stuff is strong and lingers. lol

IMG_0337 (4)

Here is a close up of the door once it was completely finished. This photo isn’t the best and it doesn’t do the door justice but I love the way this door turned out. Not all of the paint was able to be removed and I love the aged look it gave the door! Once the walls and trim are painted the color I’ve chosen (surprise) this door will really pop!

IMG_0338 (4)

This is the side that faces out. I’m really excited about finishing this little door space. We have to replace the screen door and the weather strip to make it all shiny and new but its all coming along!! I’m so glad I was able to refinish this original door instead of purchasing a brand new one!! It adds so much character to our room and I cant wait to see it all come together.

Thank you all so much for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed this little journey of a door and I hope it has inspired you to try refinishing an old door in your home!! If you are on Instagram head on over to see all of the behind the scene photos and videos of our master reno!! You can find me @misdiy.

~Happy Reading Friends

‘Big Girl’ Room Reveal

Good Wednesday afternoon friends. The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy!! I honestly haven’t had the time or energy to get over here and share with you all and for that I am so sorry. We have been in birthday and project mode pretty hard these last two weeks but I am so excited to finally show y’all our baby girl’s ‘big girl’ room reveal!!!

Here is what her room use to look like. When we first moved in… Dark, dingy and with a lavender ceiling.


Here is what her room looks like now…….

IMG_0357 (3)This room makeover is full of DIY projects and I loved every one of them. Even though some took several hours/days, they were still fun and so worth it!  I found her bedding at Target and I instantly fell in love with it. I knew I wanted her walls to be a neutral color so that I could add splashes of color from her bedding around the room. I chose to use Behr Silver Marlin for the top half of her walls and Behr Simply White for the bottom half and the trim. I love these two colors together!!

IMG_0362 (4)

IMG_0363 (2)Her bed is an antique bed that we have had for almost 5 years now. I had plans to turn it into a swing for our front porch but I couldn’t resist adding it to this girly room! I painted it using  Repurpose paint in Crisp Linen. The chandelier and M were both purchased at Hobby Lobby. I used craft paint to paint the M and just added flowers to match her bedding.

IMG_0366 (5)IMG_0358 (5)IMG_0365 (4)IMG_0364 (3)

The pom pom garland was a DIY (I’ll share how I made it in another blog post soon) and the painted globe was one I had bought awhile ago from Tjmaxx and was no longer using. I again used the craft paint and created flowers to match the bedding. These were such simple projects that add so much to this little space!!

IMG_0355 (2)IMG_0356Her dresser was a $7 auction find flip. We removed the top, added wood slats, stained, painted and found cute hardware from Hobby Lobby!! The painting was a DIY and I will also be sharing how I created this. It was time consuming but I love it so much and it was so fun to create for our little M.

IMG_0370 (5)IMG_0373IMG_0372 (5)IMG_0371 (4)I knew when I was designing her little room in my head that I wanted her to have a little reading corner. Our girls LOVE to read so I love creating little spaces for them to hang out with a book. Not only do I have a goal to make our home cozy but I also have a goal to create spaces for our children of their own that they feel safe and comfortable in. The little white rocking chair is from Tjmaxx, the pillow is made from fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. Both of the unicorns are from Target, the shelves are actually spice racks from Ikea and the frame I found for $1 and painted to match her bedding.

IMG_0352IMG_0361 (2)IMG_0369 (4)IMG_0362 (4)This little make over may have taken some extra time and effort but it was so worth it. Y’all know I love trying to create things on my own, DIY’s are kind of my thing so I had a blast in this room! Our little girl loves everything about it and still two weeks later she’s so excited to sleep in her big girl room. And that makes my heart happy!! Her 3rd birthday was a success!

Thank you all so much for joining me today! I’ll be back Friday with a Friday IG recap and we are right in the middle of our MAJOR master makeover so stay tuned for that! I can not wiat to show you all!! If you are on Instagram head over to see everything I’m up to and behind the scene videos @misDIY.

~Happy Reading Friends

My Unique Wood watch and a Giveaway

Good Wednesday morning sweet friends. We have made it to mid week!! I’m so excited to share a unique piece with you all today, something that has become my favorite summer accessory!! If I told you it was made from wood, would you believe me? Honestly I didn’t believe it at first and then I received my first wood watch by JORD and I’m in love.

IMG_9847 (2)

This unique piece made my little DIY heart so happy!! Y’all know I love creating things especially when it comes to building things with power tools and wood!! So how cool is it that I also get to wear a watch after my own heart?!? A wooden watch!!!!

IMG_0009 (2)When I first received my JORD watch I expected it to be heavy do to the fact that it was made from wood but I was pleasantly surprised to find it very light and comfortable. My previous watch was all metal and it was heavy! Normally when I would wear it out I ended up taking it off before I ever made it home because it became uncomfortable. I’ve found with my wood watch that its the last piece I put away at the end of the day.

IMG_0081The watch I chose from JORD is fom the Frankie series Koa & Ash watch. I love the darker wood and dark ash colored face. It goes with everything and you know I love my neutrals!! You can find this exact watch here. Or to see all of the women’s and men’s watches click here.  Not only is this a unique piece to add to your daily accessories but these watches also make cool unique gifts for everyone! I mean who doesn’t need a watch??


So for some fun news, I’ve been able to team up with JORD wood watches to do a fun little giveaway!! The winner will receive a $75 e-gift code towards their favorite watch AND there’s no real losers in this giveaway because as long as you enter you also receive a $20 e-gift code towards your favorite watch!! How fun is that? To enter just click here:  (Giveaway runs until 8/3 at 11:59 pm) It will literally only take a minute and you could save on one of these awesome watches for yourself or a friend!!

IMG_9972 (3)

Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you enjoyed me sharing my new little obsession!! If you win the giveaway or decide to purchase a wood watch for yourself I would LOVE to know which watch you chose. Find me on Instagram @misdiy! You can also leave comments below or reach me via email at

~Happy Reading Friends

Wood Watches by JORD


Friday IG Recap

Good Friday morning friends!! I haven’t done an IG recap here on the blog for awhile so I thought why not do one today! These last couple of weeks have been busy. Our youngest daughter turns three at the end of the month and I have been busily working to get things together for her ‘big girl’ room!! I’m really excited to get it finished and share it with you all!!


There have been a few changes around the house and I will be making separate blog posts to share some of the changes with you in more detail but for now I’ll just be sharing some small glimpses! I took this full shot of our sitting room and I’m really loving the way it looks! The new trim which you can find HERE made such a difference in this room!! I haven’t shared our DIY shiplap mantel yet but I will be soon!  Promise


Another space I shared was in our family room. I have had these picture ledges from Ikea for months, like almost 10 months to be exact and I don’t think I ever shared them!! I recently received some awesome goodies and they fit PERFECTLY on these shelves. I love they way they look now…they’ve probably become my favorite thing in our family room!

Barn wood flag can be found HERE

Shiplap monogram can be found HERE

Home sign can be found HERE

Ampersand can be found HERE

‘Home is the nicest word’ sign can be found HERE

‘I was made to love’ sign found HERE


Our entry way will always be one of my favorite spaces in our home! I love everything in this space from the DIY Faux Shiplap Entry to the bench the Mr. and I made together! Such a fun space to come home to!!


Our piano recently got a little face lift. I received this sign from an amazing maker and as soon as I opened it I knew exactly where it needed to be! You can find the sign HERE. I also moved our large topiary trees from the family room to the piano and I love the whole look!! Our piano was painted using Chroma Color Repurpose paint in Stone Age. You can find it and many more colors HERE.


So recently I received a couple of super awesome summer accessories!! This bag is one of my favorites!!!! I love the black and white stripes! Neutrals for the win. The inner fabric is a fun little touch and I’m not one for ‘big’ bags but this one is PERFECT in every way! My sweet friend Tiffany is the maker of this beautiful creation and many others! You can find them all HERE.

That’s it for todays IG recap. I hope you all enjoyed seeing some of the photos I’ve shared on Instagram and I hope all the links to some of the items in our home helps you easily find them!! If you have any question about something you saw today feel free to ask me in the comments section below or email me at I love getting to connect with you all!! If you are on Instagram and don’t already, come follow me @misdiy. I share all of our home décor and DIY projects, plus lots of other fun things!!!

~Happy Reading Friends

Some of my Favorite Signage

Good Monday morning friends. Today I wanted to stop by and share some of my favorite signs from Jenny aka Down Grace Lane. I simply love all of her creations. I have admired Jenny’s signs for over a year now and just in the last 6 or so months we have become friends on Instagram! She is just as sweet as she is creative!


This Ohio Dairy Co. sign was the very first sign from Down Grace Lane that I fell head over heels for!! I seriously love everything about it!! The size, the style, the fact that it says you get the point. Its gorgeous and would look great in any home! You can find the Ohio Dairy Co. sign HERE.




The Market Fresh sign, #5 and the Kitchen sign are also by Down Grace Lane. I love that there are so many size options for signs. Its easy to find a large statement piece or a few smaller pieces to add to a gallery wall or sit on the shelf! These signs can also be found HERE.


I have to say, I love all of Down Grace Lane’s signs but this ‘Stay Awhile’ sign Jenny and I worked together on has to be my favorite sign hands down! (until she creates another amazing sign….like her new pumpkin patch one *hint hint) This sign is the perfect addition to my cozy corner!! Sign can be found HERE


There are so many gorgeous signs to choose from, whether you are looking for one word signs, verses, holiday or simply a number, Down Grace Lane has them all. Jenny’s signs are the perfect addition to any home! I hope you take some time to visit Down Grace Lane. You can find Jenny HERE on Instagram or her Etsy page HERE. At this moment her Etsy shop is on break but she plans to have it re-opened this weekend!!!! Thanks so much for joining me today!!

~Happy Reading Friends


Newest Family room DIY

Good Wednesday morning friends! Its been a crazy couple of weeks and I have so much to share with yall I cant wait to get it all over here to the blog! Today I’m going to share our latest DIY for our family room. Some of you have been asking about this piece and I decided I had made y’all wait long enough! (Sorry about that!) So here is our new Sofa Table, seriously such an easy DIY you’ll probably want to make one for a friend!!


Now that we have a sofa table I seriously don’t know what we ever did without one! For our table I used mostly scrap wood that we had in our shop, most of our projects are done this way but you can still very easily make your own with boards right off the shelf!! I started by measuring the height and length of the sofa. For our sofa the cushions are a bit higher than the actual back of the sofa so I measured to almost the top of the cushion. Then I had to decide how wide I wanted the table to be…our love seat is on the wall right beside the sofa so I knew I couldn’t have it too wide or there wouldn’t be room for both sofas to sit together. I ended up making the table roughly 11″ wide by 33″ tall 75″ long (the 2x’4’s add to the length, my top was cut to 6′).

Here’s what you’ll need:

(4) 2×4’s cut to length for the legs

(1) 2×12 for the top *or I used (1) 2×4, (1) 2×3 and (1) 2×6 again I was using scrap

Wood glue

Kreg Jig and screws

(6) Support pieces such as a 1×4

Paint or stain ( I chose Golden Oak for this piece)


If you choose to use a 2×12 for the top you will not have to kreg jig the pieces together, but if you use the separate pieces like I did you will need to kreg jig the pieces together to create the top. Then you need to kreg jig the each leg to the top. Be sure to add wood glue when attaching the legs and support pieces. A little fun tip, if you have clamps it always makes it a little easier to clamp the pieces together before attaching with the kreg screws!!


For the support pieces we cut one per leg using 1×4’s, roughly 23″ and attached using screws. Between the legs you will also need a small support piece, about 5″. So you will end up with almost a square to place between each 2×4 giving it added support so that the table sits and doesn’t rock once you have it in place.


That’s it friends! We now have a new sofa table and we love it! Not only is it fun to decorate but its also great for sitting drinks and such when the hubs and I are relaxing. Being able to sit our lamps on the sofa table is probably my favorite thing about having the table. Its perfect for added lighting and frees up the side tables!

IMG_9853I hope y’all have enjoyed this little DIY and I hope it inspires you to create a sofa table for yourself. Its the perfect little addition for any cozy space!!  If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or feel free to email me at If you are on Instagram or Pinterest you can find me @misdiy!! I love getting to connect and share with you all!!

~Happy Reading Friends

Fourth of July decor & Recap

Good Wednesday morning friends! Its hard to believe that Wednesday is here already! Holiday weekends throw me off a bit. I love a short week though!! Today I wanted to share a little bit about our weekend, what we did and how I brought a little bit of the holiday into our home!


I don’t have a lot of decorations for the holidays other than Christmas and Fall. Right now with all of our projects we have happening around our home, purchasing holiday décor just hasn’t been at the top of my list but I do love to decorate so I try using things we have laying around our house! This little corner I did was easy and I didn’t spend one penny on it. I had to dig a little but everything was free because I used items we already had.


The flag was one that we had purchased and then never used because while my husband was still in the military he was given a really nice heavy duty one from an actually flag company. I pulled it out and decided to hang it from my $5 door I recently found. I then remembered that my Pepsi crate by the front door was red and blue AND I had some red thermoses!! I quickly set up a little vignette using these items. Added some greenery and a small flag the girls received from the 4th of July parade and that was it! I did add in the Mr.’s dog tags as a personal touch.


We had a great holiday weekend with a parade, fire works from our yard on the picnic blanket, sparklers…our first drive in movie and uninterrupted time together as a family. The girls loved it and so did we! I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well. It’s a special time to remember and give thanks for all of the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. Its also a special time to teach the little ones what the holiday is all about and to make family memories!

~Happy Reading Friends



Mixing Vintage and Modern

Good Thursday morning friends! I’m so excited about today’s blog post!! For a couple of reasons actually 1. I get to talk VINTAGE with y’all and 2. I’m working with some other amazing bloggers to link up with each other on this subject! So be sure at the end you take some time to visit their blogs as well. I promise you wont be disappointed!

If you’ve been following me for long you already know I love adding vintage pieces to our home! I have this thing where every time I find a new vintage goodie I make up a story about it. Usually I keep these stories to myself so that I don’t look completely bananas but I like to think about where the piece came from and how it may have been used! It’s fun and every piece has it’s story! Sometimes some of the pieces tell their story a little easier than others!


So how do I mix my vintage pieces with the modern pieces?  Well basically that’s what our home is made up of…vintage, modern and DIY!  This may sound funny but I have some rules when it comes to purchasing vintage items…well for purchasing anything really but these rules have helped me easily choose pieces that fit our home perfectly. 1. woods, whites and metals are almost always a yes 2. will it serve a purpose 3. can it be painted to match my décor and 4. If you really love it, throw out all the other rules, because sometimes that’s just what we have to do for those special pieces.



I always try to keep in mind my goal for our home décor…industrial farmhouse chic…if that’s even a real thing but in our home that’s how we’ve created what we have. Whites, woods and metals are always a yes in my décor! I LOVE adding vintage books as well! Metals such as old metal baskets, chicken feeders, fans, pots…those are always fun easy pieces to add. Stick a metal milk crate on a shelf with some white dishes and a few wooden pieces with a little greenery beside it and you can create a beautiful space.  (Rule #1)

IMG_9760Ok so one of my most favorite things to do with vintage pieces is to turn them into something they weren’t originally created for! Like our chicken crate coffee table or the vintage stepstool we use as a side table! It’s so fun to have these vintage pieces and they now serve a purpose in our home. (Rule #2)

IMG_9620When I want to add larger pieces to our home I try to use rule #2, does it serve a purpose and rule #3 can it be painted to match our décor if it needs to be. I love painting furniture, I know not everyone likes a piece of painted wood furniture and don’t get me wrong I love a good vintage wooden pie safe in perfect condition but normally the pieces I bring home are not in good condition! I enjoy challenging pieces, it’s what I do for fun! Our entertainment center use to be an old buffet that I transformed and I LOVE it. Its one of my favorite pieces in our home. (Rule #3)


Mixing vintage pieces with modern pieces can be easy, find what you love. There are no real rules when it comes to mixing modern and vintage but if you want it to be simple I always say stick to neutrals. The 3 elements I listed as rule #1 are the easiest pieces to add to any décor. I love my vintage pieces and yes some fell under rule #4 but that’s ok!!🙂


Thank you all so much for joining me today! I hope you’ve been inspired to go junk’n!! Don’t be afraid to add some vintage charm to your home. Once you bring in one or two pieces it will start to seem easier to continue adding them! Please be sure to visit each of the blogs listed below for more amazing tips on how to mesh vintage and modern!

~Happy Reading Friends

How to use Vintage Pieces with Modern Decor

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New Sitting Room Changes

Good Monday morning friends!! Last week I was unable to get a blog post up…I had some computer trouble. Doing what I can today on my Surface Pro and hopefully getting the PC into the shop! I’m excited to share some new changes we have made to our sitting room area and there’s so much more coming to the blog this week so fingers crossed I can get the PC fixed or if not that my Surface helps me get the job done!!


Here is before we made the new changes

The Mr. and I have been planning to change out the trim in our sitting/dining room and kitchen since the day we moved in! Well we finally dug in and got it started. The first time we saw the home I remembered seeing this gorgeous thick trim in the back part of the house and I loved it. Its not fancy, no fancy cuts or detail. Just plain, simple thick trim! So after we purchased the home we knew we wanted to carry that trim through the front part of the house. The previous owners had made many changes and one change they made was adding ‘newer’ style trim in the front of the house. We loved the old original trim in the home so we’ve began making the switch. And can I just say, this was such an easy DIY and it seriously changed the look of the windows and door frame so much!!


This is after



So to recreate the original trim we used 1×4 pine boards. We purchased the wood at Lowe’s. Normally for projects we use the cheap white pine because its cost efficient and for builds it works. For this project we needed the boards to be perfectly straight. So we chose to go a step up and get the white pine. We also used the shelf the boards were on at Lowe’s to make sure none of the boards were bowed. Lol! Hey it worked and we were very thankful for straight boards.


We cut all of the boards to size for each window and the door frame leaving 1/2″ over hang on the top board. We did the same for the window sill. We then found and marked the studs, used the Power contractors adhesive and trim nails to attach. So easy!! You can make the trim a little more fancy if you would like, by adding an extra 1×2 and 1×3 piece to the very top of your window trim. But like I said, we wanted it to match the original trim to the home so we kept it simple!!



For the door frame leading into our family room we did the same 1/2″ over hang on both sides. Changing out the trim made such a big difference in this room!! Its brighter and it has that old original feel to it which I love!! I promise to share the shiplap mantel we did very soon…I know y’all saw that!😉


Thanks so much for joining me this morning to read about our newest DIY to our home! I hope this inspires you to tackle some trim work if you’ve been thinking about making a change!! It really does make such a difference and adds farmhouse charm! We still have the baseboards to do around the floor but we are so much closer to having this room complete! If you have any question please be sure to leave them in the comments section below and I will try to get them all answered!! I hope you all have a blessed Monday!

~Happy Reading Friends

Friday IG Recap

Good morning friends! It’s Friday once again and time for another Friday IG Recap!! This week was full of little projects and I can’t wait to share them all with you but for now you’ll just be getting a little sneak peak!! This week as usual, has a few new pieces added in and lots of shuffling! Yall know I love to move things around!!

I haven’t shared the open shelving in our kitchen for a long time now so I thought this week would be a great time to share because I found a new item for them!! YAY for thrifted fun pieces! The dairy farm sign was purchased from Zassy’s Treasure’s and can be found here: The pots and greenery are from Ikea. The shelves were a DIY, I shared a blog post about them ‘My Most Asked about DIY’. The super cute white pottery is Rae Dunn, I find pieces at Homegood’s, Tjmaxx and Marshall’s. The scale, cutting boards, rolling pin, copper lid canisters, recipe and wooden boxes were all thrifted finds! The two tier tray is from World Market, the cake stand and  white enamel pot is from Tjmaxx. The adorable tea towel is from my friend Michelle, she makes so many amazing towels. You can find them all here: The kitchen sign was made by my oh so talented sign making friend Jenny


And how cool is this scale I thrifted for $3?!? I love old scales especially for an amazing deal like this one!! I love how neutral this one is! It fits in with my décor perfectly!! The eggs are from Hobby Lobby, the bowl was thrifted, the greenery and pot are from Ikea and the spread dish is Rae Dunn pottery found at Homegoods!


I LOVE our little entry way! Creating this shiplap wall made such a difference in this space!! If yall read my blog post about how we created it, there’s been a little change since then! I actually sanded the cracks between the boards and stained them. Staining the boards was a step I skipped before and I had regrets about it ever since so I decided to fix it. It wasn’t fun but it looks so much better now!! If you plan to do a shiplap tongue and groove wall be sure to stain the edges so that it defines the spacing better!! Onto the décor here, the glass jug and Pepsi crate were thrifted finds. The greenery in the glass jug is from Hobby Lobby and the greenery in the crate is from Ikea. The boots are Hunter Boots which I love! I do wear them, a lot! They’re not for décor but I love the way they look in this space. The bench was a DIY the Mr. and I worked on together. We found the piece of wood when we moved into our home and built a base for it using black steel pipe!!


We made some major changes to our sitting room a couple of weeks ago and I’m slightly obsessed with it! We replaced the trim around the windows and doors and added shiplap above our mantel. (blog post to come) It has added so much to the space and brings back the original feel of the home. I love the large simple trim, half of our home has this original trim but the other half didn’t and we knew we wanted to replace it to match the original! I’m so glad we did because its perfect and it was such an easy DIY!! The dough bowl, stool side table, chicken crate turned coffee table and window were all thrifted finds. The chair is from Tjmaxx, the wicker basket is from Target, the sign is from Jenny (link above) the pillow and throw are from The lamp and greenery are from Ikea.


Lastly, I shared this little corner of our kitchen lastnight. I don’t share the kitchen often, it’s one room that we have MAJOR plans for and hopefully this fall/winter we can begin the reno on it, but for now it’s cute and it works for our family!! This week I’ve been down with a hip issue and the doctor told me no major physical stuff…I don’t know how to just sit around and do nothing. So I made a few things for around the house. This tray for our coffee pot and the little coffee sign are two of the things I put together this week!! I love having busy hands and a creative mind. I’m very blessed to have a husband that lets me build and create things, he’s my number one fan and my team mate! The glasses and Rae Dunn pottery are from Homegoods, Tjmaxx and Marshall’s. The pitcher, wooden utensils and greenery are from Ikea, the white cake stand is a Target dollar spot find!


That wraps up this little recap for today! I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing what I share on Instagram with my followers and I hope this recap was detailed enough to help you find or create a perfect piece for your home!! If you are on Instagram today, head over to my feed…I’m doing a GIVEAWAY for one of these coffee signs!!!! Just as a thank you to all of my amazing followers and readers!!!❤

~Happy Reading Friends